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Victoria Chapter 41

Chapter 41 Disciplined Cook

Translator: Tseirp


The capital of the Haggle Kingdom.


Chef Dave returned to Haggle and spent his days recreating the flavors he enjoyed in the Kingdom of Ashbury. His cooking was excellent, and the Earl of Highland seemed to be delighted.


“Today, let’s try that dish using venison.”

Dave enthusiastically toured the market and decided to purchase the venison he was looking for.

On the way, he noticed an aristocrat who came out of a bookstore. He was the benefactor who introduced him to the Marquis of Angard before his downfall.


Dave stopped the wagon and chased after the Count, who was about to leave in a wagon, and called out to him.


“Count, Count Igzley! It’s been a long time. I’m the chef Dave who you previously introduced to the Marquis of Angard.”

“Oh, it’s you. How have you been?”


Count Igzley remained in his seat and turned his eyes slightly toward Dave. He replied with a curt attitude. However, Dave, who had not forgotten his kindness for recommending him to the marquis family, approached him and bowed.


“It was a pity regarding the Marquis of Angard, but thanks to you, I have now moved from the Marquis to the Count of Highland for work.”

“I see. Keep up the good work.”


Count Igzley tried to call out to the coachman to convey, ‘I’m done with my business’, but he stopped when he heard Dave’s next words.


“Even though Count Igzley entrusted Carol to me I’m sorry I couldn’t help her. I saw her in Ashbury and she seemed to be doing well.”

“Carol? You saw her? Are you sure it was Carol?”

“Yes. Back then, Carol was an unremarkable girl, but now she’s grown beautiful and seems happy.”


Count Igzley then opened the carriage door and told Dave to “Get in.”

“I’m sorry but I bought venison, I don’t wish to soil the carriage…”

“It doesn’t matter! Get in.”


From there Dave was furiously questioned about Carol.

Where he saw Carol, who she was with, even what she was wearing and what her hair was like. The same questions were asked over and over again, all of them answered, and when he thought he was finally freed, Count Igzley ordered Dave to get off, drove the carriage at a furious pace, and disappeared.


“What was that about? When I previously told him Carol, whom he entrusted to me, disappeared, he seemed completely uninterested. Today, he’s the complete opposite.”


He shook his head and returned to the wagon.

“Well, it’s fine. Carol seemed happy, and I got some good venison.”




The central control room of the Haggle Kingdom Special Forces.


“Is that true, Count Igzley?”

“Yeah. I think it’s true because the chef she worked with for five months said so.”

From there, Lancome asked Igzley questions and took notes.

Count Igzley was the person who introduced Chloe and the cook to the marquis’s house by pretending to have a natural encounter with the marquis at an evening party to get evidence of the corruption case. He works closely with the Special Forces.


After Count Igzley left, Lancome told his men.

“I found Chloe.”


“Is she alive?”

“Where has she been?”


The agents gathered.

“It seems that she has been in the royal capital of Ashbury.”

“So… Chloe ran away?”

“It seems so.”


The agents looked at each other.



“Why did she run away even though she was the ace?”

“Did she switch sides to Ashbury?”

Lancome, who was listening to the ruckus of the gathered members, was the last to speak.


“I’m heading to retrieve Chloe. Dan, Jacob, come with me.”

“Yes. But section chief doesn’t need to go there personally, the two of us are sufficient …”

“Can the two of you persuade Chloe to agree and bring her in unharmed? What the Special Forces want is not a silent corpse. The goal is to regain Chloe’s skill and talent.”


Dan’s face tightened as Lancome’s stinging gaze landed on him.

“My apologies!”


He tried to get permission to leave immediately, but the Prime Minister made Lancome wait for a while before entering the room.


“Chloe ran away. It’s a pity since she contributed so much. But there’s no need for you to go personally. It’s a shame to lose Chloe, but give up on trying to bring her back.”


Lancome was disappointed (That was the decision after all?). He thought it was a shame to write off Chloe like that. After gaining experience, if he lets her become an instructor at the training school, how much would she contribute to the skills of the cadets of the Special Forces? He thought he could persuade him.


“I have been guiding Chloe since she was eight years old. I will definitely persuade her, bring her back and have her contribute to this country, so please.”


Lancome bowed deeply. The prime minister looked at him with a wry smile.

“Lancome, you’re dealing with Chloe, you know? It’s impossible to bring her back alive. In the event of a battle, you won’t be able to get away unscathed either. Even if you managed to bring her back, I wonder if we can really trust an agent who betrayed us. Above all, His Majesty does not wish to do so. He said to, ‘Dispose of the dogs that can no longer swear allegiance to their owners.’”


“If the people in Ashbury are unaware of anything, I don’t want our actions to inform them of her value. It would be troublesome if Chloe is recruited by Ashbury. Chloe’s disposal has been decided. From now on, this matter is no longer in your hands.”


The matter of the special forces going to retrieve Chloe disappeared. It became a case for the assassination squad.


“Please submit all sightings regarding Chloe.”






Kingdom of Ashbury.

At Victoria’s house, she was burning things she didn’t need and things she couldn’t let others see in the fireplace.


“Vicky, what are you doing?”

“Hmm? Cleaning up. Nonna, can you pack only the really important things in the bag?”

“There’s only one thing that matters”

“Oh, what is that?”



What Nonna showed was the blue ribbon that I originally bought when I took her in.


“That’s all.”

“I see. Then, can you put a change of clothes and underwear in your backpack for one day?”



I decided to hide the fact that we were moving from Nonna until the last minute. It would be troublesome if someone talked to her in the interim.

If we are stopped by the Commander.

If Master Clark makes a sad face.

If Mr. Bernard and Mrs. Yorana-sama show disappointment.


(No, it’s time. Isn’t that what I decided in the first place?)


Thinking that, I looked at Nonna.

(For the time being, I can’t let her live a carefree and calm life, but I promised that I would never let go of Nonna.)


Then I realized. Nonna’s face was strangely red. Her eyes were moist too. I hurriedly put my forehead to Nonna’s forehead.


“Oh no. You have a fever.”



Victoria quietly placed the small bag containing her newly made ID card in the corner of the room and hurriedly placed Nonna to sleep.


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  1. Tense as a Duck in a Storm

    I was a bit confused about the chef plotline, but this does explain a lot.

    I am a bit scared for chapters to come.

    • M

      Yup yup.
      Would be very nice to see how they flee, but seeing it with commander is also nice

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