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Chapter 0219 Abel’s Decision; Ryo’s Determination

Translator: Jay_Forestieri

Editor: Tseirp


From there, it took Hugh McGrath two minutes to recover.


First, he got in touch with the Adventurers’ Guild in Acre, the largest city in the same southern region.


Landenvia, the guildmaster of Acre city, was still unaware of the fall of the royal capital.

It would seem that Finlay had reported the situation to Hugh right away, and him alone.


The royal capital was being overrun.

There was no telling when the Empire troops might storm the Adventurers’ Guild headquarters.

Under such circumstances, it would imprudent to wait too long before contacting the other parties.

Hugh may be the only one outside the royal capital with intel about the ‘fall of the royal capital’.


That being the case, he would need to move accordingly.


To that end, his first contact was with Landenvia in Acre.

It is the largest city in the south and, apart from the Grandmaster, he’s the most capable guildmaster Hugh knows and trusts the most.


Furthermore, Acre also happens to be the territorial capital of Marquis Heinlein.

Perhaps Marquis Heinlein, with his incredible information network, might already be aware of the fall of the royal capital, and that would be for the best.

But for now, he would have Landenvia inform the Marquis.

Then have him come up with the best course of action.


And so Hugh…proceeded on to do things that could he could do in the current predicament.



After contacting Acre, Hugh headed to the ‘Golden Wave Pavilion’.


He passed through the entrance and looked toward the cafeteria.

And just like he thought, there was a swordsman seated there reading a book.


Cursing his bad luck in having to tell such bad news to Abel, who had finally recovered from the death of his beloved brother, Hugh sat down in front of him.


“Hm? Oh Guilmas, what’s up?”

“Abel, calm down and listen. The Grandmaster has just informed me of the fall of the royal capital.”


Abel’s eyes widened at these words.

He slowly brought his clenched left hand to the corner of his mouth.

It was as if he was trying to prevent any words from leaking out.

Then he closed his eyes and took several deep breaths.


Finally, he got it together and asked.


“And father?”


“We don’t know. But it seems that the castle has already fallen.”

The safety of his father, King Stafford IV of the Knightley Kingdom, was very important for Abel to know.


However, Hugh honestly told him that he had no idea.


“How far have this information spread?”

“Just me in Rune city. I’ve informed Landenvia in Acre. Whom I’ve instructed to inform Marquis Heinlein. Once I leave here, I’ll be heading directly to the frontier count’s mansion to inform the lord of the situation as well.”


So what’s your plan?

Hugh asked with that look and expression on his face.

“All right. I’ll go with you.”



They were led into the lord’s bedroom.

Hugh was used to it, but it had been several years since Abel had been in there.


On the bed sat the same old man they knew.

He had long gray hair, a white beard, and thin hands that peeked out from the ends of his sleeves, and the rumor that he could hardly stand up may as well be true.


But the look on his face was enough to make one believe that he had a firm will, could make any decision, and could overcome any obstacle.


What was even more remarkable were his eyes.

The glint in his eyes alone… was enough to instill confidence in his ‘strength’….

Eyes that could pretty much explain why he’s said to be one of the best lords in the Kingdom.

And the occasional glint of sagacity.

No point lying in front of this man…anyone would instinctively think so.


“Hugh, you’ve brought an unusual person with you. Quite some time, Master Abel.”

“Lord Carmelo, it’s been a while.”

“Ho-ho-ho, I haven’t had anyone call me that in a long time, how nostalgic.”


Abel called the Count of Rune ‘Lord Carmelo’, and the Count was pleased to be called that.


“So, to what do I owe the pleasure of this unusual visit?”

“Right. To make a report. I have just received a communication from the Grandmaster of the royal capital, informing me that the royal capital will soon fall.”


The report caused the frontier count to furrow his brows slightly.

But that was all.


“Got it. What else do we know?”

“The royal castle has already fallen. We have no news of His Majesty the King and the royal family’s safety as of yet. As previously reported, according to Abel, His Royal Highness the Crown Prince has already passed away.”

The frontier count shifted his gaze downward only slightly upon hearing this information.

Perhaps he had predicted this the moment he heard the report of the fall of the royal capital.


“I understand. And, your reason for coming here, Master Abel…”

The frontier Count turned to Abel as he said this.


“I will temporarily take the position of King and retake the capital, until His Majesty’s wellbeing has been confirmed.”


At Abel’s declaration, the Count nodded his head. Then he continued.

“Of course, you have the full support of the entire frontier Count’s forces. But before that, there is someone I would like to inform of this matter…if you don’t mind?”

“Hm? Sure.”


The frontier Count rang the table bell, called the butler, and said.

“Go get Sera. At this hour, dinner … right, Ryo is here as well oddly enough, they must be having dinner together, so bring Ryo as well.”

“Sera and Ryo?”


Abel tilted his head slightly in question at the frontier count’s words.


“I heard they tried our chef’s trial recipe together tonight. In the afternoon, as usual, they both had a mock battle…which was very well received by the knights…thanks to them, the morale of the entire order is soaring high. How I would have loved to be there if only my legs weren’t like this…”

At the end, the frontier count said a little regretfully, shaking his head.



This was the first time Ryo would meet the frontier count.

An old man who had lived a solid and fulfilling life to the core. The kind of person a certain individual present there would like to be someday.


“I, Sera, have come at your request.”

“Hmm, thank you for coming. There’s something I must discuss with you, Sera, otherwise I wouldn’t call for you knowing that you’d be relaxing at this time after dinner. And, you must be Ryo. So nice to finally meet you.  I’m Carmelo Spinazzola, Count of the Rune Frontier.”

“Pleasure to meet you. I’m Ryo Mihara, a C-rank adventurer.”


Abel and Hugh looked a little surprised at Ryo’s self-introduction.

“A last name?” was what Ryo discerned from reading their lips.

Come to think of it, he may have never told Abel about his last name of ‘Mihara’….


“What I am about to tell you has not yet been made public. So they cannot leave these four walls.”

The frontier count reminded them of this, and Sera and Ryo nodded.


“A short while ago, the royal capital fell.”


The frontier count announced the fall of the capital as definite information.

This information came as a great shock to both Sera and Ryo, and their eyes widened and their expressions hardened.


“Sera, you will act according to the agreement.”

The frontier count said, with sadness in his eyes and a slight smile on his face.




Sera’s reply was so faint that even Ryo didn’t catch it.

Then she turned to Ryo and said.


“I’m sorry, Ryo. I have to go.”


Sera’s eyes were filled with tears she couldn’t hold back.


She’s probably struggling to get the rest of the words out.

So she buried her face in Ryo’s chest and just cried silently.


“Listen Ryo, Sera and the other elves have a pact with the Kingdom. ‘The Kingdom must, when the Western Forest is at risk, abandon all agreements and support the Elves to return to the forest. All elves must spring to action to save the Western Forest’. The Empire will surely prioritize going after the Elves in the Western Forest, who also happen to be a powerful force for the Kingdom.”

The Rune frontier count said convincingly according to past events.


“I am sorry, Ryo…”

Sera’s voice was really weak.


But Ryo hugged Sera tightly.

And said.

“Go, Sera.”


Hearing these words, Sera looked up involuntarily.

Ryo smiled and looked at her.


“The Empire enslaves elves as subhumans, right? We can’t have that now, can we? So you should return to the forest, Sera.  I know for a fact that you’ll be all right, you’ve got this, Sera.”


“While you’re over there protecting the forest, I will lay waste to the Empire troops over here. And when it’s all over, I’ll come to see you in the Western Forest.”


Ryo said with a smile.

Hearing that much, a smile finally appeared on Sera’s face. A tearful smile.


“Okay.  I’ll be waiting, so come fetch me in the forest.”


Sera said and closed her eyes.

Ryo also closed his eyes.


And both of their lips met.



Abel and Hugh were blushing for some reason.

One would think that they’re both pretty mature, but they may not necessarily have much experience with women.


Only one of them, the Rune frontier count, smiled and nodded repeatedly.

Their lips parted and they smiled at each other.



The count coughed deliberately, and the two quickly let go of each other’s hands.


“Sera, you can take the mansion’s horses, Zeka and Chun-Li. With two horses, you can ride them both without a break and reach the forest in three days.”

“Yes, my lord, thank you very much. Then, I’ll be on my way.”


After saying this, Sera exchanged kisses with Ryo one last time and left the room.


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