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Intermission 1 Daily Life of Senior Magicians

Translator: Jay_Forestieri

Editor: Tseirp


The Kingdom Magic Research Institute, also known as the Ilarion residence.


“Hey Ilarion, I’m coming in.”

The man who entered with these words was Arthur Verasis, a magician and advisor to the Court Magician Order, sporting an impressive long white beard, a magician’s gray robe, and a large staff, looking like a typical magician.


“Oh, it’s you, Arthur. Hope you at least brought me a souvenir.”

Ilarion Baraha, the owner of the room, looked up from the letter he was reading to see Arthur.


“A souvenir? What is that?”

“What do you think? It’s a term by Ryo. I so much enjoy discussing magic with him.”

“…Oh Ryo, you’ve gone and gotten yourself involved with such a difficult fellow… poor lad.”

Arthur responded to Ilarion’s words, shaking his head.


Then, he suddenly looked at the letter Ilarion was reading.


“Hm? A letter?”

“Mm-hmm. It’s a letter from Roberto Pirlo.”


Ilarion said and put away the letter he had finished reading.


“Roberto Pirlo? You mean the Roberto Pirlo of the Union? Now, that’s unusual!”

“Do you know any other Roberto Pirlo? Him too…would have been a fairly decent magician if he had just given up his burdensome position to his successor and devoted himself to magic…”


Ilarion shook his head and said with a look of deep regret on his face.

Seeing this, Arthur chuckled.

Reason being that, he’s aware of Roberto Pirlo’s status, and the fact that it’s not an easy position to give up.

“I agree that he’s an excellent magician, but…you do realize that if he were stronger, we wouldn’t be here alive, right? Well, I guess the matter of his position can’t be helped.”



With that, they both moved toward the reception area.

Just then, Ilarion’s secretary, Surah, brought coffee.



But just as they both took a sip, the alchemy tool in the corner of the room began to whirr.



And Surah pressed the button to answer.

“This is the Kingdom Magic Research Institute.”

“Please inform Lord Ilarion immediately. A Greater Bear has emerged from the forest east of the royal capital. The Knights and the Magician Order are currently away from the royal capital on a training exercise. As such, the Royal Guards are asking for his help.”

Ilarion nodded quickly.

Seeing this, Surah replied.

“Lord Ilarion says he will be on his way immediately.”


“Now then, I’m setting out.”

“I’ll come with.”

Ilarion stood up and so did advisor Arthur.




East of the royal capital.

It’s an area with a reasonably large forest, but there is no record of a monster as large as a Greater Bear ever having appeared in the area.

At least, not in recent decades.



The Greater Bear that emerged from the forest was surrounded at a distance by guards with shields raised.


“How could this thing appear here? In the royal capital of all places…”

Ilarion looked at the scene and blurted out.

“Well, during the Liberation War and after the war, Imperial soldiers ravaged the forest and fled into the woods…. It must have upset the balance of things in ways we can’t imagine. It will return to normal after a while though…”

Arthur replied, shaking his head slightly.


“Well, let’s get on with it.”

Ilarion readied his staff and chanted.


“I command thee Wind, thy body is a boundless blade, pierce and subdue that which hinders me <Sonic Blade> I command thee Wind, thy body is a boundless blade, pierce and subdue that which hinders me <Sonic Blade> I command thee Wind, thy body is a boundless blade, pierce and subdue that which hinders me <Sonic Blade>”


The blades of wind that were fired in rapid succession split into five parts, eventually forming fifteen blades that pierced through the entire body of the Greater Bear.


Normally, it would be impossible to overwhelm a Greater Bear, a wind-attribute monster, with wind-attribute offensive magic.

But Ilarion Baraha could do it.


He recited three chants in rapid succession….

“Your ridiculous chanting speed is as fast as always.”

Arthur was stunned next to him.

All three chants were chanted in about three seconds.

It was far beyond the level of ‘fast-talking’.


“Hmph. It is my only redeeming feature after all. I wish to be able to use no chant as well, like Ryo.”

Ilarion replied.

“Come to think of it, I saw Ryo outside the city walls this morning.”

Arthur said, remembering.


“Outside the city walls? What was he doing there?”

“Beats me…. I only caught a glimpse of him.”



“Speaking of no chant, I just remembered something. Schwarzkopf’s daughter used magic without chanting.”

Advisor Arthur said, recalling the scene from the withdrawal battle on Desborough Plains.


“When you say Schwarzkopf’s daughter…are you talking about Natalie? She was to take over the Schwarzkopf family for her achievements in the liberation war, wasn’t she? It’s a good thing to be young, the possibilities are endless.”

“Yeah. But now that she has taken over the family, Natalie might leave the Magician Order. It’s not easy losing a capable colleague.”

Arthur lamented, shaking his head.


“But Arthur. You followed me, and yet didn’t do anything.”

“Well, it’s because I’m a fire magician.”

“Fire-attributes are indeed unsuitable for hunting. It burns everything, that even the materials from the defeated monster become unusable.”

“I won’t deny it, but…Ilarion, your wind blades also pierced the entire body of the Greater Bear, so we can’t use the bearskin, can we?”



At least, the Greater Bear’s magic stone was successfully recovered.


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