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Intermission 3 Knight Orders

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“Hey Scotty, don’t you think we’re kind of being overworked?”

“Yeah, I think so too. Just when you think the liberation war is over, now we’re being worked to the bone from all these exercises.”


Knight Zack Cooler asked, and Knight Scotty Cobook agreed.


In fact, after the liberation of the Kingdom, they were given a little time off…but with the subsequent exercises day after day, it wouldn’t be surprising to find one or two disgruntled members.


“No thanks to the new Knight-Commander being all fired up…”

“Seeing as rival organizations are steadily recruiting members, I guess as a long-serving Order, we have to soldier on.”

Zach pointed out the cause of the problem, and Scotty pointed out the root cause of the problem.



In the grandstand, His Majesty the King, watching the exercise, and the newly appointed Knight-Commander after the war were talking.

“Commander Dontan, I see that the Order is beginning to shape up.”

“Thank you for your kind words.”

That’s right, Dontan became the Commander of the Kingdom Knight Order.


He was once the captain of the convoy that escorted the delegation to Twilight Land, assisted the former Knight-Commander Marquis Heinlein in the Southern Army, and led an infiltration team into the royal castle to take custody of King Stafford IV.


He was personally appointed by King Abel.


With that, Zack and Scotty’s status also rose a bit….


But that wasn’t the only reason the ‘Knight Order’ became such a hot topic.



The Kingdom Knight Order was completely reorganized as a Knight Order directly under the King.

Until now, it had been a male-exclusive Knight Order.

Due to traditions and other sorts of nonsensical reasons….

There are a lot of women in the royal castle.

Some of them are of noble status.


From their point of view, even though they are members of the Kingdom Knight Order, there were times when being escorted by men…was a little inconvenient.

Therefore, there had been calls for female members for a long time.


And Abel took heed of those calls.

He thought it would possible at this time when the entire Kingdom needed to be rebuilt while undergoing major changes.


However, the real problem was that it would be very challenging to include female knights in an all-male Order….

This led to the idea of creating a women’s Knight Order.



The official name had not yet been decided.

But they were being called the Valkyrie Knight Order.



In the future, it will be a Knight Order under the direct control of the King and Queen.

Although at present, they are still in the process of recruiting suitable members.

However, the core members were well-known for their abilities.


Commander: Imogen

Deputy Commander: Camilla

Magic Captain: Miu

Scout Captain: Abigail

Rescue Team Leader: Scarlett


They were the members of the ‘Valkyries’, a C-rank party belonging to the royal capital.


Abigail and Scarlett are commoners, but Imogen is the daughter of Viscount Comrie, Camilla is the third daughter of a Baron family, and Miu is the daughter of Marquis Westwing, a great western noble.


No Kingdom noble could openly express their dissatisfaction about the lineup.


Furthermore, the name ‘Valkyries’ is well known not only to the people of the royal capital but also to many citizens of the Kingdom for their participation in the resistance and liberation war in the royal capital, so it fit perfectly with the notion of the reformation of the Knight Orders in the Kingdom.


At the moment, about half of the buzz in the royal capital was about those girls.


Unlike conventional Knight Orders, the Valkyrie Knight Order had an internal ‘Magic Corps’, ‘Scouting Party’, and even a ‘Rescue Team’, aiming to be able to operate independently and autonomously.

To that end, Miu, Abigail, and Scarlett were also included.



From the perspective of the Kingdom Knight Order, a rival Knight Order was born!

However, the members of the Kingdom Knight Order did not oppose it at all.


Dontan, in particular, who became the Knight-Commander, knew of the abilities of the ‘Valkyries’ right from when he participated in the diplomatic mission to Twilight Land, and he unanimously agreed to the creation of a Knight Order centered on the Valkyries.



That is usually the case when a country is in the process of recovery.

There’s no time to drag down others.

And instead, they look for ways to better themselves…there is plenty of pie to go around. No need to undermine others to get a slice….


That was the case throughout the Kingdom and especially in the royal capital.




“At long last, we’re finally here!”

Abigail the scout declared, imitating Imogen.


Imogen was surprised.

Miu and Camilla shook their heads slightly as they somehow understood the connotation.

And Scarlett was grinning as usual.


They were in the Valkyrie Knight Order headquarters, newly set up in a corner of the royal castle.


“Er, Abigail?”

Feeling confused, Imogen asked.

She understood that Abigail was mimicking her, but she was lost as to the meaning behind her statement.


“You’ve finally secured a base, right next to your beloved King Abel! ”

“! ”


Camilla shook her head again.

But this time, Miu didn’t.


Instead, she spoke up.


“There are a lot of ways to go about becoming the second queen, such as becoming His Majesty’s concubine.”

“A-A concubine…”

“Is that an actual method…?”

Miu explained, Imogen blushed, and Camilla muttered, shaking her head three times.


“I guess … aiming to be the queen is impossible?”

Abigail asked, looking at Miu.


“Yeah. I mean the candidate for the queen is just too domineering.”

“Well, she is a saint after all…”

Miu answered, and Camilla agreed.



“Uh, listen girls, all these talks about the queen or the concubine and whatnot…I only admire him…”

Imogen’s words fell on deaf ears.



Even in the midst of all this, Priest Scarlett, the Rescue Team Leader, was drinking her coffee, and smiling as usual.


There was always an air of calm around her.

And the reason why Imogen sometimes hug her for comfort.

“Scarlett…none of them are listening to me…”

She complained.


“You just admire His Majesty, don’t you, Imogen? And you’re satisfied with just being near him, right?”

Scarlett said, smiling benevolently.

“Yes! Exactly! I’m satisfied with just that! That’s why you’re the best, Scarlett!”

Imogen was delighted, someone finally understood her.



Miu muttered as she watched the two of them.

“Speaking of which, Scarlett too…”


Camilla continued.

“Right, His Majesty Abel’s friend…”


Abigail muttered further.

“She said she was fond of the premier duke, Lord Ryo…”



It would seem that admiration and romantic feelings are similar, but slightly different….


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  1. Vegeta.D.kaiba

    Good luck trying to get Ryo …
    Dont think Sera is jealous type or will Ryo even be interested in someone else

    • Lazy_guy

      Ryo till now considers Sera to be his best friend, no romantic inclinations yet…

      • CounterMAN

        what kind of” best friend” exchange hot lip kiss before separating ways to their specific missions ?!? (one got to Elf forest, one keep guarding Abel)

        That event make both Abel and Hugh blush lol

      • CounterMAN

        Last part of chapter 219

        Ryo said with a smile.

        Hearing that much, a smile finally appeared on Sera’s face. A tearful smile.

        “Okay. I’ll be waiting, so come fetch me in the forest.”

        Sera said and closed her eyes.

        Ryo also closed his eyes.

        And both of their lips met.

        Abel and Hugh were blushing for some reason.

        One would think that they’re both pretty mature, but they may not necessarily have much experience with women.

        Only one of them, the Rune frontier count, smiled and nodded repeatedly.

        Their lips parted and they smiled at each other.


        The count coughed deliberately, and the two quickly let go of each other’s hands.

        “Sera, you can take the mansion’s horses, Zeka and Chun-Li. With two horses, you can ride them both without a break and reach the forest in three days.”

        “Yes, my lord, thank you very much. Then, I’ll be on my way.”

        After saying this, Sera exchanged kisses with Ryo one last time and left the room.
        They kissed twice btw

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  4. bMomo

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  5. ThatGuy

    Minor semantic nag, it’s a little silly to specify that the knight commander gave unanimous agreement if he’s the only one making the decision, since any time you make a decision on your own, it’s unanimous.

    I don’t think it’s worth changing as the feeling is conveyed, but a better fit might be “wholehearted”.

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