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Intermission 8 Blood Donation System

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That day, the crepe shop in the royal capital was crowded.


Yeah, that crepe shop that appears from time to time. The one with the bananas and whipped cream diamond blend!

Of course, it was Ryo who coined the term diamond blend for crepes, as he always does….



Ryo joined the line like it was the most natural thing to do.

He was supposed to head to the royal castle to meet His Majesty the King soon ….

Now, crepe or Abel?

It wasn’t even a choice!

“The crepe obviously! Oh, right. I should get a souvenir crepe for Abel, too. That way he won’t be offended.”


As a bribe of sort.


If he paid the bribe out of taxpayers’ money, he would surely get scolded, but if he paid it out of his own pocket money, it shouldn’t be a problem.




Thinking about this, Ryo got in the queue, and after a while, a huge and luxurious carriage pulled up in front of the crepe shop.

Which naturally stole all the attention.

It got Ryo’s attention as well.

He remembered seeing the crest on the door somewhere…but he couldn’t recall where.



The door opened and a pair of man and woman got out.



A ridiculously handsome young man and an astonishingly bewitching beauty.



It was the True Ancestor of vampires and Agnes, Duchess of Alba.

Agnes was holding hands with the Lord Progenitor, looking very happy.

Ryo was also a little happy to see them getting along so well with each other.


The two of them noticed Ryo.


“Huh? Ryo?”

“Oh my, Master Ryo. It’s been a long time.”

Both the Lord Progenitor and Agnes smiled and called out to him.


“Ah, yes, it truly has been some time. Um…why are you two in the royal capital?”

Even Ryo sometimes asks questions in the realm of common sense.


“Well, we’re just taking a stroll.”

“A stroll…”

The scale at which the Lord Progenitor operates is often incomprehensible even to Ryo….

It seemed that even the capitals of other countries were considered within walking distance.


“Lord Progenitor opted to accompany me to pay a courtesy visit to King Abel.”

Agnes answered happily.

She seemed very happy to be able to travel with the Lord Progenitor.



“We are heading to the royal castle after this, would you like to come with us?”

“Sure. I’m heading to the royal castle too myself…”

“Then, you can ride in the carriage with us.”

“Eh? Are you sure, I mean, I wouldn’t want to impose?”

Upon the Lord Progenitor’s invitation, Ryo looked at Agnes.

He wondered if he should interrupt their private time together.



Agnes nodded happily.

“Master Ryo knows about our relationship. So, there’s no need to hide it now.”


That seems to be the case….


They were openly flirting on the streets of the royal capital…what did she mean hiding …?



“Well then, I’ll buy you one as well, Ryo.”

Saying that, the Lord Progenitor approached the owner of the crepe shop and ordered.

“Three sets of crepe.”


Almost without waiting, three sets of crepe were packed, and the Lord Progenitor returned with them.


Meanwhile, what about those in line?

Not a word.

They did not move at all.

Their mouths were wide open.


“Here you go.”

“T-Thank you very much.”

Ryo received the crepe from the Lord Progenitor.


“Um, Lord Progenitor. The people in the line are not moving, have they been charmed or something?”

“Hm? No? I didn’t do anything…and neither did Agnes, apparently.”

Both the Lord Progenitor and Agnes remained smiling and took a bite of the crepe.


“Aw this is good!”

“Yes, it tastes really good.”

Agnes was delighted, and the Lord Progenitor complimented it.


“Yeah. The world is at peace…”

Ryo decided not to worry about anything.



Then the three of them got into the carriage.



Inside the carriage of the Duchess of Alba.

“Um, Lord Progenitor. Actually, there’s something I’ve always wondered…”

“What is it?”

The Lord Progenitor inquired about Ryo’s concerns in high spirits.

Agnes, next to him, was leaning against his shoulder and arm….


“According to my knowledge from Earth, vampires have to suck human blood to survive, but…I wonder how that is done in Twilight Land.”

“Oh, that’s easy. Land has a blood donation system.”

“Blood donation…. I see, so people can get juice or something if they donate blood?”

Ryo nodded broadly.

People donate blood and get juice in return. Wonderful!


The Lord Progenitor added while laughing.

“Yes, that’s how it is in Japan. In the United States, for example, you get paid for donating blood, right? That’s how it is in Land. I think it was food or snacks or something…because money seemed to be a major challenge. I started the program, but the government is in charge of its operation, so I’m not really clear about the current details of the program.”

“I see.”

“The collected blood is delivered to each vampire’s home in a certain number of units. It’s like a water dispenser. Once it runs out, it gets refilled. And the blood can be stored in the dispenser for several years, and it actually tastes better than if it were sucked directly from a human.”


“It’s alchemy. I named it the Bloody Dispenser.”

“Wow, that name actually sounds kinda cool…”


Ryo was not surprised to see the Lord Progenitor smiling as he spoke.

Ryo was supposed to be the goofball, but…the Lord Progenitor may just be a natural at it compared to him.



The Lord Progenitor added more shocking information.

“But you see, in fact, vampires can live just fine without the need to suck human blood.”


“How do I put it…. Right, people love eating cake. But they can survive just fine without it, right? Just like that.”

“Human blood is a sweet treat …. What can I say, it makes so much sense.”

Ryo nodded several times.

Because it was an explanation that made a lot of sense.



“Speaking of which, Duchess Alba is going to pay a courtesy visit to Abel…what about you, Lord Progenitor…”

“Oh me, I am just a plus one.”

“A plus one…”

“Yeah. Since I don’t hold any official position in Land.”

“Yeah about that too. The Lord Progenitor is the de facto ruler of Twilight Land, right? So, how come you don’t hold any official position.”


Ryo’s question was answered by the Lord Progenitor with the biggest smile ever.


“Well, wouldn’t it be cooler to rule the country from behind the scenes?”

“Sure! I totally get it!”

“Right? I knew you would understand!”



Everyone has their own idea of romance.






Either way…Ryo had committed a grave mistake.

But he was still yet to realize it at this point.


Yup, he forgot to secure the bribe for Abel….


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