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Chapter 0133 Reinforcements

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Abel and Hero Roman fought at the forefront and Rin, Alicia, Bellrock, Graham, and, the Fire-Attribute Magician still in shock by the disappearance of Nancy, Gordon bombarded with spells.

Meanwhile, the priests who had fought the entire time finally could have a break and focused on recovery.


Although only five people were focusing on bombardments, it was Rin, a Wind-Attribute Magician from a B-rank party, and the Magicians from the Hero party.

Priests were not suited for attacks in the first place so it could be said the reinforcements had sufficient firepower.

Furthermore, although only two people were fighting on the front line, they were the genius Swordsman Abel and the Hero Roman.

Their fight was heroic.



It was hard to tell who said that.

However, that word represented the feelings of all the resting priests.


In the first place, not only the priests but also the High Priest Gabriel could not comprehend why the Hero was there.

Eventually, he gave up and assumed it was God’s grace, just as how Rihya was there.

At such times, those who serve God have an advantage.

Because God could take all responsibility.


“It’s like a Great Tidal Bore.”

“Yes, you’re right.”

Despite focusing on the bombardment, Rin had the leeway to speak to Rihya because the two people on the front line possessed the greatest physical strength in humankind.

And Rihya, who had been in command while fraught with nerves the entire time since the withdrawing battle on the 4th basement floor, could finally take a break.


“Isn’t a Great Tidal Bore the phenomenon where monsters spring up endlessly from a dungeon?”

Alicia, who heard the conversation, entered the conversation.

“Yes. About half a year ago? It happened for the first time in ten years in the dungeon in the City of Rune, where we are based. But this is not a dungeon, isn’t it?”

“Yes. It’s just an underground tomb. Up to the fifth basement floor, there are only remains of the great priests, saints, and saintess of the ages.”

Rin answered and Rihya explained that it was just an underground tomb.

There were mummies but it was essentially different from a dungeon.


“Does that mean it is connected to somewhere else …”

Alicia nodded as she continued.

“Is that possible?”

Rin was surprised and asked Alicia.


“Humans can’t do that and I’ve never heard of such an item … But in the past, a being appeared in front of us. How do I put it … it felt as though it split through space. It wasn’t human but it understood our speech. We made an altar to summon and defeat the Demon Lord, but it appeared instead. Since that’s possible, I think it’s possible to connect this basement with another place.”

Alicia recalled the Akuma Leonor in her head.


Rin and Rihya could not comprehend it but somehow they could understand that it was a ridiculous existence.



Without any connection to the conversation, Rihya remembered something and looked back at the High Priest Gabriel, who was resting behind her and asked.

“Why didn’t the Knights come, High Priest?”


Yes, when this happened, the Kingdom’s Knights’ Order was the first to be contacted by the Sanctum.

However, no one came yet.

In the first place, the Kingdom’s Knights’ Order was only three blocks away from there.

Even if they ran in armor, they should be able to arrive within 30 minutes.


“I felt it was strange too and I confirmed it earlier, but it seems that they officially refused to be dispatched.”


Gabriel, the High Priest, replied with a frown, and Rihya replied with a hysteric voice.

“What are the Knights thinking …”

“They said that the Knight’s role is to protect the King. It has truly become a hopeless organization after that Knight-Captain took up the position.”

Rihya was astounded, and Gabriel, the High Priest, was even more exasperated.



Two hours after Abel’s group arrived.

The priests who had recovered to some extent took turns and they had continued the fight to push it back to the center of the first basement floor.


With their battle strength in good order, there was no further need for a withdrawing battle.

But still, there was no end to the monsters.

Abel and Hero Roman defeated quite a few enemies on the front line but the corpses would be dragged back whenever they were not looking.

Abel’s plan to create a wall of corpses once they defeat a lot of them was too naive.


“This is really endless. Roman, are you still okay?”

“Yes. It’s not a problem yet. But I’m worried about the magical power of the Magicians firing bombardment shots.”

Hero Roman answered Abel’s question.

Abel glanced at the expression of Rin, who was in the bombardment squad.

She would not run out of magical power right away but he felt that she was approaching her limit.

He could tell because they fought together in a party.


Abel and Roman retreated and the Monk squad replaced them.

During that time, Abel called out to Rin.

“Rin, save your magical power … I want to tell you to but I guess it’s a little late now?”

“Well, yeah. Magicians can’t keep fighting for such a long time. The Magicians from the Hero party next to me have more magical power remaining, but I think they are close to depletion too.”

Rin answered Abel’s question quietly.


Abel looked at the Magicians of the Hero Party.

Certainly, even in Abel’s eyes, he could tell that they were approaching the limits of their magical power.

“That’s bad. Did someone call Ryo?”


“Yeah, with him around, it would be a little easier.”

Abel sighed when he said that.


At that moment, he heard a voice from behind.


“<Water jet 256>”

The enemies that the Monk squad was facing were beheaded one after another.


“<Perma Frost>”

In addition, the entire area up to the stairs to the second basement floor turned to ice.


Not only the Monk squad but everyone there stopped moving due to the sudden development.


“Abel, you can’t grow as a Swordsman if you always thinking about having it easier, you know?”

Ryo, the strongest Water-Attribute Magician as far as Abel knows, appeared.



“You’re late, Ryo.”

“Even if you say that, I had a lot to do.”

Abel grumbled while Ryo complained that he was busy.


“As far as I can tell, the Magicians are on the verge of running out of magical power. What do you want to do? Should I set up ice walls so that they come out one by one and Abel can defeat them on your own?”

“Why is it only me? Even in the Hero party, Roman still has plenty of stamina.”

When Abel said so, Ryo also looked toward the Hero Roman.

“That’s true. He’s brimming with energy.”

Ryo looked at Roman and nodded.

“O-Oh, you’re the one who arbitrated yesterday, right? Thank you for that.”

The Hero Roman bowed his head.

It was doubtful that the conversation was appropriate for the occasion, but expressing gratitude and apology was essential for smooth communication.

“It’s okay, don’t worry about it.”

“Yeah, don’t you think it’s a little weird to say that at this time?”

Ryo was humble while Abel retorted.


“For the time being, the people who are fighting in front … the knights of the temple? Have them fall back and rest. They appear quite tired as well.”

According to Ryo’s opinion, the Monk squad should fall back and have proper rest.


“Hey Ryo, you froze everything, but what are you planning to do?”

“What do you mean?”

Ryo asked back without understanding the intention of Abel’s question.

“They die once frozen, right?”

“The goblins and orcs are dead. But undead like skeletons … it’s hard to say if they died.”

“Yeah, well, I don’t think it matters much … I think there will be more coming from the second basement floor …”

After saying that, they could see more monsters coming up the stairs leading to the second basement floor.


“Skeletons walking in a world of ice … that’s quite a surreal image.”

Ryo said in a monologue.

“I envy that carefree attitude.”

Abel sighed loudly.


“But we shouldn’t spend so much time here. Abel and Roman should annihilate the monsters in front. I will deal with the enemies who slip by or support the two of you. In the meantime, the other Magicians should devote themselves to recover their magical power.”

Ryo said the last line to Rihya and Gabriel, the High Priest.

Of course, he didn’t know Gabriel, the High priest, but because he wore the finest attire, he decided that he had the highest authority.

“Yes, if Ryo can do that, please.”

Rihya nodded and gave the go-ahead.

With that as a signal, Abel and Roman charged forward and the two of them began their annihilation battle again.



“Oh, this is amazing. Both of you are amazing.”

Ryo’s impression came from behind as he watched the movements of the two.

Most of the monsters that attacked were defeated by the two.

The few that escaped from the two’s hands were beheaded by Ryo’s water jet.

The extra-fine lines of water were so thin and so invisible that to most eyes, it seemed as though the monsters’ heads suddenly fell off.

However, it was also a fact that the annihilation battle Abel, Roman, and Ryo showed gave the people present an absolute sense of security.


At last, those who fought felt that they could see a possible future.



A while after Ryo joined.

Ryo suddenly turned to Rihya and Gabriel, the High Priest.

“Is there a passage leading to another place along the way?”

“There shouldn’t be …”

“No … why?”

Both Rihya and the High Priest Gabriel replied no to Ryo’s question.

“Somehow, I feel that the number that appeared has decreased … Is it because the number itself has decreased?”

“Then, I wonder if it will be over soon.”

Rin replied happily to Ryo’s mutter.



At that time, High Priest Gabriel exclaimed a little.


Ryo, Rihya, and Rin looked at Gabriel.

“The third basement floor leads to the basement of the old monastery. But there are three doors along the way, all with sacred seals.”

Gabriel, the High Priest, said as it came to mind.


“I did not know……”

Rihya was surprised as she didn’t know about it.

“Yes, that’s expected. It’s not used at all. In the first place, the monastery was relocated so I don’t think anyone has confirmed that the passage itself is still there since then.”

Gabriel, the High Priest, nodded.


“What is at that old monastery ground now?”

“Now … it is the second training ground of the Kingdom’s Knights’ Order.”

“If they tear through there and went through that side, I guess it won’t be a problem since it is the training ground for the Knights?”

In response to Gabriel’s answer, Ryo decided to concentrate on dealing with what was in front of him with peace of mind.


Was it unfortunate that the standard of 『Knights』 that Ryo thought was the Knights of the Margrave of Rune?

Leaving aside the former Kingdom’s Knights’ Order, the current Kingdom’s Knights’ Order was …


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