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Victoria Chapter 5

Chapter 5 House Hunting

Translator: Tseirp


“I have to find a room to live with Nonna. I’ll be able to cook for Nonna if I rent a room with a kitchen.”


I was a little excited to find out what kind of food did Nonna eat when she was growing up and what is her favorite food.



“That’s right. I’m good at cooking. From today, Nonna and I are family. I want to cook Nonna delicious food. Also, call me Victoria instead of big sister. You can even call me Vicky.”


“Nice to meet you, Nonna. Let’s go find a room to rent together today. And then, tonight we will have dinner together with the Commander.”



Nonna was expressionless as usual.

Similarly, even though I could show all kinds of expressions at work, I’m not very good at expressing emotions in my daily life. I didn’t have that upbringing.


“Nonna, let’s both smile a lot as we live together.”


“Yes. Like this!”


I tickled Nonna’s sides. Nonna’s first reaction was ‘What?’ but she eventually started to wriggle and laugh. Giggling Nonna looked like a normal six-year-old. And she looked so lovely.


“Nonna, you are really cute. I fear bad people will snatch you away if I’m not careful. Let me teach you techniques (everything) to protect yourself.”

“Protect myself?”

“That’s right. Techniques to protect yourself. Just screaming and crying when you encounter a scary situation is not enough. You have to protect yourself. It’s better to know how to.”


“I’ll teach you little by little every day. But first, let’s start by looking for a room.”




The two of us went around several rental companies, narrowed down the candidates to two based on the documents, and returned to the hotel for now.

There were quite a few properties that rejected us even though I told them ‘This child is well-behaved’. Even the landlords must have been a child in the past.


I prayed that they accidentally step on dog poop every time they go out.


“Nonna, I’m going to check on the room we saw in the paperwork later tonight. So if you wake up during the night and I’m not there, don’t worry and wait for me to come back.”

“Go together.”

“It’ll be late at night, so I can’t take kids with me.”



She doesn’t like being alone at night.

But walking around with a six-year-old child late at night is like sowing the seeds for trouble.


“I can’t?”

“Because we might meet bad people when it’s late at night. I can fend them off on my own, but I won’t be able to fight with Nonna around, right?”

“House-sitting … I don’t want to.”


I see.


She had just been abandoned by her parents after house-sitting for a long time. She probably fears that she might be thrown away again.


“Then… promise me. If I tell you not to make a sound, no matter what happens, you won’t make a sound.”


“If I tell you to run, you will run with all your might and hide without worrying about me.”

“I will.”

“If I tell you to scream, you will scream as loud as you can.”

“I will.”

“If I tell you not to move, you won’t move.”




When I saw Nonna with a desperate look on her face, I couldn’t insist on making her stay alone and wait. It would be a problem if she leaves the room driven by anxiety. I think I could avoid most things even if she’s with me. Until now, I have fled or fought while encouraging and protecting targets who were frightened and unable to move. With Nonna’s size, at worst I could carry her and run.


No, that’s not right. I know that people who live normally don’t usually fight enemies. In the first place, I have no enemies right now.


“Then, let’s take a long nap before eating dinner with Commander.”



In the evening, the two of us got into bed and slept facing each other as I patted Nonna’s back. Nonna fell asleep unexpectedly quickly. I quietly slipped out of bed and started training. In preparation for leaving the organization, I ate less and lived without exercising, so my body has become quite dull.


After doing a series of muscle-strengthening exercises, I used hot water to wash off my sweat.

After putting on my makeup and changing into the dress I bought while crossing the neighboring country of Randall, I woke up Nonna. Nonna didn’t grumble. She didn’t even complain like a child normally would. Is it because she grew up in an environment where she couldn’t be a child?

Before long, Nonna woke up properly.

“Vicky beautiful.”

“Thank you. Let’s change Nonna too.”


I changed Nonna into the dress I bought on the way home from the guard station and combed her hair. Yeap, cute. Nonna took out her blue ribbon. Didn’t she carefully fold and keep it yesterday?


“Do you want to tie it?”

“Yes. Ribbon, my first.”



It was even more heartrending when Nonna said that so happily. She looked like a doll with the blue ribbon wrapped around her soft blonde hair and tied in a bow on her head.


“Commander will be happy to be able to have dinner with such a beautiful girl. Nonna, what’s your favorite food?”

“Round bread.”

“…I see. From now on, let’s increase the number of foods you like. Let’s eat a lot of delicious food every day. I’ll be cooking for you after all.”

“I want to cook.”

“Sure. I’ll teach you. I’ll teach you whatever I know.”

“Thank you.”

“You’re welcome, Nonna. Let’s have a good time together.”



Not bad.

Life with children seems to be much more fun than I thought.

There was a knock on the door just on time.


“Yes~. Who is it?”

“It’s me. Jeffrey Asher.”

“It’s open.”


I quickly explained to Nonna softly.

“Even if there is a knock or there’s an appointment, don’t open the door right away. If there is a peephole, look through it. If there is no peephole, listen to the voices. Remember this.”



When I opened the door, Mr. Asher was standing there wearing a navy blue suit that was close to black. He’s one head taller than me. I think again (this person must be popular with women). In the first place, I don’t know if he’s married or single, but well, I have a child, so I guess don’t have to worry about that.


“Good evening, Commander.”

“Wow, you two look beautiful. It’s going to be a fun dinner.”


I held hands with Nonna and headed to the restaurant with Mr. Asher. Mr. Asher walked with consideration for our walking speed. He’s a very sensitive person.


Nonna bounced along lightly. I was looking forward to the meal too.


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  1. Here’s a thought to rain on everyone’s parade.
    Read at own risk.

    The little girl is actually planted to be found by anyone with spy skills and was taught how to act to get people to feel like they have to protect her so that she doesn’t have a tragic life like themselves.
    The reason he knew she didn’t eat was because there are some people keeping an eye on her and the girl and reporting everything.
    Once she gets too relaxed they would spring the trap on her by taking the girl hostage and forcing her to do their bidding to guarantee the girls safety.

    • Kzalca

      You weren’t kidding when you said you’d rain on our parade…
      Fukin hell that’s grim

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