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Chapter 0209 <<Intermission>>

Translator: Jay_Forestieri

Editor: Tseirp


Acre, the capital of the Marquis Heinlein’s domain.

A certain noble’s mansion in the city.

This is the base of the ‘White Brigade’, a B-rank party from Rune city, in Acre.

Phelps, the leader of the White Brigade, is the heir to the Marquis Heinlein household, who owns the city of Acre, so even though they belong to Rune, he’s been using the White Brigade quite a bit.


“I knew it, there’s something strange going on up North…”

Phelps muttered as he compared several reports.

Beside him was Sheena, the deputy leader, who had just brought a fresh pot of coffee.

“Sorry Shena, but could you please get those four in here. They should be somewhere in the mansion.”

When Phelps said this, Shena bowed once and left the room.



Three minutes later, Sheena and the other four who had been summoned came into the room.


“Leader, you called~”

A man carrying two swords crossed on his back announced as soon as he entered the room.

He’s Blair, the dual swordsman.


“I keep telling you, Blair, your communicating skills could really use some work!”

A man with a staff longer than his own height gave Blair a quick pep talk.

He’s Wyatt, an earth-attribute magician.


“All right, cut it out both of you.”

The man who interceded between Blair and Wyatt, who started arguing, was dressed in priest’s clothes.

He’s Gideon, the priest.



The last man entered silently, only shaking his head.

He’s Lorenzo, the scout.


Phelps and Sheena, plus these four, make up what Hugh McGrath calls ‘the core of the White Brigade’.

And these four were called by the other members of the party.

The ‘Four Heavenly Kings’.

If Ryo had heard this, he would have said.

“How chuuni!” (TLN: Short for chuunibyou. The term for the fantasies of second year junior high school adolescents.)



“Listen up guys, I want the four of you to take a trip to Duke Flitwick’s territory in the north.”

“Flitwick, as in the royal prince’s territory?”

“Blair, His Royal Highness you mean…”

Phelps said, Blair reiterated, and Wyatt complained about the language.


“Right, His royal Highness this, His Royal Highness that.”

“You wanna go? How about we take it outside…”

“Okay, that’s enough.”

Blair and Wyatt’s banter was a regular thing, so Phelps paid no mind to them whatsoever.

It’s priest Gideon’s role to stop them.


And after Gideon had stopped them, Phelps picked up where he left off.


“I think there’s going to be a rebellion or something similar. And within a year if I’m right.”


Sure enough, even Blair understood the gravity of the situation and stopped fooling around.



The Flitwick dukedom, ruled by the king’s brother Raymond, is one of the most powerful fiefdoms in the north.

With Carlyle, the second largest city in the north, as its capital, the vast and fertile territory is famous for its wheat production.


If a rebellion were to occur in such a place…and worse, if it were the rebellion of the king’s younger brother, many nobles would rally at his back.

Those who cannot hope to rise in the ranks under the current king may join the king’s brother Raymond in an attempt to turn the tables.

If it goes badly, it could lead to a civil war that could split the Kingdom in two….



“What exactly are we supposed to do, leader?”

Priest Gideon asked.


“I want you to bring back evidence of the rebellion if you can. But you don’t have to risk your lives to do it. Since I’ll be needing everyone’s help the most afterward.”

“So, as for suppressing the rebellion…”

“That won’t be necessary. I don’t think we’ll be able to suppress them so easily, and perhaps we’ll be better off dealing with them after they’ve rebelled.”

“Whoa, spooky.”

The one who made the retort was Blair, the dual swordsman.


Blair was aware of the fact that their leader, Phelps is one of the best frontal attackers in the Kingdom, so much so that he could be called an elite even among knights, but he’s even better at luring and scheming.

Now, for someone like Phelps to say things like, “after they’ve rebelled”, it’s only natural he felt a sense of dread.


“Well then, we’re off.”


Thus, the White Brigade’s most elite ‘Four Heavenly Kings’ were sent to the north.


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