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Intermission 5 Ryo’s Training (Part 1)

Translator: Jay_Forestieri

Editor: Tseirp


“I delivered the official letter you entrusted to me to Obaba-sama of the Western Forest.”

Ryo reported this as soon as he entered the King’s office chamber in the royal castle.

Ho-ren-so is the basic rule for working adults.


“Got it, thanks.”

Abel looked up, glanced at Ryo, said so, and immediately returned to the documents again.

As usual, he was drowning in documents….



Normally, Ryo would say something like, “If you’re really grateful, why not treat me to a slice of cake or something”, but not today.

He wasn’t always like that!

Even Ryo knew how to choose his timings.



Like if the cake and coffee were already prepared, as it was today, he would not have to bother to ask for them!


Yup, he’ll never grow sick of having that!



“Abel, have you approved the plan? The training plan I proposed using the walls of the royal capital.”

“What are you talking about?”

“Huh…. I submitted a request to use the defense features of the royal capital walls to train my magic and sword, have you forgotten?”

“You once told me that you launched an ice lance against the city walls, and when it got repelled, you slashed it with your ice sword…”

“Yeah, exactly! When I said I wanted to do that as a form of training, you told me to submit it in writing…”

“I think I may have said something like that…”

“Well, I submitted it before heading to Western Forest, so I believe it should have been approved by now, right?”

“I honestly have no recollection of it, though?”

“Abel, are you signing these documents without going through the content? I don’t really think that’s a good idea if you ask me…I mean, a seal of approval is not something you can just randomly stamp on a document like that.”

“Of course not…I properly go through them. And, for the most part, I can usually tell if I approved them or not. So, I’m afraid the one you’re talking about hasn’t crossed my desk.”

“Tell me you’re kidding…”


It should have been submitted two weeks ago.

And yet it didn’t reach him?


Ryo thought that this was the very reason for Japan’s low productivity and that the ‘same’ thing had begun in the Kingdom as well….

Ryo shook his head repeatedly.


‘Submit in writing’…the root of all evil!



“Excuse me.”

With that, the chief chamberlain entered.


“Your Majesty, we have new documents for your approval.”

A mountain of documents….

But Abel’s expression no longer wavered seeing that.



He had disciplined himself.

Or had already lost his mind.



Either way, he wasn’t elated….


“Here, thanks.”

Abel instructed, and the chief chamberlain left the room, leaving a pile of documents to be approved.



Ryo approached the pile of documents.

Curious to see if his document was among them.

Although there was no way he would be able to find it within that mountain of documents…




A miracle happened!

At the top of the mountain of documents, was the document Ryo had submitted!


So it was only a matter of time now.


When Abel is done approving the documents he was looking at now, Ryo’s document would be next….


Abel then approved the current documents and placed them in the ‘Approved’ box.

Then he picked up the unapproved document, the one at the top, and started going through it.


It was Ryo’s document.



Ryo was smiling, the excitement was written all over his face.

Abel’s face, however, was completely devoid of expression.



With a hint of anxiety, Ryo followed Abel’s gaze and paid attention to the movement of the pen in his right hand.



His gaze drifted to the end of the document…



He heard Abel mutter.


“Huh…. Abel, what did you just say?”

“Hmm? I said denied?”


“The royal capital walls exist for the public good. To then use it regularly for training is just…. If it’s just to train, I’m sure there are other ways. But this proposal is out of the question.”


Ryo despaired.


But then it hit him.

Then he snatched the document from Abel’s hands.


Ignoring Abel’s protests, he rewrote the document.


Then he handed over the revised document.



“Load testing to make sure the royal capital walls are in good working order? Checking if the city walls are in good working order by loading them with offensive magic?”

“That’s right! If the castle walls aren’t in good working order when the time comes, we’ll be in trouble! So, allow me to carry out the check.”

“…Not good enough.”


“There’s no definitive reason to leave this to you. Give me one good reason why I should entrust it to you, Ryo?”


“Geh… The mechanism of the walls…yes, because I want to figure out how the walls work from an alchemical point of view! That’s why I have to be the one to do it! ”

“Ho-hoo~. So to put it simply, you want to unravel the alchemy behind the city walls that once eluded not only Kenneth, but also Frank de Verde…what a tall claim.”

Abel said while grinning.


“Grrrh… Sure, it won’t be easy. So I will have to go at it dozens or hundreds of times. Just don’t pressure me for results right off the bat!”

Ryo countered a bit.


“Still…can you manage it alone, Ryo?”

“If I can’t, I can always enlist the help of the dragons from Rondo Duchy. I’m sure they possess some pretty amazing offensive magic like Dragon Flame and the like where they spit fire from their mouths! With that kind of firepower, we can unload it all at once and see.”

“No, please don’t…. I don’t mean whether you have enough firepower, but rather your proficiency in alchemy, whether you can handle it all on your own…”

“I know more than you, that’s for sure!”

“Well, obviously…. You know what, fine. I’ll permit you on the premise that you share whatever you find out about the walls with me.”

“You got it!”


Upon receiving Ryo’s reply, Abel signed the document.


“For starters, I’ll start with Icicle Lance Shower ‘Fan’, triple volley!”

“Wait a minute…. Is that what I think it is? The one that destroyed the weapons of Raymond’s army during the Battle of Gold Hill…”

“Yeah, it’s the one.”

“That means that tens of thousands of ice lances…will bounce off the walls and come straight at you, correct?”

“I guess so. I will cut all of them down. It won’t be much of a training if there’s no pressure.”

“So it’s a training exercise after all…not that load testing operational excuse.”


Abel’s mutterings were only known to himself.


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  1. Vegeta.D.kaiba

    I get the feeling Abel is starting to take Ryo for granted since a while .
    He needs a reality check .

    • I mean not really, Ryo is granted a title that gives him a pass for almost every secret of the kingdom, there’s also the fact that they are willing to give him everything as long as its reasonable it’s just that Ryo doesn’t have interest and using the very walls of the capital as a target practice is a bit too much as Abel said.

      • Sky

        The thing is the forest is not something the kingdom owns and so not something Abel can just give away to Ryo. If anything, Ryo as the sole human inhabitant of that subcontinent can just claim it as his and who’s to stop him? Ryo is just too nice and not greedy.

    • Hoa

      do you read? they are two friends :))

  2. Lazy_guy

    Much need training to defeat oscar

  3. Chris

    Able didn’t bring up the important point. What if Ryo break the ancient alchemy? Nobody can fix it. Nobody understands what the limits of that alchemy is either. “Testing” it daily is just reckless with no profit!

  4. R2D2TS

    Thanks for the chapter.

  5. Passerby

    I had wished for more Sera/Ryo-time. Particularly where he asks her to be his Duchess Rondo.

  6. Zax

    And this is how ridiculous training practices are made. Thanks for the chapter

  7. Sky

    I wonder if the mechanism behind the walls’ defense is able to differentiate between offensive and recovery skills. Like if you tried to heal it will it boost the heal it reflects back to you?

    • Lol then there’s no longer a need for a hospital. Stand in front of the wall and get priests to do normal heals everyone gets better

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