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Chapter 0141 <<Intermission>>

Translator: Tseirp


“Everyone, good work.”

Willy, the eighth prince of the Kingdom of Ju, called out to the staff and knights who defended the embassy.


Among the destruction of many aristocratic residences due to the sudden appearance of monsters, the Embassy of the Kingdom of Ju did not allow monsters to overrun them until the end.

Of course, it also had a lot to do with the location of the embassy.


The damage this time was mostly in the aristocratic district on the north side of the royal capital.

In the area from north to northwest of the district.

From the Kingdom’s Knights’ Order in the north, which was the point of origin, to the Elven Autonomous Region in the northwest.

The damage in that area was enormous.

On the other hand, the Embassy of the Kingdom of Ju was located in a place that could be said to be barely in the aristocratic district, east of the Sanctum.

It was a questionable location to build an embassy and would not be if the Kingdom of Ju were a large country, but this time it aided them so it couldn’t be said to be completely bad.


Even so, if you looked around, there were some damages … so it was not only the location but also the actions of the embassy staff that defended them from being overrun.


Prince Willy himself happened to be stationed in the embassy that day to accommodate guests from the Knightley royal family.

Originally he was supposed to go to school because that day was the first day of the transfer to school, but they changed it to two days later in a hurry.



The location of the school was close to the Sanctum.

If he was in school … Thinking about it, Prince Willy was really happy to have stayed at the embassy.

In a way, he didn’t go to school because of the guest from the royal family … so he was grateful to the guest in his heart.



The guest, Crown Prince Knightley, returned to the royal palace by carriage.


“He gave such accurate instructions …”

The instructions given by the crown prince in rapid succession showed Prince Willy that he had much to learn, as he watched from his side.

“When everything calms down, I have to visit the castle and express my gratitude.”


It was the safety of his acquaintances in the royal capital that worried Prince Willy.

However, he still had very few acquaintances.


“Teacher … is probably fine. I can only imagine him destroying everything in an instant even if he was surrounded by hundreds of monsters.”

Willy thought of Ryo, who he calls 『Teacher』.

To Willy, who can use Water-Attribute Magic, he is his teacher.

However, Willy had never seen Ryo annihilate his enemies … he haven’t seen it, but he already had the image that he could easily do so.


“So I’m sure he’s okay.”

He said and nodded once.


“Apart from Teacher … Cohn?”

The adventurer who escorted him from the Inbury Duchy.

He told him that he was free to use the Embassy of the Kingdom of Ju, but he never saw him after he received the reward.

Maybe he wasn’t in the royal capital anymore.

“If that’s the case, he would be spared of the injuries from this incident so that’s fine too.”

With those thoughts in mind, Willy shook his head several times and looked out.


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