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Chapter 0211 <<Intermission>>

Translator: Jay_Forestieri

Editor: Tseirp


The diplomatic mission arrived at the royal capital without any problems.


After the dissolution ceremony, they dispersed to their respective designations.

The royal knights went to the newly built Knight’s Order station.

Adventurers to their guilds.

Negotiator Ignis and the civilian officials to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

And Ryo to the alchemy workshop.



Ryo and Abel were scheduled to leave the royal capital for Rune city in the guild carriage tomorrow morning.

Therefore, if they have any business to take care of, it can only be tonight.

So Ryo did not hesitate to go to the Royal Alchemy Workshop where Kenneth was.

Abel, on the other hand….



From the basement of the ‘Ilarion Residence’, Abel went through a hidden passageway in the royal castle and knocked on the crown prince’s stone door.


As usual, the door opened, but it was not the crown prince.

The honest-looking man’s face was familiar.

“Daniel, right? The crown prince’s chamberlain.”

“Yes, Prince Albert. Please come in.”


Abel knew from the signal before opening the door that the person behind was not the crown prince, but yet couldn’t stop his heart from racing.


As it turned out, the crown prince was in bed.


He could no longer walk.



“Oh, Albert, you’re here.”

“Big brother…”

Abel couldn’t form any more words.


“Albert, don’t look at me like that. I already knew things were going to turn out this way early on. I can’t believe I held on this far, to be honest. Besides, although I can’t walk anymore, my brain still works just fine.”

The crown prince smiled.



Abel would never forget that smile for the rest of his life….



“By the way, did you finish the homework?”

“Yes, all of it.”

“Really, that’s good. I guess you’ve always taken things seriously in that respect, Albert.”


The crown prince nodded and took out one of the submitted homework assignments and flipped through it casually.


“Hmm…sure enough, quite an interesting answer.“

“Am I…wrong?”

Abel asked with an uneasy look on his face.

“Hmm? Oh no, not at all. Needless to say, there is no absolute right answer to many of these questions. As long as you follow the law, it’s up to Albert to figure out the rest.”


That’s what makes it difficult. Abel thought.



“The people are what makes a country and the royal family. As long as you don’t forget that, I think you will make a good king.”

With these words of the crown prince, the brief meeting of the two brothers came to an end.


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