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WM Character Glossary (After Chapter 164)

Character Glossary up to Chapter 164

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[Kingdom of Knightley]


Ryo: Real name Mihara Ryo. Water-Attribute Magician. The main character until the end. He was 19 years and 364 days old when he reincarnated.


Abel: B-rank adventurer. The leader of the party 『Crimson Sword』 based in the City of Rune, the Kingdom of Knightley. Genius Swordsman. He is 26 years old. The second prince of the Kingdom of Knightley.


Rihya: B-rank adventurer. 『Crimson Sword』 Priest. Former Saint. She can cast Absolute Defense. (TLN: Sanctuary?)


Warren: B-rank adventurer. 『Crimson Sword』Shield-bearer. Reticent. Also known as the ‘Undefeated’. A giant.


Rin: B-rank adventurer. 『Crimson Sword』Wind-Attribute Magician. A petite girl. Her magical ability is on par with court magicians. Ilarion’s disciple.


Sera: B-rank adventurer. The only Elf that lives in the City of Rune. About 200 years old. A Swordswoman with transcendental skill. A beautiful girl with exceptional figure. She has large green eyes and platinum blonde hair. Is interested in Ryo. She lives in the Lord’s manor. She loves reading.


Hugh McGrath: Rune’s Guildmaster. Hero of the 『Great War』. Known as Master McGrath. He is 39 years old. A fierce-looking giant with a height of 195 cm. His specialized weapon is the Holy Sword Galahad.


Nina: The receptionist of Rune’s Adventurer’s Guild. She is 21 years old. She has a slender figure and has good taste in clothes. She has a lot of fans.


Niels: D-rank adventurer. 『Room 10』 Leader and Swordsman. 20 years old. In love with the receptionist Nina. He has a robust body and an ill-mannered look, but he likes to look after others and is considerate for his friends.


Etho: D-rank adventurer. 『Room 10』 Priest. 19 years old. Delicate. With a gentle personality, he is the balancer in Room 10.


Amon: D-rank adventurer. 『Room 10』 Swordsman. 16 years old. Room 10’s youngest but the person with the most common sense? He seems to have a talent for swords.


Phelps A. Heinlein: B-rank adventurer. 24 years old. 『White Brigade』 Leader and Spearman. Next head of the Marquis Heinlein family. Handsome man.


Sheena: B-rank adventurer. 23 years old. Deputy Leader of the 『White Brigade』. A magician who manipulates the two attributes of Fire and Earth. Master of extremely fine needles. Phelps’ right hand.


Neville Black: Captain of the Knights of the Margrave of Rune.


Alfonso Spinazora: Grandson of Margrave Rune. 19 years old. The next Lord of Rune, as both his parents have passed away. He was counterattacked in his attempt to push Sera down, had his shoulder crushed, and a sword thrust into his shoulder. Now, he had changed his ways, works hard with a sword, and is studying territorial management.


Arthur Verasis: Advisor of the Court Magic Group. 75 years old. He wears a gray robe. A Fire-Attribute Magician. Saved by Ryo on the 40th floor of the Rune dungeon along with his members. One of the Kingdom’s core pillars.


Natalie: Natalie Schwarzkopf. Water-Attribute Magician from the Court Magic Group. 18 years old. Petite girl.


Christopher Bratt: Chief Professor of the Magic University. He led the Academic Research Team of the Magic University.


Ra: C-rank adventurer. The leader and Swordsman of the party 『Switchback』 based in the City of Rune. He respects Abel.


Sue: C-rank adventurer. Scout of the party 『Switchback』  based in the City of Rune. Female. She is a supporter of Ra.


Delong: D-rank adventurer. The leader of the party 『Coffee Maker』 based in the City of Rune.


Gunn: D-rank adventurer. Dual-wielding Swordsman of the party 『Coffee Maker』 based in the City of Rune.


John: D-rank adventurer. Priest of the party 『Coffee Maker』 based in the City of Rune.


Ilarion Baraha: Kingdom of Knightley Chief Court Wizard. Rin’s master. Wind-Attribute Magician. Director of the『Kingdom Magic Research Institute』.


Stafford IV: The current King of the Knightley Kingdom. He is not feeling well.


Crown Prince: Abel’s brother. The first prince of the Kingdom.


Zack Cooler: A member of the Second Son Union. A member of the Knights of the Kingdom.


Scotty Cobook: A member of the Second Son Union. A member of the Knights of the Kingdom.


Baron Kenneth Hayward: Chief Researcher at the Royal Alchemy Workshop. A member of the Second Son Union. He is one of the two great genius alchemists in the Kingdom. Born in the City of Rune. He invited his parents to live in the manor that came with the baron title.


Harold Lawrence: Minister of the Kingdom’s Ministry of Home Affairs. Count. 35 years old. Rumored to be a sharp and able person.


Fuka: Minister of Finance. Count. He is the eldest son and has 14 younger brothers. Luca (fourth son), Saca (fourteenth son), Sica (fifteenth son).


Raymond: Duke of Flitwick. The younger brother of King Stafford IV. The royal prince. The Duchy of Flitwick is in the north. The Duchy Capital of Carlyle is the second largest city in the north.


Viscount Osniel Fletcher: A senior figure in charge of the interests of the Duke of Flitwick in the Royal Capital. Supported by Lord Aubrey. He was reported to have died in the Royal Capital chaos.


Gabriel: Grand Priest of the Sanctum of the Royal Capital.


Gwain: Captain of the Sanctum Monk Squad.


Chase: Vice Captain of the Sanctum Monk Squad.


Baba-sama: Elven Elder. She apparently has lived for over 2,000 years.


Roxley: Baba-sama’s caretaker at the Elf Autonomous Region. He tried to attack Ryo and his hand was broken by Sera.


Carson: Chief of the Elf Autonomous Region.


Goro Ganda: Magistrate of Kona Village, which is under the direct control of the royal family. 45 years old. Extremely talented.


Viscount Rashata Debuo: Folklore Officer of the Sanctum. Goro’s classmate.


Landenvia: Adventurer’s guild Guildmaster in Acre, the largest city in the South. Former Kyradea Vice Guildmaster. He has a reputation for excellence.


Vandash: C-rank adventurer. The leader and Swordsman of the party 『Six Petals』 based in Acre.


Ash: C-rank adventurer. 『Six Petals』 Fire-Attribute Magician. She is the eldest of three sisters.


Nash: C-rank adventurer. 『Six Petals』 Wind-Attribute Magician. She is the second eldest of three sisters.


Cash: C-rank adventurer. 『Six Petals』 Earth-Attribute Magician. She is the youngest of three sisters.


Gorky: C-rank adventurer. 『Six Petals』 Shield-bearer. Male.


Terence: C-rank adventurer. 『Six Petals』 Priest. Female.


Eden: Squad Captain of the Knights of the Margrave of Rune. Captain of the transfer team when he and Sera transferred the Wind magic stone from Rune to the Royal Capital.


[Debuhi Empire]


Oscar: Baron Oscar Ruska. 24 years old. Alias: Explosive Blaze Magician. 190 cm tall. Fire-Attribute Magician. Brown hair. Doesn’t carry a staff. Fiona’s magic and sword mentor. Hated by Ryo. Oscar also hates Ryo. He is born from a pioneer in a small remote village, but he acts like a young nobleman. Due to his achievements, he was awarded the title of Baron.


Fiona: Fiona Rubin Bornemisza. Debuhi Empire Emperor Magic Division Chief. 18 years old. A magician able to use the two attributes of Fire and Light. A beautiful girl with fiery red hair. The 14th child, youngest child, youngest daughter, and 11th daughter of the current emperor. The emperor is fond of Fiona. She adores her mentor Oscar. Her specialty weapon is the treasure sword Raven.


Marie: Fiona’s adjutant. She also occasionally serves as her maid. She is a Wind-Attribute Magician.


Jurgen Bartel: Oscar’s adjutant. The second son of Count Bartel. Earth-Attribute Magician. He is an expert with the sword.


Konrad: Konrad Stein Bornemisza. The third prince of the Debuhi Empire. 21 years old. The thirteenth child. Uses Earth-Attribute magic.


Rupert VI: The current Emperor of the Debuhi Empire. Mid-fifties. A steel-like body without any excess fat. Extremely talented. He annexed many small nations adjacent to the Empire and purged a considerable number of domestic aristocrats, strengthening the power of the Empire. He is fond of Fiona.


Count Hans Kirchhof: Governor of the Debuhi Empire. Because of his ability, Rupert recommended him to be the Governor.


Neil Andersen: The author of three alchemy books that Ryo read as a beginner. 『Introduction to Alchemy』, 『First Alchemy』, 『First Alchemy Recipe Collection』. Once a famous alchemist of the Empire.



[Handal Union]


Lord Aubrey: Governor of the Handal Union. A dictator during the war. In his forties. One of the commanders who played an active part in the 『Great War』 with the Kingdom ten years ago. Became the Governor due to his achievements. After that, he solidified his power and is now an unparalleled power in the Union.


Lamber: Lord Aubrey’s aide. His right hand man. One of the few talented loyal retainers who can speak directly to Lord Aubrey.




Ruwin: Dragon King who lives in the Rondo Forest. Red.


Leonor Uraca Alburquerque: Akuma. Battle maniac. Enjoys her fights with Ryo.


Hero party

Roman: Hero

Graham: Priest

Gordon: Fire-Attribute Magician

Alicia: Wind-Attribute Magician

Bellrock: Earth-Attribute Magician, Dwarf

Ash Khan: Wind-Attribute Enchanter

Maurice: Scout


Chief: Founder of the Order of Assassins, considers himself a reincarnation of Hassan Sabbah. Specialist in Alchemy and Earth-Attribute magic. On the verge of his death, he entrusted Ryo with his alchemy notes.


Natalia: An executive of the Order of Assassins. Responsible for destroying the Rho Bridge. She betrayed the Chief.


Black/Kuro: An aide of the Chief. Lead the attack on Whitnash. Schemed to take over the cult by killing the Chief.


Sharfi: Former Order of Assassins executive. He attacked Gecko and was counterattacked by Ryo and surrendered. After that, he joined Gecko’s escort.


Gecko: A great merchant in the Inbury Duchy.


His Royal Highness Willy: The eighth prince of the Kingdom of Ju. About 15 years old. He is studying abroad in the Kingdom of Knightley. On the journey along the way, he made friends with Ryo and Cohn. He can use Water-Attribute magic and calls Ryo his teacher.


Rodrigo: His Highness Willy’s Butler. He dedicates everything to Willy.


Cohn: C-rank adventurer of the Inbury Duchy. He organized the escort of His Highness Willy. Also an adventurer who is very trusted by the Inbury Duchy government.



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