Chapter 30 Long Stay in the Bar and the King’s Investigation

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Nonna was sleeping in Susan’s, the maid’s, room in the main house tonight. I could take my time with my drink.


“Hey, welcome.”

“Usual distilled liquor.”

“Coming right up.”


Zaharro, carrying a strong amber-colored drink, sat in front of me.


“It’s rare to see you sit with the customer.”

“I’m worried. Ever since you asked me where Hector was.”

“Don’t worry, Hector doesn’t know my identity.”

“Don’t be too reckless. I’ll miss you if you don’t come by anymore.”


I bowed my head when I saw that those black eyes were seriously worried about me.

“Thank you Zaharro.”



That was my first long stay at Zaharro’s shop.

It just so happened that there weren’t many customers that day, so we moved to the counter and drank while talking nonchalantly.

Zaharro, who was standing behind the counter, spoke to me in a low voice while looking at his own glass.


“Hector is looking for a red-haired woman. A lady with red hair, brown eyes, and a mole on her lips.”


“Be careful.”

“What are you talking about?”


Zaharro laughed and poured more alcohol into his glass.

I ordered food for the first time.


“Do you have anything to eat?”

“I can make a sandwich with boiled pork and cucumber or a vegetable soup with cheese. Which do you want?”

“Ooh, I’m torn. Hmm… both then.”



Both of the quick snacks he prepared and served were delicious.


“It’s amazing how good you are at cooking.”

“I grew up without a mother after all. I can make anything as long as it’s simple. It’s cheaper than buying it from stores.”

“I see.”


When I said that and took another sip, he gave me a dissatisfied look.


“Normally, that’s your turn to tell your story.”

“I’ve been working away from my parents since I was a child, so I don’t talk much about my family.”



After I started eating, four other customers all ordered the same thing. Drinking alcohol makes you hungry. It seems that everyone has the same desire to eat when they see others do so.


Eventually, the other guests left and I was the only guest remaining.


“The next time you need Hector to do something, you should go through me. He’s looking for you with the thought ‘I would have pulled her into my group if I knew she was that capable’.”

“Huh. Is that so?”


He was convinced that I was the one who broke the prisoner on death row out. Of course, the breakout happened after I asked about Hector’s whereabouts.


“Aren’t you going to sell me out?”

“You came again because you thought I wouldn’t sell you out, right?”



I was a little skeptical actually. A man’s friendship cannot be underestimated.

The customers I met earlier weren’t that type of people, so I trust him for now. Tonight’s long stay was also meant to confirm whether Zaharro was a trustworthy person and whether he had sold me out to Hector.


I drank until a long time after the date changed, and when I was about to leave, Zaharro said he would take me home.


“There are no more customers anyway, and you must have drank a lot tonight.”

“I don’t want my address to be known.”

“What, you still don’t trust me?”


I wondered whether I should answer or not, and after walking for a while, I replied.


“I trust Zaharo quite a bit. But I don’t believe in trusting others so much.”

“I see. Well, to somewhere near then.”


Saying that, Zaharro walked with me at a distance. Oh well, even in East Ward there are countless houses. We walked together without even talking. At the boundary of the South and East Wards, I looked back at Zaharro.


“This is good enough.”

“East Ward? Are you a noble?”

“No way. Good night then.”

“Ah, be careful on your way home.”


I climbed over the fence, got home safely, and lit a candle.

Brought the candle and my face closer to the floor and checked for footprints. Baby powder was not stepped on. No abnormality. It was almost like a ritual for a peaceful sleep.

I locked the door, changed into nightwear, washed my face, and went to bed.


I wondered if those siblings were doing well.

I already decided not to be involved.




The King’s personal room.


“Your Majesty, please excuse me for the late-night visit. I received a report from Randal Kingdom moments ago.”

“How was it?”

“Victoria Sellers is a real person, and she almost exactly matches her age and physical characteristics.”



The prime minister who came to report lowered his eyes to the materials.


“She was an ordinary commoner woman. Her father was a carpenter, and her mother was a market saleswoman. However, she disappeared at the age of 17 and remained missing for 10 years. During that time, she seemed to have grown a little taller. The parents divorced after their daughter’s disappearance. The whereabouts of her parents are currently unknown. At the very least, they have not left the country. According to the records, she entered our country from Randal Kingdom.”

“I see. Good work.”



When the King rang a bell, a maid entered.



The maid silently bowed her head, quickly poured the wine and carried it, placed the bottle next to the glass, and disappeared into the next room.


“I see. She really exists? I’m curious about what she’s been doing for ten years…”


As far as he knows, that age was too late to turn someone into an agent or an assassin after they’d grown up as ordinary citizens until they were 17 years old.

He heard that it was tough if they don’t train before their body matures. Especially for women, it would be too late. Mentally, both men and women pledge allegiance to the organization and the nation from an early age, are trained to not hesitate to risk their lives, and many become mentally ill and useless.


“Does that mean that the woman Jeffrey fell in love with is innocent? That’s good for now.”


The next morning, the King summoned the second prince.


“How is your injury?”

“I have almost no pain anymore. I’m sorry for worrying you.”

“Claudia was worried. Don’t make your mother worry too much.”

“Yes, father. Speaking of which, have you checked the identity of the woman Jeffrey brought to the evening party yet?”


The King stared intently at the second prince. He didn’t inform his son. He wondered if there was a leak somewhere.


“Why are you asking me that?”

“Because Jeffrey, who hates women, fell in love with her. So I’m curious what kind of person she is.”

“I looked into it. No problem. Just an ordinary Randal Kingdom citizen.”

“I see. I understand. Please excuse me.”



“Conrad cares about Jeffrey. Don’t do anything unnecessary.”

“Yes, father.”


Second Prince Cedric quietly left his father’s private room. And muttered.


“Ordinary? If that’s ordinary, father’s investigators can’t be relied upon.”


Whenever he wanted to think, Cedric would sit on a bench in an inconspicuous spot in the garden.


Cedric is good at sports and has been praised for his sword skills, horse handling, and physical skills since he was little. Even if he discounted the fact that he was a prince, he could not believe that the instructors flattered him with lies.


There were also strict instructors who would show no mercy even to the prince. Jeffrey is a good example. And he was praised by him too.

So he thought he was reasonably strong. For whatever reason, he couldn’t do anything against that delicate woman in her late twenties. That day was the first time in his life that he received a big shock.


He wanted to ask her to teach him physical techniques after properly apologizing.


(Jeffrey won’t say yes… He was quite angry when brother had her tailed, too. Brother was quite surprised when he objected that vehemently. In the end, I have to properly…)


“Yeah. I should apologize. That was certainly my fault. I was naïve because a woman piqued my interest. First I should tell Jeffrey I’m going to apologize.”


However, after that, the second prince, Cedric, was stared down upon by Jeffrey Asher with an icy look.

“I know what Your Highness did. Your Highness, could you please refrain from getting involved with someone important to me? I will convey Your Highness’ apology. Ah, right. I’ll put my heart into teaching you swordsmanship today. Come now, don’t hold back. I will be your sparring partner to the very end today.”

He ended up with that.


That day, Cedric received swordsmanship tutoring and continued to be told, “More!”, “One more sword!”, “Is that all you have!” even as he fell, until he was no longer able to stand.


In the end, he was pushed away as they locked with training swords and fell on his back on the ground of the training ground.

Cedric spat out the sand in his mouth.

“I shouldn’t have told Jeff.”

He murmured, laid down on his back, and closed his eyes.


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