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WM V1C0163-2

Chapter 0163-2 <<Intermission>> Room 10’s adventure (Second half)

Translator: Tseirp



The situation in Azone Village was perfectly summarized by that word.


Corpses were strewn across the village with wounds as though they were cut by some giant sharp blade and the villagers and merchants were at the height of confusion.


“Hey, what happened!?”

Swordsman Vandash located and asked a guard who had collapsed near the city gate.

At the same time, Terence healed the wounds of the guard with Heal.


“It’s a Wyvern … a Wyvern appeared.”

The guard said after much effort.

“A Wyvern …?”

Vandash couldn’t say anything else.

Of course, he was not the only one. Everyone there was silent.



Wyverns were different from other monsters.

The Wind-Attribute magic called ‘Wind Defensive Membrane’ was always active around them and invalidated any damage from attacks.

What’s more, their invisible Wind-Attribute attack magic Air Slash and Sonic Blade were incomparably larger and more powerful compared to the attacks cast by human Magicians.

A single spell could cut the bodies of multiple people.


Being such a powerful monster, it required a great deal of preparation when subjugating it.

At least 20 adventurers of C-rank and above.

Moreover, they would need a lot of Magicians.

Normal attacks do not work and attack magic would be deflected.

Therefore, they had to keep attacking until the Wyvern tires out and the Wind Defensive Membrane disappears … with magic.



The party headed for the Magistrate building.

In the case of this village, it was the Magistrate building that responded in the event of an emergency.

But … it was already in the state of rubbles.


“That’s terrible …”

Ash, the eldest sister and Fire-Attribute Magician, muttered.

“The Wyvern’s Air Slash is powerful after all.”

Nash, the second sister and Wind-Attribute Magician, said.

“It’s more thoroughly destroyed than the other buildings … they either attacked or counterattacked and brought the Wyvern’s wrath …”

Kash, the youngest sister and Earth-Attribute Magician, commented as if she had seen it.

Of the three sisters, the youngest sister was the one who excelled the most in logical thinking.


“No matter how you look at it, there would be no survivors.”

Niels nodded to the mutterings of the Swordsman Vandash.

It was so thoroughly destroyed.


“By being here, it would think that we are their compatriots.”

At the same time as the younger sister muttered that, a voice rose from a distance.

“It’s here again!”

Within five seconds of hearing that voice, the Wyvern had reached the Magistrate building.


And saw the party.

It turned its gaze that seemed to indicate that there were some it failed to kill.


“This is bad. Everyone stay behind Gorky.”

Vandash shouted.

The three sisters and Terence reacted immediately, and after a short delay, the three from Room 10 also hid behind Gorky, the Shield-bearer.

Gorky held a huge shield that he always carried on his back at the same time as Vandash shouted.


At that moment, they hear a sound …


The sound of something hard hitting the shield.


“That’s definitely not the power of an ordinary Air Slash …”

Nash, the Wind-Attribute Magician, whispered but it was indeed an Air Slash.


“The distance is quite close.”

Her younger sister, Cash, peeped through a slit in the shield and calculated the distance to the Wyvern, which fired an Air Slash.

“Usually Wyverns cast magic from a height of 50 meters or more. But this Wyvern … casts from about 15 meters?”


The Fire-Attribute Magician Ash explained and the Swordsman Vandash asked.


“No idea? Perhaps it is an individual that can’t fire long-distance Air Slashes … or it likes to see humans sliced up close …”

Either way, it was unavoidable if it was released from such a short distance.

They were fine because Gorky’s shield was protecting them but the situation would deteriorate as time passed.



However, perhaps it grew bored after a while, the Wyvern flew away.

That said, it was destroying other parts of Azone Village.


“15 meters … if I can fly to that height, I can do something about it …”

Vandash said.


At that time, it was a coincidence that his line of sight turned to Nash, the Wind-Attribute Magician.


However, Nash, who was looked at, shook her head many times.

“I can’t fly, you know?”

“No, I haven’t said a single word …”

“Your line of sight is saying that! Even Wind-Attribute Magicians can’t fly in the sky! There are spells, but those usually only allow us to float! Of course, the capital’s Ilarion-sama can hover in the air but … ordinary Magicians can’t hover or fly!”

Her elder sister Ash and her younger sister Kash nodded in response to that.


“It appears that ‘normally’ Magicians can’t fly, but a person who would be able to fly comes to mind.”

“Isn’t it .. because it’s Water-Attribute?”

“Yeah, he would fly while saying, ‘There is a perfect spell for that in Water-Attribute Magic’.”

The three from Room 10 conversed in hushed voices.


Of course, Ryo never flew in front of them.

However, the three perceived that Ryo would be able to do it.



After a while, they heard the sound of a fist hitting a palm.

“I came up with a good idea.”

The Swordsman Vandash said with confidence.


“Van at such times is a little …”

“Hey now Terence, as a Priest, don’t say things that break people’s feelings.”

Terrence sighed as she commented and Vandash grew angry and argued back.

“I’ll listen for now. So what’s the plan, Van?”

The eldest sister Ash urged Vandash to talk.


“The point is that we only have to reach a height of 15 meters. And if it’s a Swordsman, we might be able to defeat it by with a single blowby piercing a sword into its eye. That’s why I’ll have Gorky toss me up!”

“I see.”

Only Niels, a fellow Swordsman, gave a positive voice to Vandash’s opinion.


All three sisters shook their heads many times, Terrence sighed, and even Gorky in question frowned and shook his head a little.

Etho and Amon worked hard to wait for someone to open their mouth without changing their facial expressions.



“Well, Van. Take a look at your physique.”

The eldest sister, Ash, told him clearly in a dumbfounded tone.

Vandash had a majestic body of height of 185 cm and weight of 85 kg.

Vanguard Swordsmen generally have a good physique. Niels had a similar physique.

Abel of ‘Crimson Sword’ was an exception, looking quite slender as a Swordsman.


The Shield-bearer Gorky was one size larger.

He was over 2 meters tall and weighed 100 kilograms.

A giant.

However, even for that giant, to throw the imposing Vandash to a height of 10 meters … would be impossible.


“Oh … is it impossible?”

Vandash looked at Gorky, asking.

Gorky shook his head silently.


“What about me?”

Amon spoke up.

Amon was also a Swordsman, but frankly, he was not big.

He was 170 cm tall and weighed 60 kg …. He was 16 years old and was still growing.

Gorky surveyed Amon.

He looked at Amon from top to bottom many times and then nodded.


“No, but …”

Vandash turned anxious.

That was because the operation was based on the premise that he would be tossed and he was most aware that the person flying was in the most danger.

He felt hesitant about pushing the task to another party, and even more, a junior Swordsman who had not become an adult.


“Please let me do it!”

Amon exclaimed with strong determination.


Niels and Etho exchanged looks silently.

And they both nodded slightly.

“Amon, can you really do it?”


Amon calmly answered Niels’ question.

Without any haughtiness but his expression was full of spirit.


As the party leader, Niels turned to Vandash, the leader of Six Petals.

“Vandash, please let Amon do it.”

“Niels …”

Vandash was about to question him, but Niels’ expression showed that he had faith and confidence in his party member.


In fact, there was no other way.


After some time, they may be able to contact somewhere and additional forces such as adventurers and knights may come from the city of Acre, but by then the village would no longer exist.

And they wouldn’t be able to resist until then.

If the situation was about to become worse, it may be a good idea to bet on a chance.


“Okay. Amon, I leave it to you.”

That was the decision made by Vandash.



“Ideally, it’s best to toss you right after the Wyvern fires an Air Slash, but even then, it may fire magic again.”


The eldest sister Ash explained to Amon and Gorky when to attempt it.


“If we three sisters combine our magic, we can erase that insanely strong Air Slash … well, but only once.”

“I’m in your care.”

Amon listened politely and expressed his gratitude.


A short distance away, Priest Terence asked Priest Etho quietly.

“Etho, honestly, about that Amon kid, how is his skill?”

“It’s okay, he can do it.”

Etho confidently answered Terence’s concerned question.


“If he couldn’t do it, Niels would have done his all to stop him. But this time, Amon can do it. Amon seems to have a talent for swords and he has the most courage among the three of us.”

“If Etho claims that much, maybe it will really be okay.”

Although still far from full confidence, Terence looked at Amon with a much stronger look of confidence than before.

He was 16 years old, and although he was not an adult yet, he looked calm.

(I see, maybe it’s okay to leave it to him.)



“It’s coming.”

Vandash announced the approach of the Wyvern.

Terence lightly raised her right hand to signal the timing.

Then, the moment the Wyvern came into range, he swung down, and Terrence and Etho fired two lines of light that flew toward the Wyvern.


It was one of the few offensive magic in Light-Attribute magic, Light Javelin.

Of course, it couldn’t do any damage to the Wyvern.

It was just to divert its attention and provoke it.


Sure enough, the Wyvern came towards the party and fired an Air Slash, showing outright hostility.

Three types of magic javelins from the three sisters clashed against it. The Air Slash dissipated.


Amon shouted as he jumped towards Gorky.

Gorky grabbed Amon’s ankles securely.

And rotated on the spot.

So to speak, a hammer throw … with Amon as an alternative to a hammer.


One rotation.

Two rotations.

And the third turn!


Amon was thrown out vigorously.

He flew straight toward the Wyvern.


But …


“Magic is coming! Avoid it Amon!”

It had a higher rate of fire than expected.

Nash, the Wind-Attribute Magician, shouted from the ground.

Being a Wind-Attribute Magician, she had a keener sense of the Wyvern’s magic generation than the others.

However, her cry did not reach Amon in high-speed flight.



In Amon’s eyes, the magic generation of the Wyvern was clearly visible.

And the invisible air slash that approached while tearing through the air was also caught in his sight as he recognized a slight distortion in the surrounding scenery.


He drew his sword from the scabbard and slashed with that momentum.


With such a sound, the sword bisected the Air Slash.


“He cut it …”

Nash, the Wind-Attribute Magician who was watching the scene from the ground, muttered in amazement.


In the meantime, Amon continued to fly, and when he finally approached the distance to reach Wyvern’s head with his sword extended, he saw the Wyvern close its eyes.

When discussing with Vandash on the ground, he said that the easiest way to do it was to pierce the sword from the eye and insert the sword into the brain.

That was the commonly used method to drop the Wyvern to the ground and kill it by stabbing it once it is on the ground.


However, the Wyvern in front of him closed its eyes.


In ‘Wyvern Subjugations’, if the Wyvern was in a state where its magical power was used up, it may be possible to penetrate even from the top of the eyelids by using a combat art, but this time its magical power was not depleted.

Amon couldn’t use combat arts yet, and his sword was only a ‘slightly better than ordinary sword’. Overdoing it would cause it to break.


What to do then?


One of the weaknesses of monsters was their ‘ears’.

But the Wyvern’s ears … he couldn’t tell where they might be.

When it came to that, his aim was,




Amon decided in that split second, and from the flying state, he twisted his body and stabbed his sword directly into the Wyvern’s nose.

He pierced all the way to the base of its brain in one thrust.

At the moment of the stab, the Wyvern quivered as if it had been struck by lightning, and its eyes widened …. and strength was rapidly lost from its eyes.


And it fell.


Amon gave up pulling out the sword that pierced deep into its brain, pulled his arm out of its nose, twisted his body and moved above the Wyvern.

On top of that, he could afford to observe the state on the ground while falling.


He could see the men running toward the crashing point.

Upon confirming that, Amon kicked the Wyvern giant body and jumped into the air.

He spread open both hands and feet and fell.


Before striking the ground, he succeeded in aiming and falling into the spread cloth the two Swordsmen and one Shield-bearer stretched out.


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