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Victoria Chapter 26

Chapter 26 Nonna’s home alone (1)

Translator: Tseirp


On the way home from work, while walking hand in hand, I asked Nonna to stay at home alone. As expected, Nonna’s face turned anxious.


“Vicky, must Nonna stay home alone?”

“This time, I can’t take Nonna with me. I can’t compromise on this. I’ll be back as soon as possible.”


Until now, I have lived without letting Nonna stay at home alone. But I couldn’t take her with me this time.


“Please think of this time as Nonna’s important job to protect our home. For a while, I’ll have to ask you to stay home alone every evening. I will go for my errand as quickly as possible and return as soon as possible. If you have any trouble staying home alone, go to the main house.”


She didn’t reply.


“If you really don’t want to stay at home alone, I’ll ask to leave you at the main house for the start, how about that? However, Susan works at the main house, so she won’t be able to play with you. You won’t be alone but you have to be a good girl and stay somewhere in the main house.”

“…I’ll wait at home.”

“Thank you, Nonna.”


I felt sorry and apologized from the bottom of my heart, but I didn’t say it out loud. If I apologized, Nonna probably wouldn’t complain at all. I wanted to hear her complain and listen to her.

After returning home with Nonna, I immediately went out alone. No matter what Nonna asked, I only said, “It’s important business.”


“I plan to come back in about three hours, but it might take four hours. If you’re hungry, you can eat anything here.”

“Eat with Vicky.”

“Okay. I’d like to have dinner with Nonna too. Alright, I’ll be back in a hurry!”



“Now then. I’d like to shorten Nonna’s home alone time, so I guess I should borrow a horse?”


I rented a horse for two weeks, paying in advance. That way, I could use the horse whenever I wanted. I could even buy it if I fancy it. I would return the horse to the shop each time I am done with my errands. It would be troublesome to explain to Mrs. Yorana if I brought it home.


“Miss, do you know how to handle a horse?”

“Of course.”

“Please be attentive to it and allow it to take breaks.”

“I’ll take good care of it. Don’t worry, I’m just riding it to and fro when I go to visit my mother.”



This time, I disguised myself as a red-haired woman and went to the bar at the far end of the alleyway.


“Are you Mr. Hector?”

“Who are you?”

“My name is Kate. I heard that you would help if there is money to be made.”

“That would depend on the business and the money.”


So I consulted him about running away.


“The person I like is married. I want to elope with him, but his wife waits for him at the exit of his workplace every day. She’s the kind who can’t tell that she’s hated because she does that. So I want you to sneak us out in the middle of work so his wife can’t find us.”


Hector frowned.


“You could just say you aren’t feeling well and leave early.”

“Myself, he, and his wife are in different departments, but we all work in the same office. They would realize immediately that we’re eloping.”

“Ah, I see. Where do you work?”

“The castle.”

“The castle huh… the price will be a little higher.”

“How much?”


I paid the amount I was told on the spot.


“This is all the money I have. Are you sure it will work?”

“Yeah. Just sneak the two of you out of the castle, right? No problem.”

“If possible, we would like to run away from the royal capital too, so I would like to ask you to sneak us to the outer gate.”

“Fine. Come back here tomorrow, no, the day after tomorrow. I’ll let you know the details at that time.”

“Okay. Thank you.”


Immediately after, I went to visit the prison of the royal castle. Showing an ID named Kate.

“I’m the lover of the man who was caught brandishing a knife at a party. I dearly wish to see him.”

I asked for a meeting with tears in my eyes.


“Oh, Carl. Sorry, but we’ll have to search your body.”

“Yes, please go ahead.”


I was prepared, but it was very uncomfortable to be carefully examined. They searched inside my underwear, not just my pockets. The other prison guards grinning at me pissed me off, but if a woman asks to see a death row inmate in any country, that’s how they’re treated.

Accompanied by a prison guard, we reached the innermost stone prison.


“Hey! Your lover is here.”

When the guard in his forties called out to him, the man who was lying on the rough bed got up.

Now, here’s the first hurdle.

A physical examination was nothing compared to this. With my eyes, I appealed to the man, “Don’t say unnecessary things.” Let it get through to him!


After looking at me, the man bowed deeply to the jailer and said, “Thank you very much.”


“I’ve heard rumors that his death penalty is soon. Mr. guard, could you please let me speak to him alone?”

“Sure, that’s fine. Visiting time is up to one hour. I’ll pick you up when the time comes.”

“Thank you so much!”


Dead end prison cell. Stone building. An iron grate with a large keyhole. A thorough physical examination.

The prison guard simply nodded his head and left, probably because it was all reassuring.



As soon as the jailer left, the man asked, “Who are you?”. I replied with just “I wish to help so I disguised as your lover. Keep quiet for now.”


I stared out the window of the prison from outside the iron bars and listened carefully. Their boots made clacking sounds. Over the course of an hour, I memorized and counted the intervals at which the soldiers would patrol.


After confirming that the prison lock could be opened easily, I immediately closed it. To the man who was surprised to see it, “There’s no way to flee through this door. You’ll be killed by soldiers immediately.” I told him.


I thanked the guards and left the castle.

Mount the horse and returned it to the rental stable. Now, I have to hurry home.

I bought bread, meat, and fruit at the shopping street and trotted home.



“I’m home!”

“Welcome back!”


I put the things I bought on the table and hugged Nonna.


“Thank you for staying home alone.”

“I was fine.”

“That’s good.”

“Vicky, are you sweating?”

“Yeah. I wanted to meet Nonna as soon as possible, so I ran everywhere I could.”


Nonna narrowed her eyes as if she saw something dazzling.


“Vicky, Nonna will wait for you even if you don’t run.”

“Mmm, thank you. You’re a really good girl. And a strong girl.”


Dinner for two was simple but delicious.


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