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Chapter 0185 <<Intermission>>

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Weapons generally require maintenance.

It is necessary regardless of whether it is a weapon from modern Earth or a type of sword on Phi.


Of course, whether you’re an adventurer or a knight, you’ll take care of your weapon yourself.

However, it is normal to have an acquainted blacksmith perform proper maintenance once a month or once every two months.


There are many such blacksmiths in Rune, the largest city on the outskirts.

The craftsman’s district, including those blacksmith workshops, was located near the west gate.



Sera and Ryo entered the front of one of those blacksmith’s workshop, Master Doran’s shop.


“Good afternoon, Master~”

As she opened the door and entered, Sera called to the back of the store.

“Oh, wait a minute.”

A deep male voice replied from the back of the store.


In just a few seconds, a stout but short bearded man about fifty years old emerged from the back of the store.


(Similar to Bellrock from the Hero Party! A classic dwarven smith in another world! I wonder if there is conflict between elves and dwarves … or will he be a stubborn dwarf and kick us out of the store … shouting ‘I don’t have any weapons to sell to the likes of you!’ and start a squabble…)

Ryo was brimming with excitement from strange expectations.



“Oh, Miss Sera? Is it the day for your sword maintenance once again?”

“Yeah. Thank you as usual.”

Sera then placed her sword on the desk with its scabbard.


“Sure. And this Magician is …”

Doran looked at Ryo, who was secretly excited, and asked.


“Oh, this is Ryo. My chaperon.”

“Ch-chaperon … Well, I run a blacksmith’s workshop, so there’s only metal armor, and I don’t sell any Magician wands … wait, he doesn’t even have a wand?”

Master Doran commented as he looked at Ryo from top to bottom to make sure he was empty-handed.



Typically Magicians carry a wand.

It is said that the required magical power differs by 10 times and the magic manifestation effect also differs by 10 times depending on whether or not a wand is used.

Therefore, Magicians and wands were considered as one package.


“Yes, it’s my principle to not carry a wand …”

Ryo answered while nodding.

“I see … well, there are all kinds of people.”

“It’s because Ryo is good at close combat too. A sword serves him better than a wand. His skill with the sword is on par with me.”

Sera spoke proudly as though she was praising herself.


Upon hearing that, Master Doran opened his eyes.

“Seriously … Hmm? Now that I recall, I’ve heard about it in the mansion. There is an adventurer who does mock combat every day with Miss Sera …”

“That’s Ryo here.”


Sera smiled and nodded deeply.


Ryo tilted his head and asked.



“Oh, Master Doran also belongs to the development workshop of Margrave Rune. Anyway, he’s a good blacksmith. The Lord doesn’t neglect such talented people.”


Master Doran replied with his face bright red.


A good person.

He was not the stubborn master that Ryo initially expected, not a stubborn dwarf, and was even extremely friendly with Sera, an elf …



“In any case, pass your sword to me. It will be ready by the afternoon. So, the Magician … Ryo? Would Ryo need my help to perform maintenance on your sword?”

“Now that you mention it, I’ve never seen Ryo’s sword …”

Master Doran looked at Ryo and asked.

Sera also looked toward Ryo and tilted her head.


Although they were having mock battles every day, Ryo used the blunt-edge swords provided at the training ground.



“I probably don’t need it. After all, my weapons are …”

Then Ryo took out Murasame and Michael’s knife and placed them on the desk.

“These …”

Master Doran was speechless when he saw Murasame on his desk.



After a while, he started muttering something.

“… No, but, this is … is it? It can only be that … but … I can’t believe I can lay my eyes on it in this lifetime …”

Despite Master Doran’s reaction, Sera simply exclaimed.


“The Fairy King’s Sword?! Your robe and this sword, Ryo is truly loved by the Fairy King!”

She happily said with a smile.


Master Doran nodded upon hearing that.

“Right. I suspected it is the Fairy King’s sword … I’ve only heard about it through rumors. I wasn’t confident.”

“Ryo, the sword has a blade, right? Please show us.”

Sera begged with a look of pure excitement.


“Of course.”

Not one to deny such a request, Ryo raised Murasame and formed the ice blade.


“Oh ~. It is beautiful …”

Seeing the shining blue ice blade, Sera was half-enchanted.

Seeing Sera’s expression, Ryo was half-enchanted too.

Master Doran groaned as he looked at the two of them and Murasame.



Then, Master Doran’s eyes shifted to the desk.

Michael’s knife was placed there.



Master Doran took one look and was stunned … he completely froze.



However, neither Ryo nor Sera were aware of the anomaly.


Ryo erased Murasame’s blade and slotted it back onto his waist, and also sheathed Michael’s knife on the desk in a natural motion.


“Ooh, you showed me something good. Alright, Ryo, let’s have lunch around the west gate today. Master Doran, I’ll leave the maintenance to you, thank you!”


Master Doran was still shocked stiff but the two left the workshop without noticing it.



Two voices could be heard from the outside.


“After the chaos in the Royal Capital, it seems that a restaurant selling something delicious called ‘Hamburg’ opened near the west gate.”

“Hamburg? No way, hamburg steak …?”

“I’m not too sure, but let’s go. I believe it is right next to the workshop …”


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