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Chapter 0250 Being Tactful

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It was four days after the ‘Liberation Festival’ ended that the Southern Army led by King Abel left the royal capital.


The number of combatants and their composition had hardly changed from the time of the Battle of Gold Hill.

The additions were at most, Elliot Austin, Marquis of Wiston, leading three hundred knights from his domain to join the battle, and adventurers from the royal capital joining them.


This was because they could not take time to reorganize, so they instead chose to march with the Southern Army.



After the liberation of the royal capital, King Abel requested cooperation from the nobles who offered their support in the form of providing various supplies and the defense of the royal capital itself, rather than going into battle.


That was conversely gratifying to the various nobles, and it was either by calculation or coincidence that King Abel’s popularity was further enhanced….



As the Southern Army left the royal capital, the Imperial Army also began to leave Wingston for the city of Stonelake in the west.

The two armies began moving on the Kingdom’s Second Highway, which runs from the royal capital to Stonelake, Wingston, and the Kingdom’s eastern border, Red Post. From the east and west.




“It’s possible the battlefield will be on the Vichy Plain, north of Stonelake.”

Phelps had guessed based on information from the Heinlein family.


The journey from the royal capital to Stonelake would take two days on foot.

A distance where they didn’t need to hurry at all, and had no need to worry about resupplying.



“The rebellion in the Empire seems to be coming to an end.”

“Meaning, we don’t have much time either.”

Abel replied to Phelps’ report with a nod.


Even if Duke Moorgrund’s rebellion in the Empire was over, if the situation continued with a large number of imperial troops remaining in the Kingdom…it was impossible to know what kind of measures the Emperor would take.


That said, even if they compared the current forces alone, the imperial forces still had the advantage.

Phelps finished his report and left the tent, and Abel let out a small sigh.



Four people were sitting in the corner of the tent watching Abel.

They are the three members of the Crimson Sword and Ryo.

In their hands, they held portable cake ‘cream puffs’, which they regularly brought to their mouths.


“Must be hard being a King.”

Ryo said while eating the cream puffs and reaching for the coffee on the ice table in front of him.


“The high priest of the Central Temple sometimes looks very troubled too …so it seems that people in high positions have a lot of difficulties, huh.”

Rihya replied nodding her head repeatedly, chewing on her cream puffs.


“Well, they have to be getting paid a whole lot, else who would do that.”

Rin commented while holding cream puffs in both hands.

Next to her, Warren nodded gravely.



The reason for such a plentiful supply of cream puffs was thanks to the ingredients brought in from the south and the confectionery stores in the royal capital working at full capacity…not quite, but they worked very hard to make them.


As part of the southern army’s welfare program, desserts were supplied.


Of course, for those who didn’t have sweet tooth, another, spicier dessert was apparently supplied….

Fortunately, the ones here, whether Crimson Sword or Ryo, all love sweet desserts, so a temporary cream puff party was being held in Abel’s tent.



And the owner of the tent looked at the four of them with a stern stare.

“Guys…you don’t really have to eat here, do you?”


“Abel is saying something strange again. Here we are working so hard without a break while guarding him…I dare say even a little compliment would go a long way.”

“People in high positions tend to be so busy that they forget to appreciate those around them…the High Priest used to tell me that, and that I should be very careful.”

“I believe sweet stuff relieves stress, so why don’t you try some too, Abel.”

Abel’s resentful words were countered by Ryo, supplemented by Rihya, and Rin invited Abel to join them…and, of course, Warren nodded.



“…Whew. All right, I’ll have some too.”

Abel said and sat down in a chair near the four of them.


“But we didn’t bring any for Abel.”


Poor His Majesty the King.



Abel managed to receive the cream puffs that Warren had secured for him and was finally able to have some.

Of course, the others were chomping down on their second…and Rin on her third.



Abel gave a small sigh.


“I bet you, Abel will turn into a grandpa soon.”

“Right, he’s only in his mid-twenties, and all he does is sigh.”

Ryo feigned a whisper, and Rin went along with it.

Their voices were clearly at normal volume, so Abel could hear them.


“I can hear you. I’m still getting used to things, you know.”

“But, Abel, let’s leave the jokes aside, you really should take care of yourself. You are the king now.”

Abel complained, and Rihya said, worried about him.


“Yeah…. I know. Thanks Rihya.”

Abel answered, a little embarrassed.



Looking at the two of them, Rin, Warren, and Ryo exchanged glances and nodded their heads.

Then they tried to sneak out of the tent.


“Wait a minute, guys, what are you doing…?”

Naturally, Abel and his friends, who were sitting right next to him, couldn’t have failed to notice.


“We’re just trying to be tactful and give you some space.”

“Don’t worry, we’ll keep guard from outside the tent!”

Ryo and Rin said, and Warren nodded emphatically.



Then the three of them walked out.

Leaving only two people in the tent, with indescribable expressions on their faces.


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