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Chapter 0129 Actual Fight

Translator: Tseirp


Gordon was in a festive mood.

That was because he had lived for 23 years and was now popular for the first time.


Gordon, as the Fire-Attribute Magician in the Hero party, was not that bad looking.

Rather, his looks were above average.


However, he was a little boorish, a little overconfident, and tended to look down on others a little.

Any of which could be said to be factors that are not well received by women.

Even if a woman could ignore one … it would be impossible for any woman to ignore all three.


However, a woman who was absorbed in Gordon had finally appeared.

It was Nancy, the secretary of Viscount Othniel Fletcher.

Viscount Othniel Fletcher was a man with a monocle and a calm atmosphere.

And he was given the status of a so-called chief retainer who manages the interests of the Duke of Flitwick in the royal capital.

His secretary, Nancy, was just 20 years old and was a pretty woman with fast-moving eyes, and Gordon was completely ecstatic.


Spring had finally come for Gordon …

The Hero Roman was pleased to see the happiness Gordon was experiencing.

Bellrock, the Earth-Attribute Magician, had also toasted him and blessed their relationship many times.

The priest Graham nodded without changing his expression.

The Wind-Magician Alicia, the Scout Maurice, and the Enchanter Ash Khan frowned.

“Are you okay? Are you sure you have not been fooled?”

“To be attracted to Gordon … that child has bad taste.”


The three said, or expressed, but they were worried in their own ways.


After arriving at the royal capital, the Hero party requested an audience with the King.

However, due to problems with the King’s physical condition, they were housed in the Duke of Flitwick’s residence.

They experienced no inconveniences and spring came to Gordon so they had no issues with the current arrangements.


The priest Graham had a very fulfilling few days, enthusiastically discussing the teachings of each god with the priests of light in the Central Nations.

The trio of women, Alicia, Maurice and Ash Khan also had a tea party with the lady attendants in the Duke’s residence and formed personal connections.


That day, Gordon was scheduled to go out with Nancy.

Nancy invited Gordon to a new store in the royal capital.


Wow, a date!


Gordon’s tension was at max, but … other members were about to leave at the same time as he was about to and his tension dropped all at once.

“Roman … Bellrock … Why are you two?”

“Um, Nancy said she would treat us.”

“I thought we would get in the way but …”

Bellrock struggled to answer Gordon who had a terrifying look on his face while Roman scratched his cheek.


Then, Nancy came over.

And whispered to Gordon.

“I’m sorry, Gordon. The Viscount asked to bring them too and show them hospitality …”

Nancy said apologetically.

“Oh, no, I’m totally okay with it! Yeah, I shouldn’t go against what the Viscount says. Yeah, no problem at all!”

“Is that so! I knew Gordon is kind!”

Then Nancy hugged Gordon’s arm.


Gordon’s face turned bright red, and his facial expression was love-struck …


Gordon’s first date was going smoothly.

He completely ignored the two men who followed behind and his view was filled with Nancy.


The path they traversed was around the immediate vicinity of a building called the 『Kingdom Magic Research Institute』, also known as 『Ilarion’s House』, but there were delicious shops and fancy clothes shops, so he didn’t mind at all.

In the first place, Gordon, who was not familiar with the geography of the royal capital, did not understand where he was going.

The two men who followed behind also had a good time, regardless of the couple in front of them, going into the shops and buying delicious food, or looking at the items sold at the weapon shops.



However, tragedy struck suddenly.


The two guys went somewhere else, so Gordon and Nancy had lunch at a stylish store, and while Gordon was paying after saying ‘I’ll do it’, Nancy went out of the store ahead of him.


When Gordon paid for the meal and went out … Nancy was on the ground with blood from her mouth.


Gordon quickly rushed over to Nancy.

“Gordon …”

Nancy breathlessly called Gordon’s name.

“How did this happen …”


Gordon hurriedly gave Nancy a potion that he always carried with him.


After drinking, Nancy pointed to the other side of the street and said.

“That Swordsman …”

Nancy pointed at a man with his back to them.

“So it was that man!”


Nothing else entered Gordon’s eyes anymore.


Nancy was vomiting blood and on the ground, and there was a man who seemed to have attacked Nancy.

That was enough.


Gently laying Nancy on the road, Gordon stood up and held his wand with a look of anger.

And chanted.


“<Blade Lang Trident>” (TLN: Frankly I still have no idea what the spell is ブレイドラングトライデント)


After Gordon’s chant, three flames swirled from the tip of his wand toward the man.

It was Gordon’s strongest anti-personnel spell.




Out of nowhere, he hear a woman’s voice resembling a scream.



The screaming woman put her body in front of the three vortices of flame and chanted.

Defensive magic deployed in an emergency …… A priestess capable of casting the priest class’ ultimate defensive field in an instant without chanting.


<Sanctuary> activated correctly and canceled < Blade Lang Trident>.

However, the kinetic energy was preserved and the woman was thrown to the wall behind her.


The targeted man, Abel, looked toward Rihya.


Just then, Rin and Warren turned around the corner.

“Rin, Warren, look after Rihya.”

Abel said and started running towards the other side of the road.


Gordon, whose strongest attack magic was nullified, chanted in a hurry.


He focused on speed.

However, the magic sword Abel pulled from his scabbard cut through the fireball.


Gordon could only blurt that word out before losing consciousness as Abel’s left fist slammed into his solar plexus.


But that didn’t end the problem.


Two people saw that scene.

From the store next to where Gordon and Nancy came out from, the Hero Roman and the Earth-Attribute Magician Bellrock had just appeared.


Just as Gordon sank to the ground due to Abel’s punch, the two came out of the store and couldn’t understand what was happening for a moment.

Gordon was struck in the belly and knocked down, and beyond him, Nancy seemed to have vomited blood.


There, the Hero Roman understood.

The man who defeated Gordon was an enemy, and he was bad.

While running toward Gordon and Abel, he pulled out the holy sword Astarte.

Abel caught it at the edge of his field of vision.

And dodged Roman’s thrust that had the force of his entire body behind it.


Thus, with some coincidence, some misunderstandings, and some malice, the battle between the Hero Roman and the genius Swordsman Abel began on the streets of the royal capital.



At the same time as the Hero Roman thrust at Abel, the Earth-Attribute Magician Bellrock also chanted.

“<Stone Javelin>”

However, the stone spear that was released was countered by <Air Slash> released from the other side of the road.

There, a girl holding a wand who seemed to be a Magician was glaring at him.

“Is that the Swordsman’s companion?”

The battle between the Swordsmen became fiercer and the Magicians kept each other restrained as the situation spiraled down further.



There were … no spectators at all.

The nearby stores had closed their shutters and the doors seemed to be locked from the inside.


When a quarrel begins on the roadside, there are two types of phenomena: one where a group of onlookers forms and one where no one approaches and everyone withdraws into buildings.

Why is there a difference?

It just depends on the ‘danger’ of the fight.

Imagine it normally.

What about a fight involving rifles? … Would there be onlookers?

It would be life-threatening if they stuck their heads where they didn’t belong … so naturally they won’t approach.


Roman and Abel’s swordfight was seen by the inhabitants of the royal capital.

Normally, someone would make a report and guards would rush in, but it was not easy to make a 『report』 in the current 『Phi』 where there was no means of communication to a remote place with a device such as a telephone.



(This guy is terribly fast and his sword strikes are heavy.)

Abel judged Roman’s sword as he handled his strikes.

Although not as great as the Demon Prince who he once fought on the 40th floor of the dungeon, his speed and weight behind the sword were unusual for a human being.


At the moment, he was dealing with it with skill and experience, but he understood that it was going to be a pretty tough battle.

(It looks like he is a companion of the Fire-Attribute Magician that I just defeated … Are they the ones who were hired for this series of terrorist acts? No, it’s impossible. His skill can be called unparalleled in a country …)


(I didn’t expect to encounter such a skilled Swordsman … I wonder if such a Swordsman is common in the Kingdom. If I look at it purely on his skill with the sword, there is no doubt that he is top class among those who I have fought … He can easily overcome any of my attacks. I feel a high wall in front of me, in a different sense compared to Leonor …)


The Hero Roman was enjoying himself just a little.

At the time of the slash, Gordon was defeated and Nancy was vomiting blood, and the only thought on his mind was to defeat the enemy, but now there was something that transcended those emotions in Roman.

Roman thrust his sword forward, following up with a sideward slash but Abel placed his sword at a perfect angle and parried his sword away.

From that position, Roman forcibly reversed his sword and slashed diagonally upward.

Even then, Abel’s sword was positioned at the perfect timing and he parried Roman’s sword at the point before he could channel sufficient power and managed to defend against his strike.

It was something Roman had never experienced before, an opponent surpassing him with skill and experience.

That on its own gave Roman valuable experience.


By this time, the Wind-Attribute Magician Alicia, Scout Maurice, and the enchanter Ash Khan, who had come out of the Duke’s residence, had joined.

However, like Bellrock, they were prevented from making a definitive move due to controlling strikes from the other side of the road.


Of course, as the Hero party, that was fine.

Because it was the Hero Roman who was fighting.

Moreover, his opponent was neither Leonor nor the Explosive Blaze Magician.

If it was a one-on-one match, there was no possibility that Roman would lose.


“But wasn’t there that Princess who could match up to Roman?”

No one dared to listen to Scout Maurice’s mutterings.

That princess was an exception.



Ryo and Sera were walking in the royal capital while eating crepe.

The stalls he saw in the towns of Whitnash and Rune were also in the royal capital.

The person selling was an old man who would be well over 70 years old.

Ryo bought it just to support the old man, but …


“Yeah! This is certainly delicious!”


Ryo had a triumphant look and puffed his chest with pride after Sera praised the crepe after taking a bite.


Ryo was confident that Sera would like Crepe too because her taste was similar to his.


“A little while ago, there was a stall near the east gate of the city of Rune, and it was delicious. I wonder if it’s a chain … this cream and banana mix is ​​a clear winner!”

“Yup. I understand why Ryo strongly recommended it. You are losing out in life if you don’t experience this!”


Delicious food made people happy.

Delicious food enriched people’s lives.

That was a truth that didn’t change in any world or any era.



While they were wrapped in such happiness, the clash of swords entered the ears of the two people walking.


“A swordfight on the streets of the royal capital?”

“From the sound, it’s one-on-one. And those are the only two fighting …”

Both Ryo and Sera had better than average hearing.

They could easily tell how many people were fighting.


In any case, they could tell that the sounds were coming from the direction they were going, so they would know what was happening soon enough as they continued forward … Both of them walked while eating crepes with such casual feelings.


What they saw there …

“That’s an amazing swordfight …”

“They are both good.”

Ryo muttered unintentionally and Sera was impressed as well.


“But the person fighting … looks like Abel.”

“Yes, the one who is fighting is … Abel. I think I see Rin and his party across the road.”

Ryo said what he thought, and Sera affirmed it.


“It’s an astounding fight. Nobody can get close to it.”

Scout Maurice commented to no one in particular.

“Yeah. I wonder who is that person, capable of fighting evenly with Roman?”

Alicia, the Wind-Attribute Magician, also whispered softly.

“Yeah … that’s right! Why is the holy sword Astarte in a prolonged swordfight? A normal sword would shatter just by parrying it!”

“In other words, the opponent’s sword is also special … Look, look closely, it has a red light. That is a magic sword.”

Alicia answered Scout Maurice’s question.

“A magic sword holder … Really, who is his opponent …”

Scout Maurice was dumbfounded.


Magic swords were not available to ordinary adventurers.

A person who possesses such an article happens to be on the same street … the probability of that was impossible.


Maurice shook her head twice and looked around.

“As expected, with such a fight, no onlookers would gather.”

“Yes, everyone treasures their lives. There are only us, the opponent’s companions, and those two people on the street. I wonder if it is okay if those two people don’t run away.”

Alicia looked around and answered Maurice’s comments.


A man who seemed to be a Magician eating something and a transcendental beauty wearing a cloak …


“Wait, the woman next to the onlooker is an elf …”

“That’s true! I guess we’ll see a lot of people with magic swords, elves, and other rare races when it comes to the royal capital.”

“I-I guess …”

Maurice said with excitement while Alicia wasn’t convinced but she didn’t pursue the topic.



Meanwhile, the swordfight between Roman and Abel continued.


It continued, but Abel understood.

(I will lose at this rate.)


There was almost no difference.

On the contrary, Abel, who had superior technique, sometimes gave Roman superficial wounds, and every time, the Hero party would react anxiously.


However, the toll on mental stamina was completely different between Roman and Abel.

Roman’s sword embodied the 『with all of one’s strength』approach and Abel’s sword parried using technique and counterattacked.

Abel would suffer fatal damage if he failed to judge even once.

From the beginning, Roman had greater speed and weight behind his sword.

The pressure of that could only be known to those who face it.

Abel was aware of the reality from the beginning that he would lose if he was hit.


In that situation, Abel, who surpassed the Hero with technique without failing, was definitely a sword genius.

However, because Abel was such a genius, he felt the inevitable loss that would occur in the future.



“It’s amazing to push Abel with a sword that far …”

Ryo gave his impression.

However, Sera who was going ‘Make use of that opening, there, from the right, that’s a feint!’ was suddenly silent.



“A-ah. I’m sorry. The sword Abel’s opponent is holding … I think it’s probably the holy sword Astarte.”

“Ooh, holy sword! By the way, Abel’s sword also glows red, so it’s like a magic sword, right?”

Ryo reacted strongly to the word holy sword.


Magic swords and holy swords were the bread and butter of fantasy stories!


“Yes, Abel’s sword is a magic sword. I’ve heard that the opponent’s holy sword Astarte is a sword that heroes born in Western Countries will inherit from generation to generation.”


(I knew there would be a Hero in this world too!)

Ryo had just heard of the existence of a Hero for the first time.


“And there is an amazing gathering of spirits around him. I was told by the spirits that he is the 『Hero Roman』.”

“What … More importantly, Sera, you can talk to spirits? … That’s more surprising.”

“Because elves have a deep relationship with spirits from the time they are born.”


Sera said with a slight tinge of pride.

It was a secret that Ryo felt it was cute when he saw that.


“The fact that there is a Hero means that there is a Demon Lord … Eh? Now that I think about it, there was that Demon Prince …” (TLN: I believe the previous time it was specified as Devil Prince … but I’ll stick to demon lord/ demon prince until further clarification since that is the more common English translation)

“There was a demon prince?! Ryo, where? That’s a serious matter! Such a being can’t be left to their own devices.”

“Oh, it’s okay. It was on the 40th floor of the dungeon, but I defeated it safely, so it doesn’t exist anymore.”

“O-oh. Ah, that was the forced transfer incident? But a demon prince …”

“More importantly, Sera. Wouldn’t it be a big deal if the Hero was killed by Abel here?”


Ryo suddenly asked the crux of the issue.

Upon hearing that, Sera was a little surprised.


“Sure … if that happens, no one will defeat the Demon Lord … It could also be a diplomatic issue between the Kingdom and the western countries.”

“I see … That swordfight will soon be over, right?”

“Yup. Abel is on the losing end.”

Ryo and Sara’s opinions were in agreement.


“But if it’s Abel, I think he’ll bet on a move to reverse the outcome near the end.”

“If he succeeds, the Hero may die. Certainly, that would be a problem.”

“Yeah, that’s why it’s about time we stop that swordfight. At Whitnash, Abel arbitrated the fight. This time I’ll do so. I’m sorry Sera, but could you buy two more of the crepe from before?”

“Ye-yeah … I don’t really know what you’re planning but I’ll buy it. I’ll leave it to you.”

With that said, Sera returned to the crepe shop.



Ryo muttered a little and started walking towards the swordfight.



It wasn’t until she was overtaken that Scout Maurice noticed the Magician.

“Eh? Hey you. It’s dangerous.”

It was strange that she didn’t notice him, but she couldn’t let the Magician approach Roman and Abel’s swordfight for fear that he would be injured.

And before she noticed, the Magician was standing right next to the swordfight.


“Withdraw both your swords!”


Abel and Roman jumped backward in response to Ryo’s voice.


(<Ice Wall 10 layers>)

In an instant, an invisible ice wall was put up between the two and forced them to split apart.


“Ryo, don’t butt in. I don’t know what I will do even if you’re the opponent.”

“Abel won’t be able to kill me.”

Ryo said clearly.


Even though Abel knew it was a losing match, he had no intention of ending it halfway.

And he couldn’t accept a forced end to the fight.

Even if it was Ryo.


However, Ryo proceeded to ignore Abel’s feelings.


“Abel, please keep quiet for a moment. Now, you there. If I’m not mistaken, you’re the Hero Roman, right?”

“Eh … yes.”


Ryo asked, Roman affirmed, and Abel was shaken.


“Yes, this is Hero Roman. At the very least, it would be troublesome if he dies before he defeats the Demon Lord.”


Abel groaned.

“And so, Hero Roman. The opponent you were fighting against was Abel, a B-rank adventurer in the Kingdom. He is not a suspicious person. In the city of Rune, he is a good person who sometimes acts as the guild master.”


“Kingdom B-rank adventurer …”


Roman’s mutter was heard by Ryo.

“Why are you curious about a Kingdom adventurer?”

“No … we actually came here after training under the Debuhi Empire’s Oscar Ruska, the Explosive Blaze Magician. Because even Oscar saw a Water-Attribute Magician who is an adventurer of the Kingdom as a rival. If you have any information about them, please let me know …”


Roman had already sheathed his sword and asked politely.


“What? That Water-Attribute Magician …”

“I see. Roman is looking for a Water-Attribute Magician. The Schwarzkopf family is the leading Water Magic family in the Kingdom. That information may be useful to you.”

“I see, the Schwarzkopf family. I see! Thank you.”


Ryo shut out Abel’s words and provided some twisted information … Abel, listening to the side, looked at the Hero Roman, who was honestly grateful, with a look of pity.

Abel knew the answer to his previous question.

Yes, naturally the person he was looking for was the Water-Attribute Magician arbitrating the fight right this moment.


“Then, give them the sign of reconciliation. Sera.”

When Ryo said so, Sera appeared next to Ryo in an instant and gave Ryo two crepes.


(<Ice Wall release>)

After removing the ice wall that was deployed stealthily, Ryo gave crepes to the Hero Roman and Abel.


“People are happy when they eat delicious food. Eat this and let bygones be bygones.”


Ryo gave them the gift and nodded as if satisfied.

“If you’re still dissatisfied, Sera and I can have a match with you. Abel, Sera is always open to having a match with you.”

“Yes, I’ll be your opponent anytime. I’ve become a little stronger from the mock battles with Ryo.”

Ryo provoked Abel and Sera chimed in.


“No, you were already strong previously … it’s impossible to be stronger than that …”

Sera heard every word of Abel’s mutter but Sarah only smiled slightly.

“Well then, we’re sorry for this interruption. Ryo, let’s go. There’s a well-established famous cafe on that street. They have a delicious cake set.”

“Oh ~. I’m looking forward to that.”


Then Ryo and Sera went away.

Bringing peace to the world.



“Wait, why are they in the royal capital?”

Abel’s words didn’t reach anyone.


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