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Chapter 0184 <<Intermission>>

Translator: Tseirp


It was called the ‘Study’.

A private library for only one, the owner of the building… in general, that understanding is probably the closest to the facts.


A huge number of books were lined up in a vast space.


The same as always, the ‘Master’ was reading one of the books today.

The Master raised his head when he sniffed a scent.

It was black like a devil, hot like hell, pure like an angel, and sweet like love … that drink was placed in front of him.


“Ah, thank you.”

The Master said and reached for the freshly brewed coffee and enjoyed its aroma.


“Master, Lord Doras wishes to report.”

The butler who brewed the coffee announced that the other party was in the waiting room.

“I see. Invite them in.”

The Master nodded and allowed entry.



“I have two reports. First, the asylum of the Duke of Inbury was announced by the Debuhi Empire. Second, the people involved in the disappearance of Count Haskil have been identified.”

“The second.”

“Yes. The place where Count Haskil Kalinikos disappeared was found to be the southern part of the Kingdom of Knightley, under the direct control of the royal family. When he disappeared, the people present were Rune Adventurer’s Guild Guildmaster Hugh McGrath and a four-member D-rank party. The Hero Roman and his party were present as well.”


In response to the report, the Master tilted his head a little and asked.


“Not just Master McGrath, but the Hero Roman as well? That’s an amazing lineup. I don’t believe it happened by chance?”

“Yes. At that time, the Hero party was staying in the City of Rune and appeared in Kona village with Master McGrath.”

“I see. It was near Kona village.”



Then the Master looked at his coffee lovingly.

He was currently drinking that same Kona coffee.

Blue Mountain is good, but Kona is also good.



“Is it possible to extinguish Kalinikos with the Hero’s sacred sword Astarte? Besides, Master McGrath’s sword is, if I recall, the sacred sword Galahad. The sword that seals regeneration …. Either way, neither are ordinary opponents. It may have been too much for Kalinikos alone.”

The Master muttered to himself without any change in expression.


“Yes, but the priest of the Hero party …”

The reporter paused for the first time.

“Hm? Now that you mention it, there was always a priest in the Hero party. Who is it now?”

“Yes, it is now Archbishop Graham.”


The reporter clenched his back teeth out of vexation.


“Archbishop Graham? Well well, the Grand Inquisitor … that’s another powerful name.”

The Master smiled slightly.

But the smile expressed a hint of sadness.


It wasn’t the wrath that Count Haskil Kalinikos had against Graham, nor the vexation that the reporter had clenched his back teeth, but just sadness.



“Graham … a pitiful guy …”

The Master’s words did not reach anyone and disappeared into the air.


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  1. Mimiaka

    Alright folks… who wanna bet that the master’s name is something like Vlad Dracula? If I get it right can we have like an extra chapter when the name’s revealed ?

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