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Chapter 0169 Ryo’s disciples

Translator: Tseirp


Eastern region of the Kingdom of Knightley. Four days to the border town of Red Post.

Along the way, the expeditionary force that departed from the City of Rune was joined by those that marched from other southern cities.


“It’s quite a spectacle.”

Abel, who moved up next to Ryo, commented as he stared at the ‘wagon line’ behind Ryo.


“What is it, Abel? Even if you come here, I won’t give you food, you know? Because Hugh told me time and time again to only give out food for breakfast, lunch, and evening meals.”

“When did I unknowingly turn into some starved adventurer …”

“Even if you try to steal the food after distracting me, I set up a trap that freezes the culprit instantly. Don’t think of stealing anything.”

“Why did you set up such a terrifying trap …”


Abel looked at the wagon line with a renewed look, perhaps afraid of the trap.

Of course, there was no such trap.


Not long ago, when Hugh, Abel and the other leaders were having a meeting, a scoundrel touched the wagon.

Since Ryo’s wagons were completely sealed, it was naturally impossible for others to open them, but it was a good opportunity so he froze him as a warning to others.

The facial expressions of the fellows who seemed to be friends of that person also froze at the same time … which Ryo found entertaining.


After that, it was unavoidable that rumors spread among the expeditionary forces that you would freeze if you touch the wagon.



“Hey, Ryo.”

“What? Money again?”

“No, I’ve never asked you for money! Wait, didn’t we have this conversation before?”

“I can’t help but to reuse the same jokes over and over again … it’s hard to make up new routines.”

“What are you even talking about …”


Abel had a very exhausted look.

However, he was curious about something so he took a breath to calm down and asked Ryo.


“On top of the wagon … isn’t there a lot of people seated?”

“Good job in noticing that. I believe those who are easily tired are sitting there. Don’t you see the ice staircase there to make it easier to get on and off?”

The appearances of the wagons were also slightly different from when they left the City of Rune.

Although it was a little steep, there were ice staircases that allowed people to climb onto the wagons from the outside.


“There are many Magician-like folks after all. The vanguards have the physical stamina but the rearguard …”

Abel commented as he looked at the top of the wagon line.


“Well, it can’t be helped. By the way, the first person who asked to get on top was …”

“No way … our …”

“Yeap, it was Rin.”


“Next was Rihya.”

“Ohh …”

“Finally, Warren.”

“Ahhh … no, that’s a lie! Warren would never ask for that.”

“As expected of a party leader. You know your members well.”


Abel now had an even more exhausted look than before.



“Ever since we entered the eastern region … there are so many.”

Abel commented as he looked at the people passing by.

“Probably the people of the Inbury Duchy. Coming to the Kingdom to escape the war.”

There were quite a lot of people coming from the Inbury direction, not carrying large luggage but only what they could carry.



Meanwhile, they saw two covered wagons coming from the front.

“That’s rare, fleeing with two covered wagons … a merchant?”

Ryo turned his attention to the coachman of the leading carriage after listening to Abel’s words.



He involuntarily said.

The man on the coachman seat turned to Ryo with a surprised look.


The man muttered and hurriedly stopped the carriage.

And shouted out loud.




It was Sharfi, a former Order of Assassins executive who was now part of Gecko’s escort team.

Boys and girls popped out of the carriage, probably because Sharfi’s cry was heard and the carriage stopped.

Then they found Ryo and shouted too.


“Teacher Ryo!”


A boy who was just ten years old jumped at Ryo.

Other children gathered around Ryo and were pleased to see him again.



They were the children who worked at Gecko’s merchant company, including Ryo’s five disciples.

“I’m glad you are okay……”

Ryo’s eyes were faintly shining.



“Take them to the southern part of the Kingdom?”

“Yes. Gecko instructed me to do so. To Rune and Acre. He has secured places in both cities.”

Sharfi answered Ryo’s questions.

Acre was the largest city in the south and the capital of Marquis Heinlein’s territory.


“We were able to cross the border, but there were rumors that the Union had advanced to the border shortly after we crossed.”

“I see. Well, I’m glad everyone is safe. Also, is Gecko still in the

“It seems that he will provide supplies to the last minute …”


Sharfi commented and shook his head several times.

His expression showed that …. he felt Gecko should just escape quickly.


“I guess being a merchant who represents the country can be difficult. For the time being, the priority is to ensure the safety of these children. Rune is the city where I live. It’s a very nice place. Perhaps because it’s a remote area, the city has an atmosphere that easily accepts foreign things. The children will fit in.”


In the end, while Ryo was talking on the spot, the wagon line stopped so the expeditionary force was on a temporary break.

As such, Ryo was able to see his disciples’ progress in magic.

He was honestly surprised that all five were able to produce fairly hard ice walls.

Once again convincing him that consistent hard work was the most important.



After sending away the covered wagons led by Sharfi, Ryo’s expression was visibly brighter.

Until now, although it wasn’t dark, someone who had interacted with him for a relatively long time like Abel could tell that he was concerned about something which cast a shadow on his facial expression.


“Were they Ryo’s disciples? They called you teacher.”

“Yeah. They’re very honest kids. They seemed to have kept practicing every day even without me, and they were able to create fairly hard ice walls. They might even block Abel’s sword.”

“Are you serious……”


Children in their teens capable of producing very hard ice walls … frightening.

Abel secretly trembled a little, imagining the future.



Suddenly Ryo muttered.

“What happened?”

“I should have also taught them <Ice Coffin> … with that, they can freeze their opponents.”

“No, please don’t.”



“Now, isn’t there no longer any reason for Ryo to go to the Inbury Duchy?”

Originally, Ryo was trying to verify the safety of his disciples.

It turned out that they met before crossing the border and were safeguarded in their country, so he no longer had to go to the dangerous battlefield.

“Well, that’s right. But as long as I’m hired as the luggage carrier, I’ll ensure the delivery of the food, weapons, potions, and other supplies on the wagons. I forced Hugh to let me join the expeditionary force after all.”


Ryo possessed a strong sense of duty in that aspect.

Or was it natural because it was a contract?


“Well if I change the setting of the wagons from ‘follow me’ to ‘follow Abel’, I don’t necessarily have to go.”

“Yeap, don’t do that.”

Ryo was such a guy.



Since parting from the evacuating children, the number of refugees from the Inbury region visibly decreased.

“I think it’s because the Union was said to have closed the border.”

“Probably. The Ferro River marks the border between the Kingdom and the Duchy. A few bridges span across that river between the two countries.”

“Now that you mention it, that’s true …”

Ryo had also crossed the border.



“Ryo, did you forget to withdraw money when you went to the Inbury Duchy?”

“Yeah … that’s a sad memory. It’s a shame that it caused the destruction of the assassin’s village.”

Ryo shook his head, saying so.


“Assassin’s Village … was there such a thing …”

“But this time I’ve already withdrawn the money! I’ve grown too. The assassin’s village was in the eastern part of the Kingdom.”

“Hey, what do you mean by the eastern part!”


Abel responded violently to what Ryo added at the end.

It may be natural for him to be surprised that there was an assassin’s village in his country.


“You don’t have to react so violently. They also had to live, so it can’t be helped.”

“No, that’s not the issue …”

“Or are you pretending to be the King’s second son again? Abel is already an adult, so you’re no longer the age to play pretend prince.”

Ryo deliberately sighed deeply and shrugged his shoulders.

His actions irritated Abel.



While having such idle conversations, the expeditionary force arrived at the eastern border city of Red Post.

They arrived but …


“People are overflowing out of the city …”

The Red Post had become a refugee city.


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