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Chapter 0114 <<Intermission>>

Translator: Tseirp


When Ryo and Prince Willy returned to the place where they were attacked, there was almost nothing left.

It seemed that someone recovered everything.


For the time being, after confirming that nothing was there, they decided to head to Wingston.

After all, Wingston was the largest city in the eastern part of the Kingdom and the closest city to that location.


It would be best if they could join up with Rodrigo and Cohn.

Even if they couldn’t, in the worst-case scenario, he could hire a carriage to take Prince Willy to the royal capital and inform them about it later.


“No, let’s meet them at all costs. It matters not if my arrival is a little late.”

When Ryo proposed that, Prince Willy rejected his suggestion and gave top priority to joining up with Rodrigo and the others.

The employer’s wish had the highest priority.

Besides, he had a favorable view of Prince Willy for cherishing his subordinates.


“Okay, let’s do that.”



When they arrived at Wingston, their first destination was the Adventurer’s Guild.


The escort leader Cohn was a C-rank adventurer in the Inbury Duchy.

They suspected that he might go through the Adventurer’s Guild to get in touch, knowing that Ryo was an adventurer in the Kingdom.

Adventurers actively utilized the guild unless they intend to hide their identity.


“Yes, I have a letter from Cohn-sama, a C-rank adventurer in the Inbury Duchy, to D-rank adventurer Ryo-sama.”

After checking Ryo’s guild card, the receptionist said so and brought a letter from the back.

Inside, it described the place the party would stay.


Thus, Ryo and Prince Willy reunited with Rodrigo and Cohn, the other escorts, and the adventurers for the first time in a few days.



A few days later, the party left Wingston.

However, there were some changes.

Although it looked the same as before …


Prince Willy and Rodrigo were unable to withdraw money freely as they lost all of the letters of credit issued by the Kingdom of Ju in the attack.

With that nationally issued letter of credit, they would have been able to procure local money in the merchant guilds of each country …


Currently, Ryo was reimbursing the necessary expenses for the two.


“I am sorry, Ryo-san.”

His Highness Willy had apologized several times.

“No, don’t worry, Your Highness.”


By the way, it seemed that the accommodation fee before Ryo and Prince Willy joined was covered by the money from Cohn’s wallet ….

“The embassy will reimburse me when we reach the royal capital, right? It’s okay. I have a comfortable amount of money.”


He had changed once they entered the Kingdom!


Ryo was no longer the victim to despair when he was without money in Aberdeen, the capital of the Inbury Duchy.

Instead, he was now filled to the brim with confidence.


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