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Victoria Extra Chapter 2

Extra Chapter 2 Shen Country Asher Family – Mr. Kan

Translator: Tseirp


The next day. Both father and mother seemed to be busy from the morning.


“Nonna, your mother and father are studying medicine. Would you like to spend time with Mao? You can play with that boy too, but please stop doing roundhouse kicks and knee kicks.”

“Okay. But mom, that boy called me a chick? What should I do if he calls me a chick again?”


After making a slightly surprised face, Nonna’s mother held her face in her hands and made eye contact before speaking.


“I guess he just cares about Nonna. Isn’t it fine if he doesn’t say it in a mean way? Will you get along with him?”



Nonna wondered (Can I get along with a person who calls someone a chick when they meet for the first time?)

Breakfast was flat bread-like bread made with kneaded flour eaten by wrapping a lot of side dishes in it. When Nonna liked the soft, sweetly boiled nuts and ate many of them, Mao explained something and her mother translated for her.


“Jujube is delicious, but it’s also delicious when eaten with steamed chicken with sauce.”


When she ate the chicken as she was told, the chicken had a softness that she had never eaten in Ashbury, and the sauce with chopped herbs was sweet and sour. She felt that she could eat many more.


“Anna, you’ve mastered the Shen language.”

“Thank you, Jeff, but I’m afraid I’ll have a hard time remembering the names of the medicines.”

“It’s really helpful because you write every word down.”

“I’m hoping to create a Shen-Ashbury dictionary. It should make it easier for international students from both Shen and Ashbury to come and go.”


Surprise and admiration were floating in the eyes of father as he looked at mother. Nonna was so happy to see two of her favorite people getting along like that.

After her parents were gone for work, Nonna and Mao went out to the garden. She ran and looked into yesterday’s pond again. Fat fish of black, red, and gold come rushing toward her, begging for food. Ever since she lived by the sea in the Randall Kingdom, Nonna has loved fish.


(They look delicious)

Even though she was full, she felt as though her saliva was about to come out as she stared at the fishes. Since Ilk wasn’t there today, she decided to take her time exploring the garden, and when she stood up, she heard a shout from afar.


“Ha! Ya! Ha!”

It was the voices of many grown men. Relying on the voices, she walked quickly and came to a place like a training ground on the outskirts of the premises. About twenty men were training in loose matching blue tops and bottoms.



Nonna started running over with sparkling eyes, and Mao hurriedly followed her.

Nonna decided to stand in a place that wouldn’t get in the way. All the men had either short or long black hair tied up, and were imitating the elderly man who seemed to be a teacher standing in front of them.


He struck his fist at a speed that couldn’t be seen and pulled it back. A lot of whooshes followed after him. She heard the sound of their punches cutting the air.

Kicks, punches, roundhouse kicks.

It was a little different from what her mother taught her, but they were all familiar movements.


Her father and mother taught Nonna, who had a ton of excess energy, many things during the two-month voyage.

Mother was mainly martial arts, father was swordsmanship.

It became a topic of conversation among the sailors, and when it came time for training for the Asher family, all the sailors who were not busy came out on deck to watch.


There was also a sailor who knew his skills, and if that sailor called out to mother and tried to practice martial arts with the two of them, there would be a big fuss with whistles and cheers. Even the ship captain came to see what was going on.

Mother was beautiful even when she trained, with shining sweat and disheveled hair. Father and Nonna would look at mother with adoration. Father was terribly sad that the sailors of Shen had no experience in swordsmanship.


As Nonna remembered such memories in a daze, the men had stopped moving and were looking at her.

(Eh? Maybe I shouldn’t be watching?) When she became a little flustered, she noticed the elderly man who was setting an example in front of the men was beckoning for her.


When she pointed at herself with (Me?), he laughed and nodded. Nonna, boldly took off her shoes on the spot and ran over. All the men were barefoot.




When she stopped halfway and looked back, Mao had a troubled face.

However, Nonna, who still didn’t have the words to explain, bowed politely to Mao and said, “This is all right”, and turned around and rushed over to the man who had beckoned her.



“Hello. I am Nonna Asher.”

The teacher and students were surprised by the girl with beautiful blond hair speaking Shen language and laughed happily.


“I am Kan”

“Nonna likes this.”

Saying that, she showed off the punches, kicks, and roundhouse kicks from earlier.

The young men who were laughing stopped their laughter all at once. Mr. Kan’s face turned to “Ho”.

“Together, train, I want.”

“Oh, sure.”

Mr Kan called out “Mao!” and instructed something. Mao-san ran to somewhere, and soon came back with a blue training suit.

“Can I wear this?”

“Yes, it’s okay.”


Mao took her hand and quickly helped her change clothes in the shade, and Nonna returned to the men. Watched by warm and curiosity-filled gazes, Nonna was invited to the center of the third row from the front.

After that, training resumed.


“Ha! Yah!”

She looked at the men around her and Mr. Kan and imitate them. She quickly struck out with her fist and pulled back. Front kick, roundhouse kick, flying kick. It was so much fun. If she wasn’t careful, a big grin would show on her face.

After practicing for a while, two people appointed by Mr. Kan faced each other and fought with martial arts. The other people around her observed. They moved so fast. She thought mother moved fast, but they were faster than her.

Not wanting to miss a single thing, Nonna eagerly watched.


After the best students among the students finished as role model, everyone teamed up with someone nearby and started practicing one-on-one. Nonna thought (I guess I’ll have to observe), but Mr Kan invited her to partner with a gesture.


“Can I do it seriously?”

Even though she asked in Ashberian, the teacher nodded with a big smile.

(Since he’s a teacher, it’s okay to be serious, right?) Convinced by herself, Nonna took the stance she had been taught by her mother.


Of course, there was no way she could compete with the teacher, and the teacher moved slowly, dodging all of Nonna’s attacks while watching Nonna’s movements. Nonna hopped and kicked from all directions like a nimble baby rabbit. She sometimes clung to Mr. Kan’s neck from behind, leaving him confused as to what to do next.

Her mother, Anna, never taught her life-threatening techniques.


“Hahahaha. Haven’t you been taught beyond that?』

“Mommy wouldn’t teach me.”

“Umu. That’s fine. If you learn with that small body, your life will be shortened.”

Before she knew it, all the students had stopped moving and were watching Mr Kan and Nonna’s match.


That night.

In the detached house given to the Asher family, Nonna was engrossed in telling Anna about Mr. Kan and the students.

“I see. It sounds like it was a good experience.”

“Mommy, I want to do that training again.”

“Dear, what do you think?”

“Isn’t it fine? It won’t hurt.”


Nonna’s face instantly brightened at her father Jeffrey’s reply.


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