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WM V1C0213

Volume 1, Final Part, Kingdom of Knightley War of Liberation

Chapter 0213 Final Arc, Preface

Translator: Tseirp


Northern region of the Kingdom of Knightley, Count Gother’s domain.

A large-scale demonstration was taking place in the central square of Goya, the fiefdom capital.


“Hand over the food, huh?”

A swordsman-like adventurer murmured as he looked out at the square from the window on the second floor of the inn, spectating the demonstration.


“I’m glad we were picked up by the Marquis.”

A man, who seems to be a magician, seated on a chair replied.

The priest-like man next to him nodded at his words many times.


“I second that. Thank the heavens for Master Ilarion. Still, Oriana and Isaiah are not back yet?”

The swordsman took out a pocket watch and checked it while looking at the door.


“Hector, you worry too much. Those two will be fine.”

The moment the magician said that, the door opened and the two entered.


“Hector, I have the instructions.”

Scout Orianna handed the instructions to party leader Hector.


Hector was overjoyed as he took the instructions.


And read through it.


The four party members waited for Hector to speak.

Then, Hector read out the instructions.

“Return to the royal capital.”


The four exploded with joy.

The spearman Isaiah made a fist pump many times, and the magician Kenji and the priest Tarlow hugged each other.



They are the C-class party belonging to the former royal capital, ‘Morning Star’.



The party that tried to kidnap Abel before the royal capital disturbance.

After that, they were involved in the explosion to destroy the evidence and went missing, but in fact, they were protected by Ilarion Baraha, and from there they became adventurers stationed in the royal capital under the Marquis Heinlein family.


Since the power struggle within the royal castle had not settled down yet, their survival was kept secret.

Therefore, even though their current mission didn’t go through the adventurer’s guild and didn’t earn them any points, the five of them were satisfied with the substantial additional rewards they received from the Marquis Heinlein family.


However, it was also true that the one-month survey of the Count Gother fief was not very enjoyable, and it was also true that the young people had become nostalgic for the splendor of the royal capital.



“Father, ‘Morning Star’ has left the fief’s capital Goya and are headed for the royal capital.”

Acre, the city in Marquis Heinlein’s domain.

Phelps reported to his father, Marquis Alexis Heinlein.


“Good work. When they reach the royal capital, are they going to be secret agents to investigate Count Lawrence?”

“No, he is sharp, so the secret investigation will continue to be conducted only by those who are trained to be agents. Morning Star will be a reserve force at the ‘Ilarion Residence’.”



Count Harold Lawrence, the current Minister of Home Affairs.

Everyone agrees that he is the youngest and most capable of the ministers.

However, if such an excellent person betrayed them…


(Honestly, this country is already…)

Alexis thought internally, but managed to stop himself from voicing it.



And shook his head over and over.

Only ten years ago, his homeland, the Kingdom of Knightley should have been at the height of its prosperity….

He wondered why they were in this situation.


Was it a bad move to resign from the position of Knight Commander and return to his territory?

Or perhaps Arthur Verasis should have been appointed as the leader of the Court Magician Order instead of the advisor?


Whenever he started thinking about it, he was plagued by memories of various past actions.


But it wouldn’t change anything.

He will do whatever it takes to leave a good country for his son’s, Phelps’, generation, and the generations after him.

Alexis Heinlein resolved to do so.


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