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Short intermission today.

Chapter 0106 <<Intermission>>

Translator: Tseirp


The 『Crimson Sword』, led by Abel, went separate ways with the Gecko Caravan at Red Post, a town on the eastern border of the Kingdom, and then headed northwest.

In that direction was the Crystal Palace, the royal capital of the Knightley Kingdom.


“Hey, isn’t it strange? Why was the letter sent to Red Post instead of the city of Rune? Because of that letter, we’re forced to travel to the Royal Capital from Red Post.”

Of the four, Rin, who self-admits that she had the least confidence in her stamina, started grumbling for the umpteenth time since leaving Red Post.


“I don’t know. That’s why, please ask Ilarion that when we reach the Royal Capital.”

The priest Rihya, next in line after Rin as the weakest physically, gave a perfunctory answer.

“Haa, there’s a possibility that inside information has been leaked! There must be a traitor among us …”

“Rin, you’re starting to sound like Ryo lately.”


Abel retorted at Rin’s silly antics.



When the four Crimson Swords were about to depart from Red Post, they received a letter via the Adventurer’s Guild and their destination changed from Rune to the Royal Capital.

The sender of the letter was 『Ilarion』 as usual.


Ilarion learned from his Adventurer’s Guild connections that the Crimson Sword was in Red Post, but he did not tell them how he knew they were there.



“It’s normal to receive Ilarion-sama’s letter but this time it has some unusual content.”

Rihya commented to Abel who was walking beside her.

“Yeah. A meeting with my brother …”

Abel’s expression was not very bright.

It wasn’t a matter of his relationship with his 『brother』, but because he was suspicious of the request that came out of the blue.

He shook his head a few times and decided to forget about it.



“I wonder if Ryo and his group have already arrived in the capital by now.”

Perhaps she sensed that as Rihya changed the topic.


“Beats me.”

“I wish they could get there safely.”

“At the very least, Ryo will get there. I’m more curious if the Order of Assassins would be annihilated because they interfered with him …”



“Now that you mention it, in the meeting room of the inn, the assassin who was heading for me was frozen.”

Rihya was reminded of the assassins who attacked during Sharfi’s surgery.

“He was frozen in ice before I knew it.”

Abel answered.


“Yeah, that’s the thing! I’ve heard at the Magic Academy before that living people can’t be frozen with Water-Attribute Magic. But Ryo was able to do it. I wonder why …”

Rin interrupted the conversation between the two.

“Hmm? It can’t be done?”

“Of course. If you can do that, just specializing in that magic would be enough to make you the strongest in one-on-one fights.”

Rin answered Abel’s question immediately.


“Humans have a characteristic that does not allow the invasion of magic from others up to about 10 cm from the surface of the body. <Magic Barrier> is an extension of that characteristic.”

“Speaking of which, I learned that in the temple too. Even for healing using Light-Attribute, the best way is to touch the target’s body.”

During Rin’s explanation, Rihya joined in and said that she had heard of it too.



“Does that apply to people like me who can’t use magic?”

Abel wondered if it would be the same for a Swordsman like him who couldn’t use magic.

“Yeah. It seems to be the case even for people who can’t use magic.”

Rin replied with a big nod.


“But Ryo could freeze them … and they were still alive.”

“It’s scary when you think about it …”

Abel murmured and Rin shook her head as she answered.


“Before, he tried to freeze the princess of the Empire …”

“Yeah, Abel, if there is a war between the Kingdom and the Empire, Ryo would probably be the cause.”

Rin nodded heavily and said terrifying words in response to Abel’s mutter.

“Please spare me from that …”


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