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Victoria Chapter 43

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Chapter 43 Victoria’s Letter

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“Miles, I’ll be taking Aleg for a run today.”

“Sure. The young lady isn’t with you today?”

“Yes, she has a cold, so she’s staying at home.”

“Right. Take care of yourself.”

“Yes, thank you.”


That was the last time Miles saw Victoria. She usually comes early in the morning, takes Aleg out, and returns in half an hour or an hour, but that day she didn’t come back in the evening.

(Even though the child is at home. Did something happen while she was riding?)


Worried, he turned to Mrs. Yorana. At the old lady’s house behind his own, there was a horse with a saddle bearing the coat of arms of the Knights Order.


“Good day. I have a question about Ms. Victoria. My name is Miles and I live in the house behind the mansion.”

“Please wait a moment. I’ll pass the message immediately.”


The man dressed as a gardener who came to the gate soon returned.

In the reception room he was led to, there was a large silver-haired man who seemed to be the horse rider.

(Why is there a knight here?) He thought, but didn’t show it on his face.


“I apologize for the inconvenience. My name is Miles and I live next door at the back of this mansion. I have a question about Ms. Victoria.”


Hearing Victoria’s name, the large man blatantly observed him. Something seems to have happened to her after all.


“I’m Yorana Haynes. You’re asking for Victoria? Why?”

“She left the house this morning on the horse I had in my care, and she hasn’t come back. I was worried that something might have happened while she was away.”


Mrs. Haynes and the big man looked at each other for a moment, then both looked at Miles.

“Was Victoria entrusting her horse to you?”


The big silver-haired man asked him a question.


“Yes. She felt sorry if the landlord had to take care of the horse, so she paid for me to take care of it.”


There, on the table, he noticed several letters in the lady’s hand.

“You said you’re Mr. Miles. I believe it was a former government official named Mr. Peter who lived in the back.”

“Yes, I moved a while ago. Mr. Peter went to his daughter’s place.”

“I see. Miss Victoria is no longer here. She must have left early in the morning or late at night. There was a letter addressed to Mr. Miles. I was wondering who it was, but I see it is you.”


Saying that, she slid an envelope to him, so he opened it quickly and read it.

“Thank you for all your help with Aleg. Picking up chestnuts was fun.”

It was just one line. The silver-haired knight asked him to show it, so he did.


“I’m relieved to know that something didn’t happen to Ms. Victoria. Then I’ll excuse myself.”


Miles left the mansion with a smile on his face and returned to his temporary home.


Jeffrey also stood up.

“Mrs. Yorana, I’ll deliver the letters.”

After saying so, he put the letters to Mr. and Mrs. Eva, Clark, Bernard, and his brother in his pocket.

“I apologize for calling you and causing you trouble. Also … Commander, can I ask something?”

“Please go ahead.”

“Did you hear anything from Victoria?”


After asking that, Mrs. Yorana regretted it. For a moment, a pained expression suddenly appeared on the face of the Commander, who always had a gentle smile on his face, and then quickly disappeared again.


“Yes. Unfortunately, I haven’t heard anything.”

Jeffrey smiled and bowed and left.

“Susan! Susan?”

“Yes ma’am.”

“I’m sure Victoria and Nonna will come back. Stop crying.”



Mrs. Yorana, who reprimanded her, was not feeling well either.

In the letter to herself, she repeatedly apologized and thanked her, and wrote, ‘I cleaned up as much as I could, but I hope you could dispose of the remaining things.’ She didn’t plan to come back. Her remaining things were sadly little.

(Please be safe and come back someday). She prayed

She felt a sense of loneliness even though they were only acquainted for half a year. She wondered why she chose this, but no matter how she thought of her, she couldn’t believe she was someone who did evil and ran away for it.

She recalled Victoria when she retrieved her hat that was stuck on a tree branch.


Galloping off, Jeffrey distributed the letters. Everyone was surprised and saddened when they read the letter.

Clark repeatedly asked, “I want to know the circumstances,” but he repeatedly replied, “I don’t know, either.”


In his room, the Commander opened the letter addressed to him.

Victoria’s words were neat and uncluttered.


‘Jeffrey Asher,

I apologize for the sudden disappearance.

There is a reason why I cannot stay in the house as it is.

Thank you for supporting me, being kind to me, and laughing with me.

It was the first time in my life that I had such a happy life.

I was going to leave earlier, but I was so content and happy that I was procrastinating.

I enjoyed a picnic for the first time. I was happy to laugh and chat while eating roasted chestnuts.

It’s thanks to Commander that I was able to have wonderful memories.

Thank you for what you have done.

And sorry.




“Don’t say thank you for picnics and roasted chestnuts. Didn’t I … didn’t I tell you not to disappear suddenly like that?”



Two days after Victoria disappeared.


“Commander, someone I met at the bar asked, ‘I was taken care of by the silver-haired knight’ and ‘I want to thank them’ and bought me a drink. I was asked a lot about Commander, Did you help anyone?”

“No. I don’t recall helping anyone. Wait a minute. What kind of person was they?”


The young knight thought for a while.

“I think she was a friendly woman in her thirties. She had a round face and black eyes and black hair. She was beautiful.”


A woman asking for him two days after Victoria disappeared. He didn’t remember helping anyone. Was that a coincidence?


When he hurriedly gather the members and questioned them, reports come up one after another.


“A young woman in her twenties asked me about your lover. She probably fell in love with Commander at first sight.”

“I was asked a lot of questions by a middle-aged woman with a child who wanted to thank a woman who seemed to be Commander’s lover for being kind to her.”

“At the tavern, a man praising the Knights Order bought me a drink. I think he asked about Commander, but my memory is vague.”




“Look, if they asked about me and the women I’m dating, I can be honest. I don’t know any of those people. They now know about Mrs. Yorana Haynes’ house. Since the information was passed on from the mouth of the Knights, the Second Knights Order will focus on guarding the mansion of the former Countess Haynes for a while. Especially at night. Understood?”



From then, four men were stationed in the detached house and five in the main building, and security began at night. (Did I go too far?) Just as he started questioning himself, at midnight three days later, to his surprise, people identifying themselves as the ‘Third Knight Order’ joined them.


At night, the members of the Second Knight Order were surprised at the appearance of men in pitch-black uniforms and black knitted hats.


“I haven’t heard anything about your men. Why are you joining us?”

“Second Knight Commander Asher, we received information from a different source. Haggle’s assassination squad is about to raid this mansion.”

“Haggle’s assassination squad?”


When I heard that it was an assassination squad, he had no choice but to give in. The Second Knight Order specializes in city security. Therefore, the assassin would be dealt with by the Third Knight Order, and the Second Knight Order would guard the area around the mansion. Jeffrey insisted, “I will face the assassins too.”


“That’s troubling. You can’t complain even if you get hurt or die, okay?”

“Yeah, of course.”


In that way, the day after the Second Knight Order and the Third Knight Order jointly staked out.

Assassins appeared in front of Jeffrey and his group, who turned off their lamps and held their breaths in the detached house.


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