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WM V1C0210

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Chapter 0210 <<Intermission>>

Translator: Jay_Forestieri

Editor: Tseirp


“Hm~m, Abel is just so cool, don’t you think~?”

One female swordsman was watching the only A-rank adventurer from a distance.


“Imogen, you’re going to inherit the viscountcy…so no matter how incredible the A-rank adventurer, you can’t marry him unless he’s a noble now, can you?”

A female magician made a practical suggestion to her good friend.


“Miu, it’s not about marriage. It’s just a little longing, so to speak.”

Imogen’s cheeks were a little red as she said this.



“Ho? So, you’re just looking to have some fun huh?”

“Hey Abigail, tune it down!”

As the two were exchanging their words in a reasonably quiet voice, Abigail, a scout from the same C-rank party, ‘Valkyrie’, came up to them.

Behind her, Camilla the spear user, and Scarlett the priestess also came.


Imogen’s flustered voice was quite loud, that Camilla and Scarlett joined in.


“What are you guys…is this about the male adventurers? Not only Abigail, but you too, Imogen…I don’t think a girl should be too loose in my opinion…”

“You misunderstand, Camilla, I’m merely admiring…”

Camilla, a tall, beautiful spear user with a model’s figure of 180 centimeters in height, complained while slightly shaking her head, and Imogen refuted the false accusation.



“Still going on and on about a guy’s looks, well, not that I don’t get where you’re coming from, but for me…I believe, a man is only as good as his ability to earn a living. A steady income is the way to go…”

“As expected of Camilla, the third daughter of a baron house.”

“We’re not exactly wealthy, you know. I can’t even count on any support from my own family.”

The third daughter of a baron house, Camilla, the spear user, answered earnestly to the words of Abigail the scout, who is from a commoner background.

It doesn’t seem like they’re on the same page, but it happens all the time.


“Wait a minute, all these talks about earning a living and such…I was just talking about my longing…”

Imogen’s mutterings didn’t reach anyone



“Then, Camilla, are you perhaps gunning for a knight of the kingdom or something?”

“What do you mean gunning…I’ve never looked at a man in such a manner.”

Camilla, the spear user, furtively refuted the words of Abigail the scout.


“But if we’re talking about a knight, then rather than someone like Zach Cooler…”

“…W-Well, I guess I’ll go with Scotty Cobook.”

Abigail led the conversation, and Camilla answered looking downward.

Hearing her answer, Abigail nodded repeatedly.


Scotty is certainly smarter and cooler than Zach.


Poor Zach….



Priestess Scarlett was smiling as usual while listening to such conversation.

The air around her is always relaxed, no matter the occasion.


“So, what’s your type, Scarlett?”

Abigail asked, turning to Scarlett.

After tilting her head slightly and thinking about it, Scarlett answered.

“For me, it’ll be Ryo, the magician.”

“Ah, him~”

All four of them answered in unison.


For some reason, Ryo took the top spot of the ‘cute’ guys in the diplomatic mission.


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