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Chapter 0164 <<Intermission>>

Translator: Tseirp


“Hah ~”

Returning from the Ministry of Home Affairs, Kenneth Hayward, the chief researcher and Baron, gave a truly deep sigh.


“Welcome back.”

Immediately, his subordinate Raden made tea for him.

“Oh, thanks.”

Kenneth then sat down and took a sip of tea.

“Vaedra’s development will remain suspended this month.”

He said bitterly.

“Is that so…”

Raden also sighed deeply.



That was the Royal Alchemy Workshop.

Various alchemy tools were manufactured, researched, and developed there, and Kenneth was one of the key personnel in that field.

Therefore, he was advancing various research and development apart from Vaedra and there was no shortage of work.

Of course, as he performed those jobs, Kenneth still considered the development of Vaedra, which was related to the survival of the country, a pressing matter.

Certainly, he understood that the facilities of the Royal Capital, which were impaired by the ‘Capital Chaos’, had not yet been restored.


But that was why they had to progress.


The world was never that gentle.

If there was a weakness, it would be targeted intensively … that’s what the neighboring countries would do.

Even though he was a Baron, Kenneth was merely a researcher and an alchemist and couldn’t sway the decisions …



Suddenly, Kenneth looked to the seat on his left.

There was a vacant seat.

The seat where a man, who once developed many alchemist tools together with Kenneth and coveted the same title of a genius alchemist, sat.


Kenneth was still in his twenties, but he was already over sixty years old.


His accumulated achievements and creativity on par with Kenneth, Kenneth admired all of that and even looked up to him as a mentor in his heart.

Since his affiliation was with the Magic University, he was only temporarily transferred to the alchemy workshop but he doted on Kenneth.

Despite being old enough to be his grandson, his eyes were always very gentle as he watched Kenneth absorb his knowledge and experience as if sand soaking up water.


But …

“It’s been two years since Frank disappeared …”

Frank de Verde.

The name of a man who was once called a genius alchemist alongside Kenneth.


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