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TLN: Room No. 10 -> Room 10

Chapter 0153 Supplementary Forces

Translator: Tseirp


Two days later.

Time passed quietly in Kona village without any issues.


The villagers found the occasional ‘Majin Insects’ and eradicated them … by removing them from the trees and crushing them.

The four from Room 10 helped, trained occasionally, had coffee once in a while, and helped the villagers again.


For some reason, the five from Dragon Agito went into the eastern forest every day.

“Hey, those five people, the intention of the client …”


Ryo raised a finger in front of his mouth and stopped Niels from saying something.


“Wh-what is it?”

“Don’t say any more. Whatever Niels says could turn into a flag.”

“What is ‘flag’ …?”

“The terrifying phenomenon where words become reality. For example, Niels gets rejected by Nina …”

“Hey, what!”

Niels got angry at Ryo’s words.

“It’s not pleasant, right? That’s how words are very powerful. Don’t spit out strange words unnecessarily.”

“I don’t get it but … I’ll stop.”


Although his explanation of a flag was very lacking, Ryo had a bad premonition.

If Niels said more than that, he had a feeling that something might happen …

Of course, it was Ryo’s arbitrary belief.


But beliefs sometimes come true.

That afternoon, the first supplementary force arrived from Kyradea.


As if waiting for that, the five from Dragon Agito appeared in front of Ryo and his friends.

With the newly arrived five people.

The four people from Room 10 all had unpleasant expressions.

They could only feel an unpleasant premonition in such a situation.


The first to open his mouth was the Swordsman Dogon.

“This is everyone from Kyradea’s C-rank party 『Five Binary Stars』. They are the best veteran party in Kyradea.”

(Being a veteran in rank C means that you don’t have the ability to move up to rank B …)

Ryo cursed in his heart.

It was a party of five men, all in their mid-thirties.

(All five look like villains.)


While Ryo was having rude thoughts, the Spearman from 『Five Binary Stars』 opened his mouth.

“You guys seem to be a D-rank party. That means that our, the high-ranking C-rank party, words are absolute.”

“Is that so?”

Ryo asked Etho next to him.

“It’s not a rule, but it’s a custom. If you get an escort request together, the leader of the higher-ranking party will be in charge. That kind of thing.”

Etho answered with annoyance.

It was very rare for Etho to speak that way.

Most of the time, his speech was matter-of-fact and easygoing.


“That’s right.”

Upon hearing Etho’s answer, the Spearman said with a grin.

“So, we’re tired from traveling. Can you guys massage our legs for a moment?”

Then, the other four members and the five from Dragon Agito laughed out loud.


“Piece of shit.”

Niels squeezed out a small voice.

“Ah? Did you say something?”

The Spearman threatened.


Ryo stood in front of Niels and said.

“Well, I understand.”

“Hey, Ryo!”

Niels was surprised and grabbed Ryo’s arm from behind.


Ryo ignored him and continued.

“But I don’t know if you really are C-rank …”

“Huh, what are you getting at!”

“So, could you show me your guild card?”

“Oh, so you’ll massage us once you confirm it.”

“Yes, I’ll massage you if I can confirm it.”

Ryo nodded.


The Spearman walked up to Ryo while taking out his guild card … and fell.



And in an extremely flashy manner …

Of course, it was Ryo’s <Ice Bahn>.

It might even be the magic that he used most in interpersonal situations …


“Are you okay?”

Ryo pretended to be worried and called out.

Of course, he just called out and didn’t run up to him.


“Damn, why is it suddenly slippery? What the heck.”

While saying that, the Spearman placed his weight on his leg to get up … and fell again.


“A-are you okay?”

Ryo pretended to be worried again and called out.


By the second time, the three from Room 10 begin to understand.

‘It was Ryo.’


In addition, a third fall occurred and the three were convinced.

They didn’t know how, but it was Ryo’s doing.


So they decided to ride on the situation.

“Are you okay?”

Three people other than Ryo also called out to the Spearman who slipped.

Of course, appearing to be really worried.

What they required here was not the words that tell the truth, but the acting ability to deceived the viewer.


“Damn … what the heck …”

The spearman could not stand up.

It was unusually more slippery than natural ice … the ice that instantly formed on the soles of the Spearman’s feet.

Roll a large number of marbles on the floor and walk on them with shoes … you would surely slip … the Spearman was in a similar situation.


To be clear, it was hell.


As expected, all nine from Kyradea were beginning to realize that the situation was unusual.

They didn’t understand what was going on, but at least it was not normal.

Yes, something like a curse …


“Hey, Ryo. How are you aiming to settle this?”

Niels whispered to Ryo.

All the while, every time the Spearman tried to stand up, he would slip, and the nine from Kyradea watched on in fear without touching him, as if they were looking at something terrifying. They couldn’t tell what would happen next.


Of course, Ryo wasn’t thinking about the future.


That’s why,

“We’ll remain this way until the supplementary forces arrive from Rune …?”

“Seriously …?”

Even Niels felt that was reckless.


No one knew when they would arrive.

In the first place, there was no guarantee that they will arrive by the end of the day.

In the meantime, this was … even though he was an irritating person, he was beginning to feel pity for the Spearman.


“Anyway …”

Ryo whispered.

Niels leaned in and listened.

“Who’s coming from the City of Rune?”

“Is that really what we should talk about now?”

Niels sighed at the out-of-place topic.


But …

“I wonder if 『Crimson Sword』 will come… since there is a possibility of subjugating Majin. Will they send the guild’s greatest strength?”

Amon joined the topic.

Amon, who was the youngest in Room 10 but always made the most common sense for some reason, suddenly changed when it came to this topic.

It was a shock to Niels.

(Was Amon poisoned by Ryo …)

Niels’ thoughts were pretty rude.


But …

“The 『Crimson Sword』 has a request from the West … they might come if they are back but there’s no way to know?”

Even Etho joined the topic.

As the party leader, Niels sighed deeply, really deeply.

And he thought.

(I wonder if there is no choice but to ride this big wave …)


And he joined.

“For the long shot, there is also Sera of the Wind.”

“That’s impossible.”

Niels was completely denied by the three.


Kyradea Spearman’s savior arrived thirty minutes later.

Two carriages bearing the coat of arms of the Rune Adventurer’s Guild arrived at the Magistrate building.

Right next to the ground where the Spearman was slipping.


From the first carriage, a fierce-looking giant man exited.


“Guildmaster …?”

Ryo and Amon muttered in a whispering voice.


A young Swordsman exited behind him.


From the second carriage, people from the Western Countries who Ryo had seen came down.

A total of eight people.


Guildmaster Hugh McGrath, Hero Roman and his party.

That was the supplementary force sent by Rune’s Adventurer’s Guild.



“Oh, Niels and party? Thank you for coming out to greet us … but I don’t think that’s the case here.”

Hugh saw the Spearman on the ground alone who gave up trying to stand halfway.

“What are you doing?”

“He’s in the midst of getting up.”

Ryo answered Hugh’s words accurately.


“O-oh … I don’t know what’s going on, but there are various training methods. Don’t worry about us and continue.”

After he said so, he tried to leave.


Kyradea’s Spearman had given up on trying to stand but was feeling gloomy.

“We are Kyradea’s C-rank party 『Five Binary Stars』. This request will be managed by us Kyradea Adventurer’s Guild. Don’t butt in.”

By all means, the fierce-looking giant Hugh McGrath seemed to be a high-ranking adventurer, but the Spearman who kept slipping was deprived of even such a calm judgment.


“Oh really? So you lot are Kyradea adventurers? I’m Hugh McGrath, the Guildmaster at Rune’s Adventurer’s Guild. Unfortunately, I’ll be in charge of this request. Don’t feel bad.”

“Guildmaster …?”

“McGrath … that Hero McGrath?”

“Master McGrath … the real person?”

Whispers spread like ripples among the adventurers of Kyradea.


“He sure is famous, the Guildmaster.”

Niels whispered to Ryo quietly.

“Because he is a hero of the war.”

Ryo replied in the same quiet whisper.


“Also, this is the party of the current generation’s Hero, Roman. They happened to be staying in the City of Rune, so I asked him to cooperate. I hope you will work together.”

Hugh dropped more bombs.

However, it seemed that it had exceeded the processing capacity of the adventurers of Kyradea and did not elicit a good reaction.




That was it.

Rather, the three from Room 10 responded.

“The Hero … really?”

“Joint front with the Hero.”

“Since he’s a Swordsman, it seems that I can learn a lot.”

Niels, Etho, and Amon expressed their surprise in their own words.


Then, Hero Roman approached the four people from Room 10.

“Ryo, it’s been a long time.”

“Oh, yes, it’s been a long time …”

Roman bowed in front of Ryo and greeted him politely.

Ryo bowed his head and responded with perfunctory words.


“Ryo is acquainted with the Hero.”

“I guess it’s possible if it’s Ryo.”

“It’s the usual thought of how Ryo knows such a person. I’m not surprised anymore.”

Amon was frankly surprised, Etho nodded with a convinced expression, and Niels shook his head many times, firing ‘I’m not surprised anymore’.



“To think that Master McGrath would join us. No other supplementary force would be this encouraging! And for the Hero party to join too … I’m truly grateful.”

Magistrate Goro looked really happy when he greeted the supplementary forces from Rune.


“The Kyradea bunch is like that so it’s a little too much.”

Ryo muttered softly to himself.

However, the person next to him heard it.

“Like that?”

Guildmaster Hugh McGrath was next to him.

There, Hugh suddenly noticed.

“Ryo, you’re not in a clash with the adventurer from Kyradea, right?”

“No way. What do you think of me?”

Ryo shook his head with an expression that it was unthinkable.

It was a secret that the other three people from Room 10 glanced at each other when they saw that.

“I see, it’s fine if there’s nothing.”

Hugh replied and nodded many times.



“Do you have an idea about where the Majin sleeps?”

After having a cup of coffee and taking a break, Hugh asked Rashata.


“Yes. As a result of analyzing past materials in the Sanctum, it seems certain that it sleeps in the forest that extends from the east of this village. There are about three candidate locations.”

“I see … But … honestly, as the Magistrate, don’t you want to leave it alone?”

Rashata replied and Hugh addressed Goro, the Magistrate with deliberate words.

“That’s exactly right. We do not have a grudge against the Majin. Well, if the ‘Majin insects’ didn’t adhere to the trees, I would want to leave it alone. In the sense that we should not wake the sleeping dragon.”

Goro answered with a deep nod.


“One more thing. How much have you discovered about the disappearance of the villagers?”

“The members of Kyradea’s Dragon Agito are working on that, but it seems that there are no new discoveries.”

Hugh pondered Goro’s answer with his hand on his chin.


(Twelve missing people. In the second half, a search was conducted by all the villagers, but the report said that not only did they not find the missing people, their corpses were not found too. It is a forest where monsters live? How was it that even their corpses were not found? I don’t want to imagine it, but if they were attacked by a monster, part of their bodies would remain? In the end, something other than a monster, or someone, must have taken them away.)


Hugh thought of several possibilities from the report that came up.

Hugh McGrath looked like a fierce-looking giant, a muscle brain, but in reality, he was not bad at mental work.

Otherwise, he wouldn’t be an A-rank adventurer.


As with any field, you can reach first-class without being smart.

However, you cannot reach top-class unless you are smart.

Sports, entertainment, and adventuring.


“Honestly, the disappearance case feels troublesome. Let’s get back on track a bit. Could you please contact the Kyradea adventurers that I wish to discuss with them tomorrow morning?”

“Okay, so … at 9 am tomorrow, there’s a bigger conference room on this floor, so we can meet there. I’ll inform them too.”


But the next day. No Kyradea adventurers appeared in the conference room.


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