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Chapter 0159 Appearance …

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With a holy weapon, decapitate and pierce the heart.

That was the way the Western Church publicly killed Vampires.

Graham’s method was perfectly in line with it.


“Gordon, burn the head, torso, and all the limbs.”

Graham gave instructions to Gordon, the Fire-Attribute Magician.

Thus, Vampire Kalinikos was completely destroyed.


“Somehow, he was amazing, Graham.”

“Yeah. His handling of the sword was more amazing than Niels’ handling.”

“That was not what I meant!”

Ryo steered Niels’ impressions in a strange manner and Niels retorted once again.


“But Niels … maybe you feel that it’s over, but the real purpose this time is the Majin, right?”

Ryo said with his usual tone … A few moments later, Niels came to a realisation and he opened his eyes wide and replied, looking at Ryo.

“You’re right … it is.”

In the first place, Hugh McGrath and the Hero party came from the City of Rune to deal with the Majin whose existence was confirmed.

The Vampire turmoil was just a fact that was discovered later.


“Burn the body of Stragoi and after a short rest, we’ll set off for the Majin’s Cave.”

Hugh’s voice echoed.



They found the Majin’s cave rather quickly.

“It seems that the seal of the entrance is broken for some reason. Because of that, the rock that blocked the entrance to the cave was moved due to an earthquake or something, and the cave was exposed.”

Bellrock, a Dwarven Earth-Attribute Magician who could be said to be a stone expert, examined and detailed the entrance to the cave.


“It’s more amazing that the seal worked for 950 years. It would require magical power to keep the seal running, but where did that magical power come from …”

After hearing Bellrock’s explanation, Hugh looked at the entrance to the cave and muttered.


(The answer is probably alchemy. There is a way to use the magical power of what is sealed when sealing something with powerful magical power … as stated in Hassan’s black notebook).

Ryo concluded internally.

Of course, he had neither shown nor told anyone about the black notebook left by Hassan so he was not going to reveal that there was such a technique in alchemy.


Moreover, ‘Hassan’ wrote that the method was ‘a foreign method of sorts’, that is, it was not a normal use of alchemy.

Forcibly using the magical power of the target to seal it without its consent … was inhumane, to say the least.

If he claimed that there was such a dangerous use, Ryo may be persecuted!

But … with Ryo’s current proficiency in alchemy, he could not use that ‘Foreign method’ yet.


Ryo had been using <Passive Sonar> since he entered the forest.

There were reactions from ordinary animals and monsters near the entrance of the forest, but the reaction decreased as they approached the cave, and there was no reaction at all in front of the cave.

There was no reaction of monsters in a radius of about 300 meters around the cave.

(It means that there are things in this cave that wild creatures recognize as dangerous …)


Ryo thought so and looked at Hugh, the leader of the party.

He already had a drawn sword out.

As expected, a former A-rank adventurer could sense the unusual atmosphere.

Seeing that, the other Swordsmen Roman, Niels, and Amon also pulled out their swords.


The depth of the cave was short, and they immediately reached a place that looked like a hall.

In the back, there was a stone casket.


“I don’t detect any physical traps …”

Scout Maurice reported.

“The Vampire said that when he touched the casket, he was robbed of his magical power. So, what’s our plan?”

The Priest Graham turned to Hugh and asked.

“This is entirely up to chance so … honestly there’s no plan.”

Hugh replied, shrugging his shoulders.


However, that might not have been the trigger, but the coffin suddenly began to shine.


Even a child could understand that it was an abnormal situation.


The coffin started to vibrate.

Along with that, the entire cave began to vibrate and stones fell from the ceiling.

“This is bad! Everyone get out of the cave!”

Hugh shouted and everyone ran outside.


At the same time as the last person Hugh exited, the hall and the cave collapsed.


While the party was stunned, the same light was emitted from the place where it collapsed.

“I have a bad feeling about this.”

“Rather, I have nothing but ominous feelings about this.”

Alicia, the Win-Attribute Magician, and Gordon, the Fire-Attribute Magician, muttered.

Magicians are sensitive to the flow of magical power.

They were forced to sense that the ‘thing’ in the center of the light had powerful magical power.


And then … the collapsed rock shot out.


“<Ice Wall>”

Ryo created an Ice Wall in front of the party to prevent the flying rocks.


More pressure from magical power than before struck the party.

At that point, they could understand even if they were not Magicians.

It was a ‘monster’.


As the rocks flew off and the dust settled, the shining object became faintly recognizable.


“… A person?”

Someone muttered softly.

But everyone, not just the person who muttered, had the same impression.

The size was the same as a person.


And that ‘person’ was floating.

When they floated to a height of about five meters, it became apparent to everyone.

It was a shining beauty.

Light purple hair that reached the waist, fair skin, and her eyes were closed so they could not confirm her eye color.



“She’s floating …”

“Is it Wind-Attribute Magic …”

(No. That is not Wind-Attribute Magic)

Alicia, Gordon, and Bellrock muttered, but Ryo denied in his heart.


Ryo could tell because he had simulated battles with Sera, an expert in Wind-Attribute Magic, almost every day.

The magic the 『person』 in front of them was releasing was at least not magic of the Wind attribute.

Of course, it was not fire, earth, or water either.

Probably neither light nor darkness.


In other words, no attribute.

She was floating with Non-attribute magic.


Ryo’s body trembled.



(She’s manipulating gravity …?)


The so-called 『Gravity magic』 was often seen as a staple of otherworld stories.

It was no wonder that 『Phi』 had it.

It was no wonder … but it was natural to be excited to see magic that caused phenomena that were completely unexplained with the science of modern Earth.

In reality, the Akuma Leonor showed 『Dimensional storage』 and spatial movement with 『Corridor』, but Ryo was not excited at all at that time.

However, the display of a kind of 『anti-gravity』 phenomenon in front of him made him tremble with excitement.


Ryo was fascinated before he knew it.

It wasn’t just Ryo, the whole party felt the same way.



How much time passed?

Probably a few seconds, at most a dozen seconds …


The floating 『person』 finally opened her eyes.

Her eyes were shining golden.

Finally there was movement in the party.

The Priest Graham held his staff.


Ryo felt the accumulation of magical power to launch an attack at any moment and shouted inadvertently.

“Don’t attack!”

Graham and the others were surprised by that shout.


The floating 『person』 looked toward Ryo for a moment and seemed to smile slightly.

Then, without a pause, she floated further upward and flew to the west.

No one could move and just watched her fly off.



For two minutes, no one moved and the time passed without anyone speaking.


The first to begin was the Priest Graham.

“Ryo, why did you stop me?”

His tone wasn’t accusatory. It was more to confirm.

“If you attacked then … I thought everyone would die from the counterattack.”


It was not a lie.

He felt such a vast difference in power that he thought the best option was to not antagonize her.

But that was not all.


Perhaps he wanted to see her manipulating gravity more.

Regardless if he could use the magic or not, her shining floating figure was beautiful.


And there was one more thing … he had almost forgotten about it.

Ever since entering the temple, Ryo had <Passive Sonar> on.

Therefore, I ‘felt’ that Majin through Passive Sonar, but he had felt the same sensation before.

When is it?

He remembered it just a few moments ago.


When he was traveling through the Rondo Forest with Abel, they were caught between an Assassin Hawk in front and a Greater Boar behind.

In the end, Abel defeated the boar and Ryo defeated the hawk, but before the battle began, Ryo sensed a 『monster』 even further behind that Assassin Hawk with sonar.

In the end, that 『monster』 left without approaching them, but … the 『monster』 then and the 『Majin』 they encountered earlier were very similar.


They were probably the same type of creature.



In other words, there was a Majin in the Rondo Forest?!

It was that moment when the number of unsolvable mysteries increased.



“Well … I’m sure we wouldn’t have been able to put up a fight.”

Hugh concluded.


“That was … a Majin, was it?”

“There was no mention in the folklore that it would shine, but … it would be scarier if it wasn’t a Majin.”

Priest Etho asked to verify and the Folklore Officer Rashata nodded and replied.


“She flew out of sight to the west …”

“I wish she had taken the Majin insects away too.”

Ryo expressed his thoughts in response to Niels’ words.

The purpose of this request was not to defeat the Majin but to eliminate the Majin insects that adhered to the coffee trees.

“We won’t know until we return to Kona village. Okay, let’s go back.”


Under Hugh’s command, the party set off on their way back to the village.


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