Extra Chapter 1 Shen Country Asher Family – Ilk

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The ground Nonna stepped on, for the first time in a long time after getting off the ship, felt like it was swaying for some reason.

An appetizing scent came from somewhere, and Nonna thought (Shen’s air smells good!) and slightly lifted the corners of her lips.


“Nonna, let’s go.”

Called by her mother Anna, Nonna smiled and rushed over to her mother. Her pampering father, Jeffrey, grabbed Nonna as she ran over and picked her up like he always does.

“Oh. Feels like someone got a little heavier.”

“The food on the ship was delicious. Daddy says I’m getting heavier every day.”

“Is that so? The food on the ship was certainly delicious.”


The vice captain accompanied us to the harbor checkpoint. Perhaps because the vice captain was with us, the three of us were able to pass through the checkpoint in no time. The vice captain led us to a line of vehicles outside the checkpoint.


The vehicle looked like a two-seat sofa with two big wheels. It seemed that people would pull the vehicle.


Nonna, with her mother, father, the vice captain, and two vehicles with piles of luggage on them, a total of four vehicles slid forward smoothly. A young man was pulling them.

“Mommy, this is an interesting vehicle.”

“Yes. And it’s pretty fast.”


All the people walking down the street had black hair and black eyes.

People stared at us with looks of surprise. Many people turned to look again. Nonna was impressed (all the sailors had black hair, but in the Country of Shen, everyone really has black hair).



“Please wait here.”

A young woman wearing embroidered, straight-fitting clothes guided Nonna and the others to their room, served them tea, and then left the room.

Nonna immediately lifted the cup without a handle and drank the rich, pale yellow tea.


“It’s delicious. Mommy, this tea is delicious.”

Saying that, Nonna reached for the sweets served with the tea.

The round, plump sweets were shaped like flowers. The color was reddish brown, and some kind of green seed was embedded in the center of the flower.


Nonna’s eyes widened as she bit into the weighty sweets. She had never tasted such moist pastry with a rich sweetness and walnut flavor.


Taking tea and sweets alternately, Nonna ate the flower-shaped sweets in no time.


Before long, a man with a good physique appeared. The man called himself ‘Enlocum’. Nonna could say her name too. Enlocum had a long conversation with her father, using the vice captain as an interpreter. Her mother smiled and nodded along.


Nonna, who didn’t participate in the conversation, was busy looking at the furnishings in the room, the tea utensils, and the paintings on the walls. Everything was new and interesting to her.


Before long, her parents opened up the documents and began to talk even more enthusiastically, and Nonna was urged out of the room by the woman who had guided them.


She spoke kindly to her, but Nonna could hardly understand her. Reluctantly, Nonna pointed at herself and said, “Nonna. My name is Nonna Asher,” she said in Shen. Then, the young lady replied, “I am Mao.”

“Mao! Nice to meet you.”

“Thank you. Nice to meet you too.”


Nonna was so happy that she was able to establish a conversation with a foreigner like that, and laughed ‘Mufuu’. Mao showed her various kinds of garden trees that were planted in the garden and they were all trimmed meticulously. Nonna, seeing a pond, ran and looked into it.


“Wow, big fish. I wonder what they eat.”

As Nonna crouched down to see if they would eat like sheep on the sheep farm, she saw soft-looking brown leather shoes on the other side of the pond.


When she looked up, a boy about ten years old stood and spoke as he looked down at her expressionlessly.


“Are you a pimaro?”

Upon hearing that, Mao immediately scolded him. Nonna didn’t know what he said, but she knew he was scolded for saying something bad.


“My name is Nonna. Not pimaro.”

“So you speak Shen language? I’m Ilkers.”


After the boy introduced himself, he stared at her fixedly.

“Ilkers? Okay.”

So Nonna, who was more interested in fish than in boys, returned to looking into the pond. The boy then stepped forward and pulled Nonna’s arm with a jerk to make her stand up.

“Stop. I want to see the fish!”

She complained in Ashberian, but Ilkers said something while pulling Nonna. Mao said “Please stop” but the boy didn’t stop.


It could have been possible to shake off his hand and run away, but Nonna thought (it can’t be helped) and quietly followed the boy pulling her arm. She’ll wait until the last moment to kick him down and run away.


He brought her to a large aviary that was around the main house. The aviary was surrounded by smooth, cylindrical plant fences and it was as large as the farm tool storage area on the sheep ranch.




Inside was a bird about the size of a duck. Its body was a deep blue with a striking luster. And it walked while dragging its long blue-green tail. The small head had delicate feathers that look like artificial feathers.

When the bird saw Nonna, it raised its long tail and spread them slowly.


“Wow! What is this!?”


The luxurious tail feathers spread out in a semicircle were scattered with many egg-shaped patterns. The outline of the egg pattern was blue-green, and the yolk part was the same deep blue as the bird.


“Beautiful! Very beautiful!”

“This is concheru.”



The Ilkers boy nodded.

“Ilk, what is Pimaro?”

Ilkers was a little shaken when Nonna asked with a straight gaze.


“Pimaro are those.”

When she looked where he was pointing, she saw brown chickens and lots of yellow chicks in the hut next door. Was it because her hair is golden? Or did he find her as small as a chick?

“I, Pimaro, no! I am strong!”


Ilkers burst out with a ‘piff’ and laughed out loud.

His laughter seemed to treat her like a baby, and she got angry. She wanted to give up because she could not argue back, but her anger persisted.


“Uuuuu. Look at me. I’m not a chick!”


After saying that, she looked around, picked the tallest pine tree, ran up to it, took off her shoes, and started climbing. With the energy she had left over from the voyage, she climbed up and quickly reached the top branch.

Mao ran towards the house shouting something in a panic, while Ilkers looked up with his mouth wide open.


Standing on a tall branch and looking around, Nonna could see that the size of this house was enormous. There were ponds here and there and little bridges that look like toys. Wild grass was planted on a small mountain that seems to have been specifically built.

A lot of flowers seemed to have been planted after careful calculation. There were other aviaries in addition to the one for the concheru and chickens she saw earlier.


“Seems interesting.”

When she was talking to herself, mother and father came running, so she waved and called out.



“Nonna, you’re surprising everyone. Come down quietly.”



Nonna smoothly descended halfway, checked the ground, and jumped off.

Mao screamed “Kyaa!”


When she spun around in the air and landed quietly on both feet, mother approached her with a smile. Father apologized to Enlocum.


Nonna approached the Ilkers boy while still in her socks.

“Ilk, I’m not a pimaro. I’m Nonna, Nonna Usher. Remember’

Saying that, Nonna put on her shoes and stood next to her mother.


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