Chapter 25 The Play and the Ending of the Incident

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“Victoria, I heard that Clark visited your house yesterday during your day off. I was shocked when he told me this morning. I’m truly sorry.”


Lady Eva frowned and said apologetically.


“Lady Eva, Nonna and I had a great time too. I was thinking of asking him to visit us again, so please don’t scold him.”


Master Clark was relieved when he heard my words and suddenly became more cheerful.


“You had fun didn’t you, Master Clark?”

“Yes! Very much!”

“If you insist. I was worried that this child was too quiet for a boy, but he’s suddenly become so active that both my husband and I are puzzled.”

“Whether he’s quiet or lively, Master Clark is always a wonderful child.”

“Oh, thank you.”


Lady Eva moved on to the next topic.

I listen while replying to show that I was paying attention. Master Clark was looking at me with eyes of adoration, so I decided to pretend not to notice.



On that day, I did a language class in the form of a play.

I taught a class while acting out the famous fairy tale in this country, ‘White Princess and the Blue Lizard’.


A white-haired princess gets lost in the forest and rescues a blue lizard trapped in a giant spider’s web. The lizard spoke human language and asked for help in defeating the witch. After the white princess and the lizard worked together to defeat the evil witch, the blue lizard regains its human form. The blue lizard was transformed into a lizard during an attempt to defeat the witch in the past. In the end, the young man who was the lizard proposed to the white princess.


“So who wants to play the lizard?”


“Then Master Clark is the lizard. Who wants to be the princess?”


“Hmm? Nonna doesn’t want to?”

“I can be the witch. Vicky will be the princess.”

“The witch will be defeated in the end. Don’t cry, okay?”

“I won’t cry.”

“Then, am I the princess? All right then. I wanted to see Nonna’s princess.”


From then, I had to hold my sides from all the laughing.

Nonna, who is usually expressionless, perfectly imitated my tone of voice and became a wicked witch.

(My Nonna has a talent for acting even at the age of 6). I was impressed.


Even when she spoke hatefully to the blue lizard or when she insulted the princess saying ‘You little girl!’, Nonna was really cute when playing the witch.

Everyone’s lines were repeated in Randalian after Ashberian, so it was a bit slow, but I was able to enjoy Nonna’s cute thin, high-pitched voice and Master Clark’s clean, high-pitched adolescent voice. We repeated the lines over and over until they could memorize them.


“Princess, will you please marry me?”

“Please pronounce that ‘will you please’ with your tongue a little more. ‘Will you please’, yes, that’s it.”


Paying attention to the pronunciation, I asked Master Clark to pronounce ‘Will you please marry me?’ many times until not only his face but his ears and neck were red.


Ah. Was that bad? A commoner woman past her prime repeatedly asks a noble boy to repeat his proposal multiple times. Is this considered bullying?


“That was careless of me. I’m sorry that I made you repeatedly propose to an aunt like me, Master Clark.”

“No! That’s not the case! Miss Victoria is not an aunt! You’re lovely!”


For some reason, Nonna’s eyes turned sharp and she stepped between me and Master Clark and glared at Master Clark while spreading her arms and shouting.


“No! Vicky belongs to Nonna!”


I couldn’t help but have a loose smile on my face. Ehehe. ‘Belongs to Nonna.’

Have you ever imagined the happiness of being told something like that by a cute girl? No, no. I never have.




My grin must have looked suspicious. I ended up worrying Master Clark.


“I’m sorry. I was just so happy with what Nonna said. Now, let’s go through the encounter part. I’ll be doing all the lines in Ashberian, so please return the lines in Randalian.”


‘The White Princess and the Blue Lizard’ in Randalian was great.

As a teacher, I was happy when things went well and even their slip of the tongue was so cute that I was in heartwarming bliss. I had so much fun that I was worried that it wasn’t right to get paid for this.


No one came in while we were making noise, but Lady Eva and her maids came by when we were taking a break.


“I came by because it sounded like a lot of fun.”

“Mother, please stop. I’m studying seriously.”

“I guess we’ve been making too much noise. I’m sorry, Lady Eva.”

“Don’t worry, I just wanted to see what kind of class was it. Even my maid attendants were surprised because it’s rare to hear Clark sound so happy.”

“Young master, would you be so kind as to let us watch?”

“Ehh. I don’t wanna.”


While I was troubled trying to appease both sides, Nonna suddenly said the witch’s line in Randalian.

“You cheeky lizard!”


“My! You’re so good at such a young age! You started learning Randalian with Clark, right? That’s amazing!”


Nonna’s face brightened up at Lady Eva’s earnest praise, while Master Clark’s face became frustrated.


“Nonna, say it again. I’ll continue.”



“You cheeky lizard!”

“I will protect the princess! I won’t let you hurt her!”

Lady Eva and the three maids stood up and applauded.


“Clark and Nonna are amazing. Aren’t your pronunciations perfect! Hey, Victoria, I wonder if you could continue teaching even after uncle’s injury has healed. To be able to motivate Clark this much in a short time, you’re a talented teacher.”

“Teacher, could you? I want to learn from you all the time.”

“Please let me consult with Mr. Bernard first.”


I didn’t want to quit such a fun job either, but Mr. Bernard is my benefactor who gave me a job in the first place. I couldn’t reply without his consent.



Mr. Bernard easily gave his approval.

Once he fully recovers, my usual six days a week of work as an assistant will be shortened to three times a week, and I will take on a second job of teaching language classes.


“Are you sure? Won’t it be tough on you?”

“Lady Eva, there’s nothing to worry about. I’m thankful that you allow Nonna to participate in the classes.”


From my point of view, I was glad that the foundation of my life was steadily being solidified. The language classes are irresistibly fun.



On that day, the Commander visited our house at night.

We didn’t arrange to meet, so I wondered what happened, and it seemed that the evening party attack was resolved unexpectedly.


“We were able to catch him because you prompted me in the first place. I thought I should let you know, but…”


It seemed that the man paid almost all of the money he had to people in the underworld to become a servant of the castle, plotting revenge over the course of a year for the marquis’ assault on his younger sister.


“When asked, the marquis said ‘I don’t remember anything. I’m thinking he plotted revenge because I fired a maidservant with bad attitude.’ The man revealed everything when he heard the marquis say that. It seems that he kept quiet about the incident to protect his sister’s dignity.”


“Apparently, the marquis suddenly became interested in the maidservant when he heard that her marriage was about to happen. His sister ended up breaking off the marriage after the assault. She was bedridden from the shock and the sadness from the breakup, and doesn’t leave home at all.”

“That’s a savage act. Will the marquis be punished?”

“Officially, he was held accountable for causing such a situation at the evening party. He was made to hand over his title to his son and forced to retire. He held a position in the finance department but His Majesty decreed that it would not be passed to his son.”


Well, I guess that’s how it is.


“I see. What will happen to the man?”

“He tried to kill the marquis on top of possessing a poisoned knife in a place where the royal family was. It will likely be the death sentence.”


“I see. It’s the same in any country; the weight of life is different for commoners and nobles…”


The two of us turned pensive and the Commander went home.


That night, I spent a long time thinking alone.


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