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Chapter 0134 Chaos in the Capital

Translator: Tseirp


When it happened, there were sixty knights in the second training ground of ​​the Kingdom’s Knights’ Order.

Thirty were at the outdoor training ground.

The remaining thirty were in the indoor break room.


The entire building shook and normally the thirty people in the break room would wonder what was going on … but they didn’t.

This was because more than half of the thirty people were drunk.


Knights’ Order members who drown in alcohol in daytime … with the top rotten, the bottom also rots.

That was a truth that doesn’t change in any world, at any time, or in any organization.


About ten people who were not drunk left the break room.

There they saw a horde of skeletons, wraiths, goblins, hobgoblins, orcs, and ogres overflowing from the storage room at the back of the hallway.

None of the Knights were able to react to the approaching scene of hopelessness.

They were swallowed without doing anything, without even pulling out their swords.


Let alone the twenty drunk people.

The monsters that rushed into the break room swallowed the twenty of them in no time.


The storage room at the back of the corridor … When this building was a monastery, it was the room that was connected to the Sanctum via the basement.

Of course, the Knights didn’t know that.

Regardless of whether they knew about it or not, nothing would have changed.


The monsters overflowing from the building headed for the thirty Knights who were practicing outdoors.

It was as though they were drawn to the living … the principle of action for the undead.

The monsters other than skeletons and wraiths acted the same way too.


The thirty Knights who were outdoors resisted to some extent.

Of course, that was only compared to those who were indoors, and everyone was swallowed in less than two minutes.



Hundreds and thousands of monsters headed further north.

To the first training ground of the Kingdom’s Knights’ Order.

There, thirty Knights were doing basic training, but … they couldn’t resist at all and was swallowed.

Even considering that it was a surprise attack, their lack of resistance did not seem to match their status as the elite of the Kingdom.

The monsters that swallowed the first training ground advanced further north.

Finally, they headed to the Knights’ Order guard station.



The Knights’ Order guard station.

Along with the Knights’ Headquarters in the Royal Castle, it was the most important base of the Kingdom’s Knights’ Order and the place where many executives reside.

Therefore, guards were on duty at various entrances.


Of course, the guards at the entrances were not drunk.

They couldn’t act foolishly as long as they could come in contact with not only the Knights but also external people.

Also, considering that in some cases royalty and national heavyweights also visit, the most decent of the current Knights may be the guards at the entrances.


As expected, their reactions were quick.


When they saw the monsters approaching, they rang the bell according to regulation.

It was a bell that signaled the occurrence of an abnormal situation.

At least now the Knights in the guard station would not be surprised … if they were decent.

Unfortunately, the relaxed Knights couldn’t feel any tension even after they heard the bell.

Moreover, the momentum of the monsters was tremendous, and they almost did not allow any resistance from the entrance guards and swallowed the guards and the bell.


This stopped the sounding of the bell.


The sound of the bell that stopped too quickly made them think ‘Oh, it was probably a mistake.’

The relaxed Knights decided so and continued their work.


Of course, there was a closed gate at the entrance where the guards were, but it was easily broken through by the Ogres mixed within the horde.

In the first place, this was not a remote area. It was the royal capital.

It was no exaggeration to say that it was the farthest place in the Kingdom from monster attacks.

Even if it was the gate of the Knights’ guard station, it was designed to be hard for humans to break.

Such a gate was negligible in front of an Ogre.


The Knights in the guard station noticed the incident only after the monsters invaded the building.

At last, resistance in the corridors began.

In the corridors and stairs, it was possible for one or two people to resist.

However, they were also eliminated one after another by the influx of violence.

By the time all humans were eliminated from the hallways on the first floor and all the rooms, the stairs to the second floor had been abandoned halfway.


It was a coincidence that the Knight-Captain Baccara, who was usually in the Knights’ Headquarters in the Royal Castle, came to this Knights’ guard station.

He just came to pick up his personal belongings in the Knight-Captain’s Office on the fourth floor of the station.

However, it backfired on him that he drank a little of the vintage wine that he had in the office and was slow on the uptake.

By the time Baccara noticed the incident, the second floor was already a battlefield.

Only then did a Knight come to the office to report.

“Knight-Captain, skeletons and ogres are attacking the guard station.”

It was a report that anyone who knew all the circumstances would laugh scornfully at.


First of all, he would have been told, ‘Only now!?’.

Then, he would have been asked, ‘Why did you choose skeletons and ogres over everything else?’.

In the end, he would have been laughed at, ‘It’s too late now’.



While reporting, the battle on the second floor was over, and soon they began to hear the sounds of battle coming from the third floor below them.

At that point, the Knight-Captain Baccara thought of escaping through the window.

He didn’t even consider going down to the third floor and taking command of the battle.

However, if he jumped off the fourth floor, he would be seriously injured even if he did not die.

Moreover, there were monsters outside the building and they were looking up.


While Baccara was hesitating, the sound of the battle was beginning to come from right next to them, that was, from the corridor on the fourth floor.


At that point, Baccara finally pulled out his sword.


At the same time, the door was torn open and something jumped in.

Baccara swung his sword down without thinking.

He cut down the goblin with a swing.

As a Knight, Baccara was by no means incompetent.

However, as the Knight-Captain, he had relaxed a little too much.


Was the fact that his sword stopped just after cutting down a goblin proof?

Immediately, an axe flew and pierced Baccara’s chest.

Blood spouted from his mouth.

He involuntarily knelt. He looked up immediately, but it was too late.


The last sight Baccara saw was a hobgoblin swinging its sword down.


Count Baccara Toe, Count of Weir, 38 years old.



The monsters that gained full control of the Knights’ Order guard station were finally released into the royal capital streets.


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