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Intermission 7 Master Ryo

Translator: Jay_Forestieri

Editor: Tseirp


The temporary branch of Gecko trading company in the royal capital.

It seemed to have been renovated from the mansion of a certain Count that was stripped of their title during the liberation war.


“Mr. Gekko…a go-getter indeed…”

Ryo proceeded through the gate, muttering to himself as he did so.


One could generally grasp the layout of that kind of building and the location of the courtyard.


When he arrived at the courtyard, sure enough, a mock battle was taking place.


A mock battle with <Ice Wall> and <Icicle Lance>.

All the participants had already learned to use them as naturally as breathing air….



It’s surprisingly easy for people to acquire skills if they work at it diligently and honestly.



Of course, the younger one is, the more pronounced the effect, but the tendency does not change with age.

The more diligently and honestly one works at it, the quicker it is acquired.

Maybe it’s because it’s rarer to encounter mental blocks that way….

Or is it more neuroscientific, a characteristic of the hippocampus or the amygdala? Or even perhaps the A10 nerve?


Ryo didn’t know the clear reason, but he was aware that such a phenomenon exists…as a fact.



While thinking about such a seemingly difficult subject, Ryo nodded and watched the mock battle between water-attribute magicians unfolding before his eyes.


“Ah, Master Ryo!”

One of the kids amid the mock battle noticed.


“He’s really here!”

“Master, I can now control sixteen <Icicle Lances>!”

“I’m now able to generate <Ice Walls 5 layers>!”



…It seemed that if one worked diligently and honestly, they could learn even faster than he imagined.



“That’s amazing, all of you!”

Ryo praised them and looked at the magic of each one of them in turn.




“All right, kids, break time is over.”

“Yes sir! ”

Chairman Gecko came out of the mansion, got a good reply to his announcement, and Ryo’s apprentices left for their posts.


“Hello, Mr. Gecko.”

“Ryo, oh, excuse me, Your Excellency Duke Rondo, you’re most welcome here.”

“Please, call me Ryo as you have always done.”

“Is that so? Alright, Ryo.”


He still hasn’t gotten used to being called ‘Duke Rondo’ by his old acquaintances.

Whether he would eventually get used to it is…highly doubtful.



“Actually, we are going to have a tasting of our new cake, would you like to join us?”

“I’d love to!”


He was, of course, informed in advance that Ryo would be visiting today.

That’s why he could access the courtyard so easily….

Meaning, all these were all part of Merchant Gecko’s calculation, including allowing him to participate in the tasting of the new cake.


After all, Gecko is a go-getter….


The two headed for the table where one other person was already sitting.

“Ah, Mr. Cohn, it’s been a long time.”

“Oh hi, Ryo. I mean, Duke Rondo, sorry…”

“Nah, Ryo is fine…”


Ryo had a similar exchange earlier.

He was beginning to think that it was a pain in the ass to correct it every time….


Cohn is a former C-rank adventurer from the Inbury Duchy.

When the Inbury Duchy was destroyed, he drifted to the Kingdom with Gecko.

Although on paper, he’s a member of Gecko trading company….



“I’m thinking of going to the northern part of the Kingdom.”

Cohn said, taking a bite of the fruit cake with figs that was served.

Ryo also took a bite.

The sweetness of the cream and the slight sourness of the figs were in perfect harmony and complemented each other.


“That’s quite nice!”

As for whether it was intended for Cohn on his future plans, or about the fig cake….



Ryo watched Cohn’s behavior and said.

“Mr. Cohn, at a glance you look like an adventurer, but your table manners are very refined.”

That’s right, although Cohn had stubble all over his face and a shabby looking outfit….


“Oh. Actually, I have properly trained in this kind of thing a long time ago. Thanks to that, I don’t have to embarrass myself in front of a noble, so…I’m always glad that I did.”

“Oh, I see.”

Cohn spoke with a distant look in his eyes, and Ryo nodded broadly in agreement.



It appeared that the fact that people are often judged based on their education is no different in any world.


It is very rare to ‘only’ be judged based on one’s ability.

It is good to know that.


If one were to think that they weren’t evaluated properly even though their ability should be good enough, it’s because they were evaluated poorly in the area of general common sense and general education.

If it were only within that person’s organization, they might say that it’s unfair! However, if there is a possibility of engaging with external influences… it is inevitable that the person in charge would be reluctant to have someone who lacks general knowledge as a representative of their organization….


How very sad.



“Come to think of it…Ryo actually bears some resemblance to that guy…”

“Huh? Did you say something?”

“No, nothing.”


Cohn remembered his old schoolmate from all those years ago.

But he had a feeling that if he said anything, something bad would happen…something very, very bad, so he kept his mouth shut.


Sharp intuition is one of the traits of a good adventurer.



Just as Cohn, Ryo, and Gecko were finishing their fig cakes, a man who appeared to be the steward of the mansion entered and whispered to Gecko.

“Please show him in.”


The person who entered the room was His Majesty the King of the country.


“Sorry for dropping in out of the blue like this, Gecko. I heard you have completed that request, so…”

King Abel entered the room and started talking.


Cohn saw this and immediately stood up and bowed.

When impeded by a chair and a table, it seemed that one didn’t have to get down on one knee to bow.


Ryo, of course, remained seated.



“Hm? I think you are Adventurer Cohn, right? It’s been a while. Leaving that aside…how come you are here, Ryo?”

“Abel, just so you know, the fig cakes are all sold out! And trying to score a free cake is an utter abuse of your authority.”

“There’s no way I’m here for that …. I only dropped by because I heard the Valkyrie Knight’s insignia was ready.”

Ryo pointed out the King’s abuse of authority and Abel cleared up the misunderstanding.


“The Valkyrie Knights, that’s the Order that was created around Miu and her party the Valkyries. You’re really giving it your all aren’t you, Abel.”

“O-Of course…”

“Your Majesty, it is ready in the other room.”

Gecko said and led Abel out.



Ryo, of course, did not follow.

Although a little curious about what the Valkyrie Knight’s insignia looked like….


“Here is the second sample product, ‘Burned Pudding’.”

“What a surprise!”

That’s right, he couldn’t tag along because the second sample item was served.

Moreover, it wasn’t just any pudding, but burned pudding….


Ryo realized that he had never had pudding since he came to ‘Phi’.


“It made me realize that there is still so much I have yet to try…”

Ryo made a gloomy remark, but had on a smiley expression and a cheerful voice.


“I guess your life is as complicated as they come too uh, Ryo…”

Cohn muttered as he began to eat the burned pudding alongside him.


Needless to say, the burned pudding was surprisingly good.


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