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Victoria Chapter 35

Chapter 35 Apple Pie and Lady Attendant (1)

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Nonna was boasting to Clark that she knew a shop that serves delicious apple pies. As I checked the spelling of the two in my notebook, the contents of the conversation between the two reached my ears.


“Is it that delicious?”

“Yeah. The apple pie was really good. The skin was crispy. Plenty of apples.”

“Oh, that’s nice. I love apple pie. I’d even want to eat it every day.”

“Will you go with me next time?”

“Really? Is it okay?”

“Sure. I’ll take you with Vicky.”

“Please do.”


Wait a minute.

The conversation between the two was so adorable that my hands trembled as I clenched them.


“Master Clark, then would you like to go eat apple pie with us?”

“Yes, teacher. I want to go!”

“Then, tomorrow, I will pick you up when Mr. Bernard finishes his work.”

“No, I’ll go to my great uncle’s house. That’s faster!”


Mr. Bernard has fully recovered and has returned home.


After such an exchange, today the three of us were on our way to the sweets shop in South Ward that Mr. Zaharro taught me. Master Clark and Nonna ordered apple pie, and I ordered a chunky butter cake at the dining corner in the corner of the store. All three of us ordered tea to drink.


“Teacher, this apple pie is so delicious. Maybe because my mother and father don’t like sweets, our chef doesn’t make many sweets.”

“Is that so? It’s an occasional thing, so Master Clark, please eat a lot.”


Master Clark put the apple pie in his mouth with an enraptured face, and for some reason, Nonna made a face like ‘How is it?’. The proud face of a beautiful girl is quite irresistible.


While the three of us were enjoying our meal, a female customer in her fifties came in. Judging from her dress and tone of voice, she was probably a nobleman’s servant, but she was having some sort of dispute behind the scenes.


“I’m sorry. The apple pie is sold out.”

“Oh no. Not even a single piece?”

“Yes. I’m sorry.”

“Haa… what should I do?”


Ah. That may be because I bought one whole apple pie as a souvenir for Master Clark. The woman seemed to be very troubled. I could always get one another day, so I didn’t mind giving it to her. Thinking that, I called out to the woman.


“Um, if you don’t mind, I have a whole apple pie that I bought as a souvenir, but would you like me to give it to you?”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes. I can get one another day.”


The woman bowed her head several times, looked back at us as she left, and left with an apple pie in her hand.


“Teacher, do you like apple pie that much?”

“I love apple pie, but I wanted Mrs. Eva and the Earl to try it too. But if they don’t like sweets, maybe I’ll get them something else. There are many other delicious foods.”


Because Master Clark was feeling extremely grateful,

“It is to thank them for always having delicious tea and sweets at the mansion.”

I explained.

On that day, I sent away the very satisfied Master Clark in the Anderson family’s carriage and saw him off, and went home with Nonna.


The two of us soaked in the hot water of the bathtub and washed our bodies with the luxurious soap that Mrs. Yorana gave us.

After that, I slept peacefully facing Nonna. I love to sleep in the same bed as Nonna.

A 6-year-old is old enough to sleep alone, but when I think about her upbringing, I want to fill her loneliness of living alone day and night. My daily routine was to wake up after Nonna sleeps, read books, translate for Mr. Bernard, and train my body.



The next week.

“Hey Victoria, are you acquainted with Baron Hanson’s lady attendant?”

“Hanson… no.”

Nobody came to mind when Mrs. Eva asked me about a lady attendant.


“Baron Hanson has a business relationship with my husband. Today, his wife came to my house with a rare tea leaf, and the lady attendant who accompanied her remembered Clark. She said you gave her the apple pie.”

“Oh! I remember now. I met her at the confectionery shop in the South Ward last week. She was very disappointed that the apple pie was sold out. So I handed over the one I bought as a souvenir.”


Mrs. Eva nodded as if she was convinced. I thought that was the end of the story.



Three days later.

Baron Hanson and his wife visited the Anderson family again with the lady attendant. And for some reason, after a while, Nonna and I were summoned after finishing our language class.


“Victoria, Baron Hanson has something to say to you today.”

“Oh, what is it?”

I thought it was an exaggeration to convey thanks for an apple pie. I had a bad premonition.


When Nonna and I entered the reception room of the Anderson household, a truly aristocratic couple got up from their chairs and looked at Nonna. They were both blond. The woman was in tears with her hand over her mouth.


(Huh? These people aren’t Nonna’s parents, are they?)

Their atmosphere resembled Nonna so much that I came to that thought.

“Nice to meet you.”

When Nonna and I greeted them like that, the man also made a face of emotion.


“Victoria, please sit down. This is Baron Hanson and the Baroness. Baron, this is Victoria, and this is Nonna.”


After we sat down, the two stared intently at Nonna.


“I was skeptical when I heard the story from the lady attendant, but they really do look alike.”

“Yeah, yeah, they really look alike.”

“Um, what do you mean?”


Then the Baroness began to speak while covering her eyes with a handkerchief.

“My daughter died of an illness when she was three, but she looks so much like her that I thought she would have looked like this when she was six.”

“So, Victoria, Baron Hanson wants to adopt Nonna.”



My bad premonition was often on the mark.


“I’m sorry, but I have no intention of letting this child go.”

“No, I want you to think about it carefully. I heard you’re single and you’re raising this child while working. If she becomes an adopted daughter of my family, we will be able to provide for her financially. In the future, she can marry a male relative I take in to inherit our house. Don’t you think that’s better for this child?”


Yes. In terms of status and finances, sure.


“Vicky, what are you talking about?”

“We’re talking about Nonna becoming a child of this Baron.”

“Eh? I don’t want to.”


The Baroness then intervenes.


“A six-year-old child doesn’t understand the importance of this conversation. It is normal for them to prefer those they are familiar with. But adults have to think about the happiness of this child. If something happens to you, this child will end up on the streets, right?”


Certainly, if I can’t work due to illness or injury, that would be her end.

Seeing my silence, the baron rode the momentum and made a proposal.


“Nonna, why don’t you come to my house for a week to try it out? Right now, you probably don’t know what a noble’s life is like, but you might change your mind once you try it.”

“That’s right. I will make you a dress. We can buy accessories that match those beautiful eyes. You can go see a play, or you can use a cute room made just for you.”


Do you think that a child’s heart will change once they taste luxury? My Nonna isn’t that easily bought.


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