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Victoria Chapter 46

Chapter 46 New Mission Location

Translator: Tseirp


In the Prime Minister’s office, Jeffrey was being told how the country will deal with this incident.


“Victoria Sellers was an ace operative of the Haggle Kingdom. She ran away so they sent assassins against her.”


“His majesty decided to announce that Victoria was a citizen of the Kingdom of Randal and was killed by people from Haggle for unknown reasons.”


(Why?) The Prime Minister continued, seeing the question in Jeffrey’s eyes.


“Haggle will repeatedly send assassins into our country if they find out that Victoria is still alive. It’s troublesome. We will submit a complaint to Haggle. They will probably make a roundabout explanation to find out who they were and will restrain themselves a little.”


“Just in case, I asked the Third Knight Order, and from information taken from Haggle, they have four active members on this case so it appears they are not that interested in her as her current whereabouts are unknown.”


The Prime Minister pushed up the nose his glasses with his middle finger.


“Our country will declare we are oblivious to her true identity. A Randal woman was killed in our country by Haggle’s men. That’s all.”


The Prime Minister cleared his throat once and asked Jeffrey in a strangely theatrical tone.


“So? Were you aware of her true identity, or were you unaware?”

“I was faintly aware of it. I’m sorry I didn’t report it.”

“Hmm? Maybe it’s because I’m old. I couldn’t hear you very well. Did you not notice anything?”

“No, I didn’t have any confirmation, but I was faintly aware of it.”


The Prime Minister let out a deep sigh, “Haaaaa”.


“How ridiculously honest. You know you can get away with saying you didn’t know. Being too honest is a bad idea.”


Still, Jeffrey didn’t retract his remarks and kept his mouth shut.


“Haa, seriously. It can’t be helped, then you will also be punished. Stay at home and wait for the punishment. Victoria’s case information is on permanent lockdown. That is all. Am I clear?”




Jeffrey Asher was lost in thought in the Knight Order’s office, gathering his belongings.


Victoria disappeared before the assassination squad arrived. Perhaps she will never know that she was found by her Haggle associates or about her assassination squad. If she had known, she wouldn’t have disappeared without arranging matter for Mrs. Yorana and the others.

And will she continue to hide without knowing that she has been announced dead? He couldn’t stop his train of thought.



At a later date, Jeffrey was dismissed from his position as Knight Commander and transferred to a completely different job. He became the Security Director of the territory belonging Hayden, the region for lumber exports. The younger members saw him off with gloomy faces.

“All the best.”

Some started crying when Jeffrey said that.


It was demoted because he disappeared from the center stage of the royal capital, but Jeffrey took it as a kind offer. He couldn’t help but think he should resign himself. He was originally thinking of quitting his job to live with Victoria. But now that Victoria is gone.


Jeffrey bowed to his older brother Edward at his parents’ house.


“Brother, I’m really sorry about this…”

“Ah, you don’t have to worry about it. I have kind of always been working on micellaneous affairs. I wasn’t influenced by you at all. Don’t worry and do your best at your new job. Also, mother is feeling better these days. Don’t worry and head over there.”


“More importantly, are you okay? You’ve lost a little weight, haven’t you?”

“No, I’m fine.”

“Is that so? The climate is mild over there. You should eat delicious food and relax for a while.”

“Thank you.”


Seeing his younger brother depart, Edward Asher changed to a pondering look.


Officially, this time, ‘A traveler from Randal was killed in our country by thieves from your country. The thieves were killed by the aristocratic guards. It has caused extreme inconvenience for our country.’ It was great they could turn it into a debt from protesting.


(However, we can’t find Victoria, so I’m bothered that I can’t contact her about the details of this procedure.)

Edward was bothered, but he stopped thinking about it with, ‘Well, I guess I’ll just have to do it what I can.’ There was much to be done.

One of the assassins captured this time was an informant. Even in the Third Knight Order, only one other than himself knew that. A man who was the lookout sought asylum in this country. He had to think about how to utilize him and create the next informant.


Jeffrey refused to use his family’s carriage, rode his beloved horse, and eventually arrived at a territory in the port city of Hayden.

Noticing Jeffrey’s arrival, a man from the administration office rushes over.


“Security Director, welcome to the Duke’s territory from afar. I am Hams, who has been in charge of this territory until now.


Hams seemed to be about fifty years old. Short brown hair, with a body that looked trained. His smile was gentle, but he had a strong sense of determination, and he was the kind of man who would be big trouble if he got angry.


“Director, the Duke has been waiting for you since yesterday.”



The territory was an important port called Hayden, so it was to be managed when the second prince becomes a duke. However, Prince Cedric should still be a prince. (Who is the Duke?)

“Hi! Jeffrey. Your brother is disappointed with your loss.”

said a cheerful voice.

“Your Highness Cedric!”


A handsome man with blond hair and blue eyes walked slowly from the management office. He was dressed like a composed lord, but the atmosphere of the showy and cheerful second prince still wafted from his entire body.


“I am no longer His Highness. I will work for the country by managing the territory seriously. Both my father and brother want me to fulfill my duties as a member of the royal family here.”

“Ha, is that so?”

“What, what a lifeless reply. That’s right, let me introduce you to my fiancée. Hey, Beatrice!”

Cedric’s ex-fiancée, Beatrice, was called, but (no, another person with the same name?) Jeffrey squinted his eyes.

Beatrice, who used to have a pale complexion and was thin like a branch, had a chubby body and a good complexion and came running at a small pace with her cheeks shining.


“Lord Asher, it’s been a while.”

“Jeffrey, you misunderstood, didn’t you? I was surprised too. When she heard that I was moving to the duchy, she rushed to the castle. She insisted, ‘If you haven’t decided who to marry yet, make me your wife’. I was surprised to see that her body and mind had become strong like a different person.”


Hearing that, Beatrice continued after with a sharp expression.


“I had my engagement canceled because of my poor health. It was so frustrating, so ‘I’ll get healthy and come back stronger!’ and I did my best. I was trying my best not to lose to Cedric-sama’s future wife, but when I heard that he would be demoted from nobility without being engaged, I couldn’t sit still. I negotiated directly with him to marry me no matter what. Hehehe.”


Cedric looked calmly at Beatrice’s profile. Then he turned to Jeffrey.


“A man’s honor will be sullied if he spurns such an earnest lady, right? The wedding will be held when things settle down a little more.”

Cedric looked really happy.


“This territory has a lot of people coming and going. Speaking of events, it’s about time for the yearly Cadiz festival, but there are many things you can catch your eyes on. Up until now, Hams has managed it properly, but from now on, for the sake of the prosperity and peace of the territory, I will also be working hard.”

“Duke, I will support you as much as I can.”


Cedric and Hams nodded as they watched Jeffrey bow his head.


(The management of this territory, where many foreigners come and go, probably won’t be easy. If I let my guard down, illegal goods may be circulated and illegal acts may be rampant. From today, I’ll have to ask Hams to guide me to understand the territory firmly.)


Jeffrey braced himself while looking at the two young people who were on good terms.


TLN: Ooo happy ending for Beatrice.


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  1. Insideofadoge

    I’m amused that they both dealt with their breakup by working out

    • Mac

      I don’t recall Beatrice was she in an earlier chapter?

      • Lecora

        They mentioned her a little after Victoria knocked the one guy out during the party. Cedric begged his father to let him marry her but because of the anxiety of marrying royalty and other things, her health declined.

        Cedric cancelled it and she ended up moving to the countryside or something to recover. That was the last he saw her till now.

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