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Chapter 0230 Marquis Hope

Translator: Jay_Forestieri

Editor: Tseirp


Marquis Hope’s territory in the western part of the Kingdom of Knightley.

At the lord’s mansion in the territorial capital of Jewel, a negotiator on leave was making an impassioned speech.


“Father, brother, we should issue a statement of support for King Abel immediately!”

Negotiator Ignis from the Kingdom’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs was trying to persuade his father, the Marquis of Hope, and his brother, the next in line.


“I certainly understand what you’re trying to say, Ignis…”


After saying that, the Marquis of Hope frowned and scratched his head.

Then he continued speaking.

“I don’t know Abel, or rather the character of King Abel. We, as a Marquis house will be in a very difficult position if, after making our stance clear, the person we’re rooting for turns out to be a terrible individual.”

“And I already told you! I know Abel, or rather King Abel, very well!  Albeit as an adventurer, I can assure you that he has an outstanding character. I do not doubt that he will be an extremely great king comparable to the ones of the past!”


Ignis had spent a great deal of time with Abel, an A-rank adventurer at the time, on a mission to the Twilight Land just a few months earlier.

He was trying to win the support of his father and brother by telling them about his experience.


“Father, if what Ignis says is true, then King Abel certainly seems to be a man worth supporting. At least much more so than the Duke of Flitwick…”

“Mmmm…that may indeed be so, still…”



King Abel’s coronation proclamation was issued at noon today.

It’s now 12:30.


At a time when many nobles in the Kingdom are on the fence, a declaration of support from the Marquis of Hope would greatly put them in good standing.

In the coming reign of King Abel, the prestige of the Marquis house will be even greater than before.


Of course, Marquis Hope house is still the largest noble family in the West.


The current Marquis of Hope has little interest in central politics.

However, considering that his descendants will inherit the territory and the title ‘Hope’, he ought to have a certain degree of strength…and one powerful enough not to be underestimated by the central government.



“Very well.  Our Marquis Hope House will support King Abel.”


Hearing their father’s declaration, the elder brother and younger brother exclaimed in unison.



Thirty minutes later, the Marquis of Hope, a great western noble, proclaimed support for King Abel.

At about the same time, the Marquis of Heinlein and the Count of Rune on the southern frontier also declared their support for King Abel.

The Elves of the ‘Western Forest’ also declared their support for King Abel.



At this stage, the conflict between King Raymond, who held the northern and central regions, and King Abel, who had the support of the southern and western regions, became clear.

The Kingdom was divided into two, except for the eastern part which was in turmoil and where the lords were being replaced one after another.


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