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Chapter 0161 << Intermission >>

Translator: Tseirp


“Is it true that Count Haskil Kalinikos has been destroyed?”

“Yes, it’s true. It was confirmed with the 『Crystal』.”


It was a room plainly called the 『Study』.

Many bookshelves were lined up in the room the size of a school gymnasium.

The walls were lined with books from the floor to the ceiling, and could be said to be a 『Study』 that is likely to be featured as one of the ‘Beautiful European Libraries’.


But it was not a public place so it was a study, not a library.

A room built solely for the owner of the building and a collection of books for the owner of this building.


The 『Lord』 listening to the report looked like he was slightly over 20 years old.

A young man with pale white skin.

However, the air of calmness around him gave the impression that he had experienced a long life … he produced that kind of atmosphere.


“Where was he killed? Which of the Western Countries?”

“No, it was not a western country. It was in the Southern Kingdom of Knightley in the Central Nations.”

For the first time, the Lord looked up from his book and looked at the informer.


“Southern Kingdom? That’s a problem …”

He placed his hand on his chin, pondered a little, and then gave instructions.

“I want to know what happened. It would be best to verify if anybody in the Central Nations knows how to destroy us. Or if someone from the Western Countries travel over and destroyed him …”


“Be sure to let the 『front』 people do it. If the 『behind』 people take action and something happens, it would be irreparable.”


After the informer bowed out, the 『Lord』 muttered.

“Destroying a Count-class who manipulates the Dark-Attribute … That’s a decent foe.”

After shaking his head a few times, he started reading the book once more.


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