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Victoria Chapter 6

Chapter 6 Dinner of 3 and room preliminary inspection

Translator: Tseirp


The restaurant I was taken to, ‘Ivy’, was, as the name suggested, covered in ivy. Asher was a familiar face there too. The knight commander seems to be respected by the people of the royal capital.

However, it bothered me that both the man guiding us to our table and the waitress in charge of the dining area both showed a flash of ‘Eh?’ when they saw me and Nonna with me.


“Are you a regular here? Will it be a problem if you bring us here?”

“Me? Not an issue at all. I’m comfortably single. I don’t need to show constraint for a significant other.”

“I am relieved then. I wouldn’t want to be hated by those chasing after Commander.”

“There is no such person.”


No, I’m certain. There are definitely many.


Mr. Asher’s spoke candidly, but I wonder if that is his nature. Mr. Asher was subtly dressed in a casual black dress shirt, giving off a mature appeal.


A man who seems to be the chief of the floor attendants came to take our order. I entrusted the orders for me and Nonna to Mr. Asher. Before long, white wine and diluted fruit juice were brought along with the appetizer, and the three of us made a toast. It was cute to see Nonna drinking the diluted fruit juice deliciously.


The appetizers include langoustines grilled on metal skewers and drizzled with olive oil and small canapés thinly sliced ​​and buttered with herb. Topped with fine ham and chopped herbs.

The langoustines were sweet and delicious. Nonna also seemed to like it and was gobbling them down cutely.

I noticed Mr. Asher looking at me, while I was looking at Nonna.


“Did I do something ill-mannered?”

“No. I just thought you liked children.”

“Rather than like children, I like this child.”


Mr. Asher has a good posture and eats elegantly. I’m sure he grew up in a healthy environment.


“I hope Nonna doesn’t get sleepy because we had to accommodate my timing after work.”

“I napped. We’re going to see the rooms.”


Shit, I forgot to ask her to keep that a secret. Sure enough, Mr. Asher frowned.


“Room? The room you plan to rent? After dinner? It’s dangerous to bring children along at night.”

“That’s right, but if I don’t check how it feels at night before signing the contract, it might turn out to be a bad decision.”

“Then let me accompany you. It’s dangerous for women and children to walk alone at night.”


Yeah, I knew it lead to that. He’s the commander of the Second Knights’ Order in charge of guarding the royal capital after all. But then I won’t be able to put my ears to the doors and walls of the candidate room to investigate.


“Would I be a nuisance? I can’t concede on this as both your guarantor for your safety.”

“You won’t be. It’s reassuring.”


I smiled and replied amiably.

The meal was going well. I carved the meat for Nonna, who didn’t seem to know how to eat meat on the bone, and warmly wiped the sauce around her mouth.


“What meat is this?”

“Roasted lamb with herbs.”



Nonna seems to like lamb meat. I made a mental note to make it at home after we move in.

With full stomachs, we left the restaurant and walked leisurely, and the bell rang nine times as we were on our way to the first candidate for room to rent.

When we arrived in front of the building, Mr. Asher looked around to check the neighborhood.


“Which room?”

“It’s the corner room on the second floor.”


I pointed to a room with unlit windows.

I was a little hesitant about telling others where we would live so casually, but I was a little unsure of how much caution a normal commoner woman would take. I would never do so as an operative, but I believed Mr. Asher wouldn’t break into our room and kill us.


It would be foolish to question Mr. Asher’s every move. He’s not an operative or an assassin, and given the percentage of people in that field in this population, it would be a miracle that I meet them.


Come to think of it, the organization’s psychiatrist laughed and said, ‘Chloe, you’re able to avoid self-destruction for 19 years because of your boldness.’


I inspected both candidate properties.

Standing in front of the door of the first room, I carefully listened to the situation around the neighborhood, and as a result, heard the neighbor’s wife hysterically yelling at someone, which frightened Nonna. Rejected.


The second property had a lot of garbage on the stairs and was not well managed. Rejected too.



“Thank you for tonight. Dinner was delicious. Thank you for the meal.”

“I can’t recommend either room for rent.”

“Yes, I thought so too. I will look for another salesman.”


Mr. Asher picked up Nonna, who was looking a little tired, and started walking. He seemed to be taking us to the hotel.


“Commander, I will carry her home from here. After you treated us to a meal, you also accompanied us on a tour of the rental rooms. I can’t inconvenience you any further. Thank you very much for today.”


I told him clearly, but Mr. Asher looked at me for a moment with an expression like ‘She a difficult person’ and then walked away as if he didn’t hear me.

(Huh?) While I was thinking that, the Commander opened his mouth while facing forward.


“You just came to this country from the Kingdom of Randall. I don’t know what it was like in Randall, but in this country, it’s not safe for a woman to carry a child on her back at night. Please let me send you.”


I see.


“Then I’ll take your word for it. I appreciate it.”

“You’re so stiff.”

“Is that so?”

“Yeah, but you speak Ashberian very well.”

“Language study was my hobby.”

“I don’t wish to pry, but what kind of work did you do in Randall?”


I made an innocent smile.


“Various things. If we meet again someday, I’ll describe it to you.”

“I’m looking forward to the next time we meet then.”


We arrived at the hotel, and once again he carried Nonna to my room, and this time I took Nonna off his back at the door and we parted there.

“It was a really fun night, Commander.”

“Me too. Good night.”

“Good night.”


Mr. Asher waved goodbye as he walked backward. I laid Nonna on the bed, changed her clothes, and covered her with the futon.


I then kept your face close to the floor and checked for footprints. Before leaving the room, I habitually sprinkled a very thin layer of baby powder.

No footprints. There is no evidence that the drawer has been opened. Isn’t that normal?


I hurried down to the first floor and showered myself with hot water.

I will look for a job tomorrow. I could slowly search for a room close to my workplace after deciding where to work.


When I rushed back to my room, Nonna was well asleep.

“Let’s live happily together.”


When I whispered softly, the sleeping Nonna lifted the corners of her mouth a little. I hope she has nice dreams. I want this child to spend her childhood happily. In just two days, I had completely fell in love with Nonna.


“I need to find a job.”


Even though I could afford it even if I don’t work for the time being, let’s work. It would be best if there was a translation job that I could do at home.

For the time being, as long as I work diligently, I would be viewed as a respectable person and the world would trust me.

I crawled next to Nonna and closed my eyes.


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  1. Chris

    Only recently picked up this story. It has a lot of potential to be good. I’m looking forward to watch the story develop. I’m glad the MC is super cautious with the rooms. It shows her personality and it means the author isn’t just going to make everything convenient for the MC. Nonna is also a good element for the story. While her introduction was sudden, the girl is a sort of anchor that will encourage the MC to attempt working through problems rather than running at the first sign of trouble. A former operative just establishing herself should be very willing to run, so having the girl around should give the MC a reason to engage minor threats and form relationships she might want to avoid otherwise. Like with love interest A.

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