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Chapter 0181 Request

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“Leonor …”

“Yup. Mmm? You don’t have to tense up so much. Today, I just want to talk or rather make a request … Well, if Ryo really wants to fight, I’m more than willing to do so.”

“No, let’s please just talk.”


Before Leonor’s excitement welled up, Ryo tried to dispel it by waving his hand in a hurry.



Sitting on a nearby rock, Leonor began to speak.

“As I said earlier, I actually want to request something from Ryo.”

“From me …?”


The ‘Akuma’ who traverses space in the ‘corridor’, can retrieve things out of a subspace and does not die even after beheading, wanted something from Ryo …

What would an Akuma, an existence so different from humans, want …?


Ryo suddenly realized.

Inspiration came in a flash.


“You want to make a contract to obtain my soul!”

He was acting like a Dr. Faust.

“I don’t really understand what a ‘soul’ is … what I need is the ‘Fairy drops’ that are overflowing from Ryo’s body.”

“Fairy … drops?”

Ryo asked while tilting his head.


“Yup. We call it that … I wonder if you’re not aware of it. Well, it seems to not affect humans, so you may not have noticed it.”

“Oh, is it that thing people like elves and spirit beasts feel?”

Ryo recalled what the elven Sera and Baba-sama, or the guardian beast in Niels’ village said.


The ‘something’ overflowing from Ryo.


“Oh, yes, that’s it. It works on elves too, that’s what I need.”

Leonor stepped in and praised Ryo for reaching the correct answer.



“Actually, we have to feed our elf pets … well no, when we say pets, it gives a bad impression to humans. Hmm, how do I put it …”

Leonor seemed to pause here and there, thinking of another way of saying it.


Certainly, when she said ‘elf pets’, he didn’t get a good impression.

Making an elf, that looks almost the same as a human, a pet … it’s probably because ‘pet’ makes you draw the image of ‘deprived of freedom and servitude’ and ‘slave’ in your mind.


However, on Earth in the 21st century, many people love their pet dogs and cats as family.

Given that, the expression ‘pet’ may not always be considered a bad thing.


At the very least, they are living beings and in some cases can be thought of as family.

Ryo thought so.



“Yes! We have elves who are common property, not pets.”

Property … there goes the thought that they are considered living beings or family …



“Well … I somewhat understand. So what happened to the elf under the care of Leonor’s group?”

Ryo managed to get his mind in order and asked Leonor.


“Well, the elf calls herself Elizabeth. Elizabeth is in a terrible state. Our healing is not very effective for those who are in the fairy lineage, such as elves.”

“Fairy lineage? Races that contain fairy elements?”

“Yeah yeah. Fairy elements, the elves use that expression, now that you mention it. Is that expression easier to understand? The place where we live is by no means a good place for those who have fairy elements. So she’s in a terrible state and we’re troubled.”


He was a little curious about where Leonor and her group lived, but he was still hesitant to know more about her private life.



“Why don’t you move her to a place where people with fairy elements can live comfortably?”

“Of course, I tried that too, but she isn’t in a state where she can recover naturally …”

Leonor replied, shaking her head with a bitter expression.

“I can imagine that she’s in a horrible state … can I do something for an elf in that state?”


Ryo is neither a doctor nor a biologist.

Certainly, when the Akuma in front of him cut off his arm, he did something similar to a surgical operation … but it was a potion made by Kenneth that eventually connected the severed nerves.


The effect that Ryo appear to have around him seemed to extend the life of the guardian beast and cause elves to feel at ease the nearer they are to him … that’s about it.


Oh, and for some reason, it seems to purify miasma. Although Ryo doesn’t know what miasma is in the first place.


“Um, honestly I don’t know either. A being like Ryo is rare. But if this doesn’t work, we’ll give up. We’ve tried everything we can think of. And it all failed. We, everyone, gave up at that time … including Elizabeth. So why don’t you give it a try, since there is no harm in doing so?”

Leonor bowed when she said that.


It was strange that Akuma has the culture of bowing, but that was not a problem for now.

In particular, Ryo did not seem to be at risk and it could be said to be part of helping others.



He did fight against the Akuma in front of him.

But he does not hate her.


Besides, he is very much indebted to elves, especially Sera.

Elizabeth may be an elf who is hostile to Sera, but nevertheless, abandoning those who he might be able to help … was something that Ryo couldn’t do.



“Okay. If I can, let’s do it.”

“Oh! As expected of the man I have my eyes on! As gratitude, I offer the right to fight with me …”

“No, I don’t want that.”



“So what should I do? If I am to go somewhere, I think I should say a word to Hugh or Abel or they’ll be worried …”

“I recall Abel is Ryo’s companion from that time. But don’t worry. I’ll bring Elizabeth here.”


Leonor stretched out her right hand and muttered a word.



At that moment, a pitch-black wall appeared, as if the space had been sliced out.

It was the spectacle that Hero Roman and his party once encountered with the ‘artificial altar’ and Ryo and his friends saw in the hidden temple of the Dark-Attribute Magician.


Leonor entered the ‘Corridor’.

And came back after about 20 seconds.

She carried, in her arms in the so-called princess carry, an elf.

“Ryo, thank you for waiting. This is Elizabeth. Elizabeth, this is Ryo whom I talked about before.”


With that, Leonor let Elizabeth down to stand on the ground.



The elf was extremely beautiful.


Elves are all beautiful men and women.

Still, some can be said to be of incredible beauty like Sera.

And Elizabeth in front of him was also an incredible beauty.

But if Sera is a ‘dignified beauty’, Elizabeth is a ‘sweet beauty’.


Moreover, probably because of her terrible condition, her face was pallid and it seemed that she had difficulty breathing.



“You do not need to do this for me …”

Elizabeth, who seemed to have a hard time just breathing, opened her mouth and apologized.

“Oh no, it’s fine. Leonor, I’ll touch Elizabeth’s forehead. Is that okay?”

“Okay. Please do.”

With Leonor’s consent, Ryo reached out with his right hand and placed his palm on Elizabeth’s forehead.


Of course, he didn’t know what the correct treatment was.

Perhaps Ryo would give off some effect just by standing nearby without doing anything. The guardian beast’s life span was extended without Ryo touching it.

However, he somehow felt it would be more effective with touch.


Perhaps it was because he had seen Priests such as Etho and Rihya heal patients many times by touch.

At any rate, a touch shouldn’t be a problem … unless it’s sexual harassment!



When Ryo touched her forehead, Elizabeth quivered a little.

Then, twenty seconds later, her cheeks clearly began to redden.

In addition, he could see that her labored breathing had calmed down and she was improving at a visible rate.


Leonor kept silent, but her eyes were wide open and she watched the situation without hiding her surprise.



It was about five minutes in total.

Ryo removed his right hand from Elizabeth’s forehead.



Somehow, he felt that Elizabeth’s physical condition had returned to normal.

Elizabeth was aware of that too.

When she opened my eyes, which had been closed all the time, she saw Ryo and gracefully bowed.


“Thank you very much”

With Elizabeth’s words as the trigger, Leonor rushed to Elizabeth at the speed of sound and hugged her.


“I’m glad … I’m glad, Elizabeth.”

“Ouch, ouch, Leonor-sama. You’re putting too much strength.”

Leonor happily hugged Elizabeth, with a few tears in her eyes.

Elizabeth, who was hugged, smiled happily and hugged Leonor back.



Ryo watched the scene and nodded slightly many times.

He was happy that he somehow helped people(?).



After hugging each other for a while, Leonor turned to Ryo.

“Ryo, I really appreciate it.”

She said and bowed deeply.

“Well, I just placed my hand on her forehead. I didn’t do much.”


Even though they tried to kill each other twice, she must have felt extremely grateful to bow her head so deeply.

It’s an emotion he’ll never experience if his opponent is a certain Fire-Attribute Magician … so strange.



“No, it was something that only Ryo could do. It is a big deal. So, as appreciation for doing this, the right to fight with me …”

“No, I don’t need it.”

Ryo denied her.

Leonor pursed her lips and expressed dissatisfaction.


“Is it that Leonor is the one who wants to fight?”

Elizabeth supplemented from the side.

“Um, I won’t deny it.”

Leonor nodded obediently.


“But Ryo also wants to fight … in the depths of his heart, or so I think. Yeah, I’m sure of it.”

“No, why …”

Ryo sighed deeply.


But …


“But you were so happy when we fought…”



Leonor squeezed her lips further and pointed out with a dissatisfied look.


“There’s no way …”

Ryo muttered with an astounded expression after she pointed that out.

“What, you weren’t aware of it? It was a very, very nice smile, you know? Do you have a mock combat partner? Ask that person. I’m certain they would reply that you have a great smile during spars.”

Leonor confidently stated.


Ryo thought of his mock battles.

Of course, his opponent is Sera.

(By the way, Sera also fights with a slight smile … Yup, now that she pointed that out. Do I do it too …?)



“But I can’t accept all you’ve done without repaying. Ryo, do you have anything you wish for? I’ll do my best to fulfill it.”

It sounded like the temptations of a devil, depending on how you hear it. Something like ‘I will grant your wishes’.


“Even if you ask it that way …”


“Hmm … Do you want a country? If you want one, here … the Kingdom of Knightley, I can eradicate the royal family and make the country belong to Ryo …”

“Sorry, please do not do that.”

Ryo firmly rejected Leonor’s ridiculous proposal … that was in a sense, a very demonic proposal.

So far, he was not at all interested in managing a country.



“Hmm … Then, a woman? Heroes like the fairer sex. I can gather beautiful women from all over the world.”

“… Sorry, please don’t do that either.”

The reason his answer was late for a moment was that he imagined the harem contained Leonor in front of him …

Although she is an Akuma, she is certainly a beautiful woman.



But …

“Hm? You want to add me to the harem? It can’t be helped, if Ryo wishes for it, about 10 years …”


Leonor said with slightly blushed cheeks and upturned eyes … as if she had read his mind.

Ryo hurriedly denied it.


“This is troubling …”

Leonor tilted her head and pondered.



At that rate, she may make strange proposals again. With that in mind, Ryo decided.

“Then, answer my questions.”

“Hm? Are you okay with just that?”

“Yes. Information is power. I have something I want to know, but I can’t find any information about it.”

“Hmm. It’s said that wisdom is power. But … answering everything would be too much.”


Leonor said after a little thought.

“I will answer only two of Ryo’s questions. I may not be able to answer due to restrictions, but I will do my best.”

Making a peace sign with her right hand, she showed the option of only two questions.



Two minutes passed.

However, Ryo was silent as he thought.

Only two … he had many questions to ask, but it took him some time to narrow them down to two.


Leonor was about to speak.

“Ryo …”

“I’ve decided!”

At that moment, Ryo finally chose the questions.



“O-okay. Ask me.”

“First. What am I?”


The completely unexpected question stunned Leonor.

Elizabeth, who was watching the exchange beside her, also tilted her head.


Ryo finally narrowed down the questions, and his facial expression showed his satisfaction, and he didn’t seem to think that his question would not be understood by Leonor.


For thirty seconds, time passed as no one spoke.



“… I’m sorry, Ryo. I don’t understand the meaning of the question.”



Ryo looked stunned when he heard it.

Leonor looked at Ryo apologetically.



“Um … well, in other words, why does ‘Fairy Drops’ overflow from Ryo, why do you have such … a constitution? Is that what you are asking?”

Leonor asked Ryo about her interpretation of his question.


Ryo tilted his head a little and answered.

“I was thinking more of a decisive answer that I am definitely human or not …”

“Ah, I see … I think by human definition … you are probably human.”

“By human definition?”

It was a questionable answer.


“You have two legs and two arms. A head on your neck … no horns or tail like us, and don’t have sharp ears like an elf. So probably human?”

“Oh, yes, I guess you’re right …”

Ryo had no choice but to nod to Leonor’s explanation, though he was not convinced.


“Oh, right, like Ryo, there have been people in the past who overflowed with ‘fairy drops’ too.”


Ryo was surprised and opened his eyes to Leonor’s sudden reply.


“Was it about 10,000 years ago … No, was it 50,000 years ago? Well, it was a long time ago.”



The oldest civilization on Earth is said to be the Mesopotamian civilization, and the Sumerians were at the center of it.

The First Dynasty of Uruk, famous for King Gilgamesh, was built by the Sumerians in 4000 BC. Dating back 6,000 years ago from the 21st century.

One could imagine how absurdly ancient Leonor’s ‘about 10,000 years ago’  was.


To be clear, even if he was told such a past … he would think it was just a kind of legend or myth … if he was on Earth.


However, there are various races on 『Phi』.


Ryo had never met God, but the Devil was in front of him.

Elves also seem to be long-lived, and the dragon in the Rondo Forest is probably quite long-lived too. It did say 100,000 years ago …



That is the world he is in now.



“Yeah, well, 10,000 years ago or 50,000 years ago, it’s a ‘very long time ago’ from my point of view, so it’s okay.”

For the time being, Ryo seemed to be human.

And it seemed that there were people like Ryo in the past.

Of course, he didn’t gain anything from knowing that they existed.

It would not change anything in the future.


However, he valued his curiosity. Ryo thought to himself.



“Then, the second question.”

“I’m grateful you were satisfied with the previous answer. Ask the second question.”

“Is there still a floating continent?”


That may be a question that was beyond Leonor’s imagination as well.

Leonor stiffened for more than a moment.


“Oh, I was surprised because it was completely different from the previous question. Is the floating continent you refer to, the land of Babylon in the sky?”

“Yes, I think that’s it!”

Ryo replied with excitement.

At least, he avoided the worst answer that Leonor had never heard of it.



“I haven’t seen it lately … because it’s moving. I don’t know its current situation…”

“When was the last time you saw it?”

Ryo interrupted Leonor’s answer.

“About … two thousand years ago? It is always covered by clouds, so I didn’t see the actual land … well, I believe it is still moving.”


“Clouds, I knew it …”

It was just as Ryo imagined.


And it may still be floating!

Always moving meant that he may encounter it somewhere in the future.



What fantasy!

This is fantasy!

Truly fantasy!



Ryo was visibly excited.

Still, Leonor did not run away and waited for Ryo to return to normal because of her gratitude for having Elizabeth cured.



Three minutes later.

“Oh, I’m sorry, I got a little excited.”

“Well, I can understand that. Well then, we will be going back. This ‘Corridor’ is the product of gathered energy from many of us but it seems like it’s nearing its limits.”

The ‘Corridor’ that was created when Elizabeth was brought in still existed, but it seemed that it will close soon.


“I understand. Thank you for giving me valuable information.”

Only now, Ryo bowed his head properly and spoke politely.

“No, you saved Elizabeth. I really appreciate it.”

Leonor bowed politely and Elizabeth bowed beside her as well.


It was a very Japanese scene of both parties bowing to each other.

And the two disappeared beyond the ‘Corridor’.



Early next morning after Ryo helped a person(?).

Ryo regretted it.


Why didn’t he tell Leonor, “I want you to get me a golem” when she asked what he wanted.



Abel muttered when he saw Ryo sighing while regretting that.


“He must be thinking about something that is not good for the world or the people.”


Ryo was once again evaluated incorrectly.

A pitiable Magician …


This is the end of “Part 10 Inbury Duchy once again”.

After this, about five episodes will be sandwiched between the Parts, and it will be “Chapter 11 Twilight Land”.


This is an announcement.

This work, “Water-Attribute Magician, Volume 1 Central Nations” will end after the next Part 11 and Part 12, the “Final Chapter”, following it.

The final part will be the longest part so far, so it will still be a while before it ends…


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