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Victoria Chapter 1

Translating a light-hearted story during my free time :) Trying out a female MC romance genre novel.

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Chapter 1 Thorough preparations

Translator: Tseirp

Haggle Kingdom’s operative Chloe. That’s my name within the organization.



The edge of a cliff facing the sea.

I unfolded my picnic rug, placed stones at the corners to keep it from being blown away, and opened my lunch basket. A farmer from a nearby farm who always passes by at this time called out to me from a wagon, so I waved in response to leave an impression.


I ate just a slice of sandwich, poured tea from a thermos into a cup, placed it on the rug, and stood up. After confirming that nobody was looking, I lie down on the edge of the cliff. I stretched out my arms and tied the string of my hat around the pine branches just below the edge of the cliff.


I took off my sandals and threw them towards the rocky area below the cliff. Taking off the pendant that I cherished until today, I clasp the metal fittings back together, then tore it apart with all my strength and threw it down to the rocky area. I made a small cut on the inside of my arm, pooled the blood on a plate, and sprinkled it on the rocks.




It’s pointless to linger. I bandaged the wound, put the blood-stained plate in my rucksack, took out my high-laced short boots, and slip them on. I turned my back on the cliff and started walking toward the mountain on the other side of the road.






Same night.

Haggle Kingdom Special Task Force, Central Control Room.


“Dan, can you check the cliffs of Mateur? Check the rocky area too in the morning. Jacob, check the guards for any information.”


Two men with well-built bodies quickly leave the room. Seeing them off, Chief Lancôme held his forehead and sighed.


“Lancôme, Chloe always visits the cliffs of Mateur, doesn’t she?”

“Yeah, Mary. Even though I have cautioned her many times because there are no railings there.”


The woman called Mary covered her mouth with one hand.


“I wonder if something happened to Chloe.”

“She’s fine. Nothing happened. I’m just checking up on her just in case.”

“She appeared to have been shocked by your marriage with me.”

“Stop that. It’s not like that. It’s not decided that something happened to Chloe yet.”

“But Chloe’s not back yet despite this hour.”


The time was already close to 8 o’clock in the evening. The area around the cliff would be pitch black.


“It’s okay. We must be mistaken. Chloe is strong.”


Lancôme hugged Mary’s shoulders and rubbed her back to comfort her. Yes, the Chloe he knew was a strong woman who never complained.






In the early morning of the next day, I was a passenger on a long-distance stagecoach from a rural town three towns away.

Hiding straight burgundy hair under a flashy red-haired wig, with thick make-up, and plenty of stuffing in the chest of the blouse. There was a mole drawn near my mouth. I took the disguise of a sexy, playful woman.


There were five passengers in the long-distance stagecoach, including me. All but me were men, and the men were peeking at me, who had a slender body and flirted with sex appeal, until finally, one middle-aged man addressed me.


“Miss, where are you going? Taking such an early long-distance stagecoach, do you have urgent business somewhere?”

“Yes. My mother seems to be sick and I’m going to visit her. I’m worried because she lives alone.”

“Ooo that’s worrying.”


All the men were listening.


“Yeah, I’m so worried. But I can’t do anything else other than anxiously ride this stagecoach until I reach her. I tell myself to not overthink it.”


Saying that, I took out a silver flask from my bag.


“Oh, that’s good. Distilled liquor?”

“Of course. It’s morning, but it’s a long trip. Would everyone like some?”


The frosted flask contained a special product that was stronger than regular brandy. When I handed it out politely, they were overjoyed and began to drink. When it was my turn, I just pretended to drink by touching my lips and passed it to the next person.


Soon the carriage was quiet with people muttering to themselves in good spirits and people falling asleep. That made my impression short-lived and limited. All they would remember was flashy makeup, a mole around my mouth, and red hair. Ah, I guess they would remember my chest?


Late at night, I got off at my destination, Thurston, and started walking. There is a border crossing in the town of Thurston. From there, I entered the neighboring Kingdom of Randall.


With my self-forged ID, I was able to cross the border without any issues. The ID card belonged to a red-haired woman named ‘Maria’. The name was disposable.


After I entered the Kingdom of Randall, I entered an inconspicuous alley and removed the wig. I quickly removed the mole on my mouth and the thick makeup with makeup remover, took out the chest stuffing and kept them in the bag.


Checking with a small hand mirror, the gorgeous and sexy red-haired woman named ‘Maria’ had changed into a woman with brown hair and an unimpressive face even though she was wearing the same clothes when she exited the shadows.


After safely entering the Kingdom of Randall, I continued transferring carriages and crossed the Kingdom of Randall for 20 days, only stopping to stay at hotels in the middle of the night when carriages don’t travel, and entered the Kingdom of Ashbury. Another ID card presented upon entry showed ‘Victoria Cellars’.


Victoria Cellars is a real person in the Kingdom of Randall and is missing. She’s the same age, her appearance is pretty similar to mine, and has no special features. She has been missing for ten years now. Her family is scattered and dispersed. I thought ‘I could use her someday for work’ when I found her information on the missing person list, but I didn’t expect to use it this way. Now, documents state that this individual has left the country.


Chloe no longer exists in the world. From today, I will live under the name of Victoria. Victoria’s physical characteristics column lists her original characteristics as having brown hair and brown eyes, age 27 years and height 165 cm. A little shorter in person. The Randall Kingdom ID is flawless and would appear legitimate to everyone.

As Victoria Cellars, I entered a restaurant just outside the border crossing.


“Good morning. What would you like?”

“Coffee, pancakes, two sausages and a fried egg, please. Two soft-boiled eggs as well.”

“Okay. Please take a seat anywhere you wish.”


After ordering, I sat in the corner seat with my back against the wall and exhaled. At my ex-workplace, they were probably talking about whether I fell off the cliff or jumped.


“Sorry I made you wait.”


On the table was coffee hot enough to roast my tongue, charred sausages still sizzling, and melting butter soaking into steaming pancakes. A small glass pitcher contained plenty of maple syrup.


After putting all the syrup on the pancakes, I picked up a knife and a fork and ate with passion. The fried egg was nicely half-boiled. It’s been a year since I decided to wash my hands from being an operative. Of which I controlled my diet for eight months.

“Oh, it’s delicious. From now on, I can eat whatever I want.”


While I was reducing my food intake to give the impression of suffering from heartache, I was always hungry. Halfway through, Lancôme was worried and made me take medicine to increase my appetite, so the hunger was even worst, but I desperately endured. I even lost eight kilograms.


I can finally eat as much as I like.

I took the time to finish the meal that would fill even a grown man and walked around the streets of the royal capital looking for a hotel. From now on, I have to regain the muscles that I lost.


Eventually, I entered a large hotel on the main street and headed to the counter.


“Hi, I’m Victoria Cellars. I booked by letter.”

“Cellars, we’ve been waiting for you. Your room is on the third floor. We have prepared a corner room as requested.”


For the time being, I plan to use this hotel as a base for future life planning. I have many cards that can be used. Let’s take it easy. I jumped into my bed.


Will the head of the department, Lancôme, continue to search for me? Will he extend his search to the Kingdom of Ashbury, two countries away? Or would he quickly give up?


“Stop it. It’s a waste of time to worry about it.”


From now on, I will live freely without being bound by anyone.


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