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WM V1C0139

Chapter 0139 End of the Chaos

Translator: Tseirp


Ryo started running on the street leading from the Sanctum to the Autonomous Region.

In front of him was a street full of monsters.


Abel and Hero Roman looked at him from the Sanctum.

“Um … Abel-san, Ryo-san ran off.”

“Yeah, he’s probably heading to the Elves’ Autonomous Region.”

Abel answered Roman’s question.


He only answered but didn’t try to chase after him.


Seeing that, Roman asked doubtfully.

“Shouldn’t we chase after him?”

Abel glanced at Roman and returned his gaze to Ryo’s back.

“Ryo isn’t as tired as we are after all. I mean, I’ve never seen Ryo ever get tired …”

“But he maintained that ice wall the entire time …”

Roman was surprised at Abel’s words.


He had maintained the ice wall for hours … he said and came to the realization.

His magical power was not exhausted.

Moreover, he had plenty of stamina remaining to run.


“Yes, Ryo is beyond ordinary standards.”

Abel nodded heavily.




The sound of heavy objects falling reverberated in the area.

And it was also continuous …


Dogon, Dogon


“Ah, Ryo’s specialty, crush it with an ice wall …”

Abel remembered the ice wall that crushed the golem on his way back from the Rondo Forest.

However, he felt that it sounded more amazing than that time.


However, Hero Roman’s face who was looking next to him cramped.

“Abel-san … what is that?”

Roman asked a simple question.

“It’s an ice wall. You see, the ice wall that separated the monsters. He creates them in the air and drops them to crush the monsters. It’s simple but terrifying magic.”

Abel wasn’t too surprised because he was familiar with how abnormal Ryo was.


“If that is the case, he can crush a lot of things at once, but … couldn’t he use it underground? And he’s running on the ice … Eh? How is that possible? Normally, won’t you slip?”

The point of doubt that Abel had was different from that of ordinary people.

Of course, that was because of his relationship with Ryo.



When Ryo arrived in front of the Autonomous Region, all eyes were on Ryo, including the monsters.

Among them, he found a platinum blonde woman on one knee.

From there, he dived in at supersonic speed to embrace and support the woman, Sera.



“Ryo … you’re here?”


She was conscious.

There were no serious wounds.

However, there were numerous cuts.


Ryo took out a specially-made potion from his bag and brought it to Sera’s mouth.

“Sera, potion. Drink.”


At that time, the monsters started to move.

Their leader, the Arch Devil, was defeated, and many were crushed by something that fell from the sky. They were in shock but finally returned to reality.

Two Devils gave instructions.


“So noisy.”


Ryo said softly to not surprise Sera in his arms.


“<Water jet 256>”


Instantly, the heads of 256 beings, including the Devils, tumbled to the ground.

In succession, 256 beings, and then another 256 beings …

The monsters were beheaded one after another without knowing what was happening to them.


By the time Sera slowly finished drinking the potion, all the monsters that were in sight were beheaded and collapsed.


Everyone was shocked to silence.

However, only Sera, who was hugged by Ryo and looked at the scene, whispered softly in Ryo’s ear.

“Thank you.”



“They were crushed brilliantly.”

The 『Crimson Sword』 and Hero Party were moving through the ice road from the Sanctum to the Autonomous Region.

“If you ignore what’s under this ice, it’s a good path …”

Rin, the Wind-Attribute Magician wizard of 『Crimson Sword』said while stepping on the path.


All the members of the Hero party were silent.


Only Abel and Hero Roman saw the ice falling.

The others hadn’t come out to the surface yet.

The Crimson Sword knew a little about Ryo so they were convinced by Abel’s explanation …


The members of the Hero party weren’t convinced by Roman’s explanation.

Of course, they knew Roman wouldn’t lie.

And, in fact, they confirmed that the road was covered with ice.

They were informed and could verify but … they still couldn’t agree with what they couldn’t comprehend.


Nevertheless, both parties arrived at the Autonomous Region.

With a magnificent hole … they could tell that there used to be a gate, but Gordon, the Fire-Attribute Magician, was very interested in the destructive power that penetrated it …


“Baba-sama, I’m glad you are safe.”

Abel called out when he found Baba-sama, who was in charge in the courtyard.

“Oh. Abel, wasn’t it? We somehow managed to survive. Mmm … that … you brought a surprising person.”

When Baba-sama looked at Roman, she frowned and looked carefully.


“What? You know him?”

“Umu. The Hero, right? I’m surprised you are in the Central Nations.”

The members of the Hero party stared at Baba-sama with surprised expressions.

“The number of spirits floating around you is unusual. An Elf with some experience would be able to tell right away.”

Baba-sama said and laughed.


“Pleasure to meet you. I am Roman, the Hero of the Western Countries.”

“Such courtesy. Lyn, one of the Elders in the Kingdom’s Western Forest, commonly known as Baba. Call me Baba.”

“That’s Baba-sama’s name?”

Abel’s mutter was also heard by Baba-sama.

“Isn’t it normal to introduce oneself when meeting the Hero?”



When Abel looked at the people who called out, he saw surprising faces.

“Zack? And Scotty. Why are you here?”

“Oh. We were in the Viscount’s house right there and were caught up in the mess. Sera helped us.”

Zack answered with a small nod.


“By the way, I don’t see Sera.”

Rin looked around and asked no one in particular.

“Ryo isn’t here too … I was sure he was heading this way.”

Abel added on too.

“Sera fought to her limit. Ryo is taking her to bed.”

Baba-sama answered while looking at a corner of the building.

She was probably being carried there.


“Well, Sera wouldn’t lose to anything no matter what her opponent was.”

Abel nodded and commented.


However, Baba-sama replied while shaking her head.

“No, it was dangerous this time. As expected, facing an Arch Devil when her physical strength and magical power were exhausted … the outcome came down to a paper-thin difference.”

“Arch Devil!”

Priest Rihya responded to Baba-sama’s explanation.

“What is an Arch Devil?”

On the other hand, Abel, who had no knowledge of it, tilted his head.


Many people present, not just Abel, tilted their heads.

Of these, the only people who knew what an Arch Devil was, except Baba-sama, were the priests Rihya and Graham from the western countries.


“Devils evolve to become the Demon Lord. Ones that follow a different evolutionary path become Arch Devils.”

“They are said to be stronger than Devil Princes.”

“They hold the General’s position in the Demon Lord’s army.”


Baba-sama, Rihya, and Graham answered with their respective knowledge.

“I see … I understand that it’s a pretty dangerous being …. Wait a minute. Baba-sama, did you say Sera was out of magical power?”

“Yes, I did. Does Abel want to ask about her 『Wind Equip』? Well, Sera fought the Arch Devil without Wind Equip.”

“No way …”


Abel didn’t know the power of an Arch Devil.

However, he knew the power of the Demon Princes. Abel had a bitter memory of being overpowered by them.

He couldn’t believe how strong Sera had become … to fight with an Arch Devil, who was stronger than a Demon Prince, purely with sword technique.


“It’s true. Only at the very end, it seems that she used the magical power she saved while fighting to Wind Equip and defeated it. Her skill with the sword has certainly improved.”

Baba-sama laughed happily while looking at the surprised Abel.


“Hey, Abel. Do you know Sera well?”

Suddenly, Knight Zack interrupted the conversation.

“Yeah. We’re adventurers in the same City of Rune.”

“We-well, tell me about Sera.”

Abel answered and Zack asked further.


Rin came to sudden realization when she saw it.

Rin whispered in Abel’s ear in a very quiet voice.

“I think he’s in love with Sera.”

“Seriously …”

When Abel heard that, he said only that and nothing else.


No, of course, Sera was a beautiful woman.

To be clear, she was a woman of unmatched beauty.

And even in the defensive battle here, she probably would have taken command while always putting herself in danger at the forefront.

He could understand the feeling of longing after watching that.

From the perspective of a Knight living on the battlefield, she would have been nothing but the Goddess of victory.

But …

Yes, but.


Abel had seen in the City of Rune numerous times the harsh end of those who tried to put their hands on Sera.

It didn’t matter what their status was.

In the first place, the next Lord had his shoulder broken and his sword thrust into him …


The only exception was Ryo.


In Abel’s view, Ryo didn’t dislike Sera either.

There was no doubt that Rin agreed too. That was also the consensus within the 『Crimson Sword』.

If so, they should stop others from making a pass at her.

It was also for the future of those who try to make a pass at her …

And now, in front of him, his old drinking buddy was about to become one.


He had to stop him with all his might!


“Oh … Zack. Sera is a well-known B-rank adventurer in the City of Rune. Yes! And she’s also the swordsman instructor for the Knights of Rune. Only a strong man can match her.”

“Oh, I know she’s strong. I’ve seen it with my own eyes. I’ll live for the sword from today! I’ll work hard!”

Zack burned even more for some reason after Abel’s explanation.


Rin, Rihya, and Warren held their heads next to Abel.



“Even so, what caused this terrible spectacle …”

Hero Roman said, looking at the road facing the Autonomous Region.

Abel turned to the road in response to his comment.

He didn’t notice it when he came in.

Over a thousand headless corpses were on the ground.


“Everything … beheaded …?”

As expected, Abel had never seen such a scene.


“Ah …. The one who suddenly arrived. After Sera defeated the Arch Devil, an ice board came down from the sky. Then a robe-clad Magician came over and hugged Sera. And the monsters suddenly collapsed.”

Zack explained what he saw at that time. With some jealousy on his face.


Upon hearing that, Abel was convinced.

“Oh, it was Ryo?”


At that comment, everyone’s eyes turned toward Abel.


“Wh-what? Did I say something strange?”

“This is … Ryo did this?”

Hero Roman asked Abel, who answered falteringly.

“I believe … it was Ryo. I’ve seen him slice through necks with a thin line of water. At that time, he only beheaded three … Oh by the way, he beheaded Devils that time too.”

Abel replied, recalling the events of the 40th floor of the dungeon.


“Did he seriously slash all the necks of a thousand? Almost in a blink of an eye? Abel, seriously, this was done by that Robed Magician?”

“Oh … I mean, nobody could have done it other than Ryo. In fact, if anyone other than Ryo did it, that would be scarier.”

Abel concluded that the cause of this scene was Ryo.

Therefore, his expression was refreshed.

However, the facial expressions of the others were cramped.


“Needless to say, don’t offend Ryo, okay?”

When Abel said so, everyone nodded with all their might.



After talking for a while, they heard a carriage stop on the road.

The coat of arms of the carriage was the coat of arms of Margrave Rune.


Two men came out from inside.

One was Eden, the Captain of the Rune Knights Transfer Corps.


The other one was …

“Kenneth! You’re safe!”

Seeing that figure, Abel shouted in joy.

He was Baron Kenneth Hayward, the genius Alchemist.

“Abel! And Zack and Scotty! I’m glad everyone is safe.”

Kenneth was also pleased to see them again.


“Did you seek shelter with the Knights of Rune in the Margrave’s residence?”

Abel looked at the coat of arms of the carriage and the coat of arms on Eden’s chest and asked.

“Yes. Ryo-san took me there along with my subordinates.”

“Ryo, you were doing a good job. That’s why you were late to come to the Sanctum.”

Abel’s mutters didn’t reach anyone’s ears, especially the second half.


“You’re lucky that you stayed inside that mansion. The other mansion around here …”

“The whole street was destroyed.”

Zack and Scotty celebrated Kenneth’s good luck.

“The mansion of the Margrave in the royal capital is almost a fortress … You won’t be able to survive without that.”

Abel replied, thinking of the Margrave of Rune.


“The alchemy tools Baron Hayward brought helped us a lot.”

Captain Eden, who brought Kenneth, commented.

“It was a pretty small prototype I made as a model for the defense weapons of the Royal Capital, but I’m glad it was useful.”

Kenneth shyly said and laughed.


“By the way, is Sera-sama safe?”

Eden looked around and asked Abel when he saw Sera missing.

“Oh, she’s apparently safe. Ryo is taking her to her room.”

“Oh! Ryo-dono is here too. Then, I will inform the Margrave’s residence that they are safe.

With that said, Eden boarded the carriage and turned back the way he came.


“Anyway …”

Abel looked around and sighed.

“Restoration of the Royal Capital … It looks quite challenging.”


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