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Victoria Chapter 32

Chapter 32 Baby Pink Dress

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Since then, His Highness Cedric did not visit again.

I asked Commander if he had given him a stern warning, but he only replied with ‘No, not really’. His Highness gave up… did he?




The dialogue and acting of the play ‘White Princess and the Blue Lizard’ performed in Randalian were excellent, and I thought (that is enough for the play-style class).


However, Mrs. Eva said, “I very much want my husband to see it. We want to see it too.”

I thought that might be the case, so I agreed. Then her maids chimed in.

“If we’re going to have the master of the house see it, we’ll need costumes.”


“Since it’s a play for a language class, there’s no need to go to such lengths …”

“No! Victoria, leave it to me, the person in charge of costumes would love to work on this too. When I talked with the attendants before, they said that they had already thought about the design of the costumes for the three of you.”


The Anderson family has a specialist who sews everyday clothes.

(If you’re a wealthy aristocrat, having costumes made for your children isn’t difficult) so I was convinced.


For Master Clark, a simple lizard costume based on blue tones and a gorgeous costume for a handsome nobleman were sewn. As for Nonna, a witch’s black dress with a triangle hat and a cute staff was prepared.


“Nonna! My little witch! What a cute witch. Her blond hair really shines in her black outfit.”

“Vicky, I can’t have this, can I?”

“Do you like the witch dress? I’ll ask Mrs. Eva to sell it to me. Leave that to me.”

“Yay! Thank you!”


So far so good.


I, as the princess,

“I’m fine with any store-bought dress!”

I appealed, but my plea was not heard, and a dress actually meant for real princesses was going to be made from fluffy pink fabric.


“Mrs. Eva, even though I am a home tutor, tailoring a dress that takes the most time and material cost among the three costumes is just … I’m too reluctant to accept this, I can prepare my own …

“It’s all right since you’ve brought this kind of fun to a house that doesn’t have much entertainment. Our house can make the dress for you. Don’t worry about it. Okay then, I’m off to perform some charity work.”


Mrs. Eva said so and left with a smile.

“No way…”

With my right arm outstretched toward Mrs. Eva’s back, I dropped my head.



Five days later.


“Victoria, your princess dress is ready!”

Saying that, my face twitched as the maid held up a baby pink dress that was way too adorable.


(No matter how you look at it, this dress looks like something a girl in her early teens would wear… although the princess in the story is certainly in her teens!)

I was at a loss for words when the maids proudly handed me the dress.


“Will you try it on and show it off to everyone? I’m looking forward to it.”

Mrs. Eva pressed me, and I couldn’t even refuse when Nonna and Master Clark looked at me full of expectations.


(If I can faint, I want to faint…)


I wished so while slowly changing clothes in the next room. After finishing the fitting, I went out in front of everyone while clenching my molars.


“Vicky is beautiful!”

“Teacher, you are wonderful.”

The children complimented me. Both Mrs. Eva and the maids were happy. I was sweating from embarrassment, but if everyone is happy, this is fine, I thought to myself. My molars hurt because I kept smiling with clenched teeth though.


“That’s right! Let’s call Jeff, too. We should reveal the play on his day off.”


(No! Mrs. Eva!) I stopped myself from shouting that.

If I said, “The Commander is the only person I don’t want to see me in this baby pink dress.” they’ll probably ask, “Oh, why?”. I wouldn’t be able to answer that.

I accepted it with a smile while clenching my jaw even harder.


Mrs. Eva sent out a messenger that day, asked the Commander about his nearest day off, decided on a schedule, and made plans. Mrs. Eva must be very capable as a countess. Her efficiency was hatefully good.


“Oh, I’m looking forward to this. You feel the same too right, Victoria?”

“Yes, I’m really looking forward to it…”



It reminded me of a job I had many years ago.

For five months, I infiltrated the mansion of a high-ranking aristocrat in the Kingdom of Haggle as a servant and kept in touch with the woman who provided the information. The woman who lived in the mansion was the marquis’ second wife candidate.


That woman liked to wear baby pink dresses. She was twenty-two at the time, but she had a baby-faced, doll-like appearance and looked good in a baby pink dress regardless of her age.


One day, a nobleman noticed that she had been eavesdropping on his wrongdoings and even had evidence, so I took her and ran. As I waited impatiently for her at her meeting place, she came in a striking pink dress.


“I asked you to wear inconspicuous clothes… you will have to traverse mountain paths.’’

“Okay, I’ll return to change my clothes.”

“No. If they find you, they will kill you.”

“That’s no good, this is no good either! I’m sick of it!”

“Be quiet! If they find us here, it’s the end for both of us. ”

The woman in her baby pink dress kept crying and cursing me the entire time we fled. Along the way, she changed into commoner clothes, but the woman refused to walk because she was tired.


“That person loves me so much, even if he finds me, he won’t kill me. It’s okay.”


Instead of yelling at her, I gently consoled her, encouraged her, pulled her hand, protected her from her pursuers, and continued to flee towards the capital of Haggle. When I finished my mission and handed her over to my contact, I had four surprisingly large ulcers in my mouth.


(I had a job like that. What is this compared to that?)



On that day, the Commander came to the Anderson family home with a large bouquet of white and pink flowers.

“This is for you, my fair lady.”

and handed it over to me.


“Commander, I’m very happy to receive these, but today is meant for the children’s recital. I’m sorry.”

“Of course, I also bought sweets as rewards for Clark and Nonna. But I thought flowers would suit a princess better.”

“In that case, I’ll gladly accept this. Thank you.”

“Victoria, your usual modest attire is nice, but isn’t this pink dress cute too?”



I wanted to throw everything into a container called patience, put a lid on it, and as soon as I finish the play, throw the whole container into the fire and forget about it. It was too embarrassing.


At twenty-seven, I’m wearing a fluffy baby pink dress full of ribbons and frills. I wonder if I can ever erase this memory …



The children’s lovely play that day fascinated the adults. I was especially surprised when Mr. Bernard took off his glasses and dabbed his eyes with a handkerchief. Even though there were no touching elements in the play. I looked at Mr. Bernard with a heartwarming thought, wondering if I, too, would cry when I see a play like this when I reach that age.


Master Clark’s father, Earl Michael Anderson, seemed very satisfied.


“Victoria, you did a great job. You did a better job than I expected. Please continue to be Clark’s tutor for many years to come.”

“Yes, Victoria. I’m proud to have you as my family tutor.”

“I love teacher’s classes too!”


I accepted the Anderson family’s gratitude with a grateful smile. The drama class was a lot of fun. My days were filled with thoughts about (what kind of class should I do next) while I did housekeeping.


The Commander was about to say something to me after the Anderson family, but I looked at him with all my might and appealed with my eyes, ‘Don’t say anything!’, he paused and closed his mouth.

Thank you for your consideration, Commander!


That night, my molars hurt so it was hard to chew meat, and caused Nonna to feel worried for me.


Nonna visited the main house in her witch’s dress and triangle hat that I managed to get. In the end, everyone from the main house scolded me ‘Why didn’t you invite us to the play?’.


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