Chapter 36 Apple Pie and Lady Attendant (2)

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Considering Mrs. Eva’s personality and the status of both families, I thought that this adoption story could be dismissed once and for all, but for some reason, Eva-sama’s words came out gentle and polite.


“Baron Hanson, Nonna is quite a lively child. I think it’s probably impossible to raise and train her to act as an aristocrat.”

“No, no, Countess Anderson, please leave that to us. First of all, if you let her live in our house for a week, I’m sure she’ll change her mind.”


(Even though I’m the one who’s raising Nonna? Why are my opinions and existence ignored?)

I was really pissed off and decided it was enough, to flatly refuse them.


“I apologize again, but I…”

“So Nonna will stay over seven times? Or six?”


I froze at Nonna’s words. The baron and his wife were full of joy.


“Six times. Seven times is fine too. You’re clever.”

“We’ll be delighted, Nonna.”


I was dumbfounded when I saw Nonna’s composed expression.

(Why? Didn’t we get along well? Didn’t we live happily?)

No… now I was thinking like a woman who was dumped by a man.


“Nonna? Why…”

“If Nonna don’t like it after six nights, can Nonna refuse?”

“Of course.”

“Then, do Nonna stay the night from tonight?”

“Yes, that will be great.”


Wait, starting tonight?


“Baron, please wait. Nonna didn’t bring a change of clothes or anything.”

“Mrs. Victoria, there’s no need for a change of clothes. We’ll prepare everything for her. Oh, we should buy this girl a dress. You’re like a dream.”

“Yes. We can buy as many as she likes on our way home.”


Like that, Nonna disappeared from my sight as if she had been taken away. I was still in a state of confusion as Nonna waved her hand with her expressionless face and stepped into the carriage.


“Teacher! Why did Nonna get into that house’s carriage?”

“Master Clark. I do not know. Why did she?”

“Huh? Teacher?”

“I’m sorry. I have to go home.”



I felt endlessly depressed as I walked. I passed through the gate of’s mansion, and when I was trudging along, Mrs. Yorana who was taking care of the flower bed called out to me.


“Oh, Victoria, what happened to Nonna?”

“She’s going to stay at a Baron’s house for a week.”

Mrs. Yorana’s face became grim as my behavior was suspicious.


“What happened?”

I had no choice but to speak honestly about what had just happened.


“So, it seems that if Nonna likes the life of a noble, she will become an adopted daughter.”

“Did Nonna agree to it?”


“Huh, okay. What’s the baron’s name?”

“Baron Hanson.”

“Hanson… Oh, I see. He plans to adopt her to replace their child that passed.”

“That seems to be the case. Excuse me, Mrs. Yorana, I’m a little confused, so I’m going back to my room.”

As I started to walk, putting my strength into my stomach so as not to wobble, Mrs. Yorana called out to me from behind.


“I’m sure that won’t go well. If my eyes aren’t mistaken, Nonna will refuse and come back.”

“I hope so.”


The evening sky grew darker and darker.

I was sitting in a chair with no intention of doing anything, and it got dark, but I couldn’t get up.

I didn’t expect her to agree so easily. I thought she would refuse on the spot. I had assumed that Nonna would be by my side forever. I almost cried when I remembered Nonna’s brusque speech and her bursting smile when her spinning in the air went well.


The empty room was cold, and I felt drained when I thought about how I would live like this in the future. Come to think of it, there were always people around me until I left the organization, and after I came to this country, there was Nonna. I never thought that after enjoying a fun and human life, I would actually live alone.

Suddenly, ‘bang bang bang!’, the door was slammed hard.


“Victoria! Are you there?”


It was Commander’s voice.

(Ah, I don’t want to show my dejected face) I didn’t reply, and he called out again.


“You’re there, right? If you don’t open the door, I’ll kick it down!”

Please stop. You will have to pay for the repairs.


“It’s open.”

“Oh, yeah.”


The door swung open and Commander entered. Commander stood still for a moment in the pitch-black room, but immediately went to the small table where the lamp is always placed and turned on the lamp, then other lamps one after another.


“I was worried because it was dark. Mrs. Yorana contacted me. She was worried about Victoria, so I rushed over.”

“Is that so.”

“Nonna went to a noble’s house?”

“… happened.”

“Huh? Happened?”

Commander asked me back.

“I can’t believe this happened. Because Nonna is a child, I thought she would always be by my side. Even though Nonna has the right to decide on Nonna’s life.”


Commander stood next to me while I was still sitting on the chair and placed his hand on my back.


“Nonna went with a thought in mind.”

“Yeah, I think so too. She’s a smart kid. But if I’m a third party, I think this adoption is the best possible ending.”


Commander listened silently.


“Rather than being raised by a single foreigner like me, it would be much more advantageous, safer, and happier for her to be adopted by a noble in this country and have her status and livelihood guaranteed.”


The warm hand on my back stopped.


“Don’t belittle yourself by saying that. You’re a splendid woman living a strong life on your own. Besides, Nonna will definitely come back. I believe so.”

“It’s painful that she’ll be happier if she doesn’t come back.”

“Victoria… Nonna decides what makes her happy. She’ll be fine. She’ll choose you and come back.”


A gentle, low voice echoed in my chest. A big, warm hand gently resting on my back.

I didn’t want to care about everything, but I felt a little bit of strength enter my heart.

If I can live with Nonna again, I’ll do that, I’ll do this, I thought.


“Yes. I should sew a walnut button on her clothes so that she will be happy when she comes home.”

“That’s right. It might help to distract you if you were to move your hands.”


I slowly stand up and bow my head to Commander.


“Thank you. I’m better now. I should make dinner. Have you had your dinner?”

“No. I was just about to get dinner when I got a message from Mrs. Yorana.”

“Then, I’ll make something for you too, so please eat.”

“Are you sure? I don’t wish to inconvenience you.”


I made a soup of chopped vegetables with the things I had at home, spiced up the pork, and slowly grilled it. It’s usually seasoned mildly, but tonight it was seasoned with a lot of spices for adults. There was also yesterday’s bread that got a little firmer.


“Sorry, this is all I have.”

“It’s enough. Looks good.”


Will Nonna come back?

It’s true as Commander said, even if she’s six years old, she should decide her happiness. She won’t be able to endure if she’s unhappy with the life forced on her by others, but she should be able to endure some turmoil and live a life she chooses herself. That child is strong and smart.


“I’m sure Nonna will come back, but if you don’t like it, there’s no need to hold back. You can go to the baron’s house to retrieve her. If you’re feeling worried on your own, I’ll go with you.”


I thought for a moment and shook my head.


“I want to prioritize her feelings, so I’ll wait.”

“I see. If you change your mind, contact me anytime. I’ll accompany you.”


Commander looked worried for a while after finishing the meal, but he said, “You should go to sleep early” and left.


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