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Chapter 0143 <<Intermission>>

Translator: Tseirp

Ilarion Baraha was probably the Magician who represented the Kingdom of Knightley.


In the Kingdom, once you take on the position of 『Court Magician』, your livelihood would be safe for the rest of your life.

That’s because it was a position that was only available to those with a high level of ability, especially in the use of magic.

Court Magicians were the elite among the elite and essentially Magician royal guards.


Their leader was Ilarion Baraha, the Head Court Magician.

His position was never shaken in the last thirty years.


Ilarion was the Kingdom’s representative Magician but he was away from the Royal Capital at the time of the Royal Capital chaos.

From a small clue, he chased after a person and went east.


Needless to say, when he came back, he was surprised to see the damaged Royal Capital.


By the time he went straight to the Royal Palace, finished some meetings and some talks, and returned to the 『Kingdom Magic Research Institute』, it was already dark.

His office was located on the top floor.

He could hear the voices coming from his office even in the corridor.


“Now that I think about it, Abel and his party are here.”


With that in mind, he opened the door, stepped inside, and froze.

Because there were ten people there.

In an office that would normally be empty without Abel’s party, there were now so many people … it was something that had never happened in decades.


“Oh, Master, welcome back.”

The first person to greet him was Rin, the Wind-Attribute Magician who was Ilarion’s disciple.

“Ah, yeah.”

Ilarion could only reply with that as he was still in shock.


“Gramps, Roman and his party are here because they have no place to stay.”

Abel then reported to Ilarion, gesturing toward Roman and his party with his chin.

“So … who is this Roman?”

“Hero Roman and his party.”



Abel answered with the truth but it was incomprehensible to Ilarion at the moment.


Seeing the Hero and his party in his home after a long absence … anybody would find it incomprehensible.


“Nice to meet you. My name is Roman, Hero of the Western Countries. I am grateful to receive the honor of staying at the laboratory of the Kingdom’s representative Magician Ilarion.”

“Ye-yeah. Make yourselves at home.”

Hero Roman, who looked like an honest young man, greeted him politely.

Ilarion was not as cruel as to chase such a young man away.


Thus, the Hero party secured a place to stay in the Royal Capital.


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  1. lime

    From Ilarion’s perspective things must be quite annoying, in every event so far someone outshines him in an unexpected way or he’s not even there because of his poor timing…

  2. Asylics

    thanks for the chapter its sad that i was so short but i have my hopes up for next weeks new ark!

  3. R2D2TS

    Thanks for the chapters.

  4. CounterMAN

    So far the Hero and his party is not too bad. If this novel continue in kingdom building route (revolve around Abel and his big brother with Ryo as “force of nature” casually hanging out near capitol) , i wonder will Hero Party will involve with future plots (war) relationship between 3 nations (Empire, Kingdom and Union) and Western Countries

    • Chris

      The reason the Hero Party is in Knightly is because of the Akuma Lenore. That was because she talked about Ryo. Roman and his group got to witness Ryo in person and even though he didn’t do anything other than maintain some ice walls, they should be very impressed that he could do that for 12 hours.

      Then Ryo did the death march from the temple to the Autonomous Region. They didn’t witness it first hand, but the entire ice road lined with corpses should be enough of a clue that they found the man Lenore talked about.

      Unless they are idiots, the Hero Party should be attempting to gain Ryo’s favor and instruction.

  5. Albarn

    poor ilarion, he never met Ryo at all

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