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Victoria Extra Chapter 3

Extra Chapter 3 Shen Country Asher Family – Nonna’s Improvement

Translator: Tseirp


The day after Nonna participated in training.

Mr. Kan entered the cafeteria where the Asher family was eating.


“Mr. Kan! Good evening.”

“Hi Nonna. Good evening. I need to talk to your parents today.”


Nonna replied “Hmm?”, looking at her mother, Anna. She still couldn’t understand the intricacies of conversation. Anna responded with a smile.

“What can I help you with, Mr. Kan?”

“This girl’s physical ability is unusual. She has quick reaction, jumping power, eyes and body acuity to see the opponent’s movements, and can react in an extremely short time. I want to know what kind of parenting you did to nurture her like that.”


Anna looked at her husband with a troubled face.

Jeffrey opened his mouth after receiving his wife’s gaze.


“Ever since my wife became this child’s mother, she seems to have taught her various movements in the form of play little by little every day. I don’t think she realizes how much ability she has, she only learned it through play.”

Prompted by Jeffrey, Anna explained in detail how she had taught Nonna the basic skills.

Incorporating martial arts into her games, and teaching her how to climb trees, spin in the air, and climb over fences.


“Ah. Games. I see. Although I knew that strictly teaching like an eagle was not the only way. Seeing this success seems to force me to rethink my teaching methods.”


Nonna was impatient and asked her parents what they were talking about.

“What? Daddy, mommy, what are you talking about?”

“He’s praising Nonna for how good Nonna’s movements are.”



“Since retiring from the position of head of the family, I have devoted myself to teaching young people…”

Mr Kan laughed wryly at that.

“I’m impressed by the wonderful skills a child can learn through play. From now on, when teaching young people and children, it seems better to think more about how to do it. I really learned something.”


Mr. Kan’s teaching style changed little by little from the next day.

As far as children’s training was concerned, they began to incorporate a little play at the end of training. Guidance for adults remained the same.


Throughout her time in Shen, Nonna continued to attend Mr Kan’s trainings.

By the time they return to Ashbury five years later, she had become so proficient in martial arts that even Jeffrey could not let his guard down.

(What would it be like if there were no physique or weight difference?) He was surprised at Nonna’s progress.


“Your body is a weapon.”


One day, Nonna fixed her breathing, decided on a style, and muttered so with a serious face.

Seeing Nonna like that, Jeffrey panicked (Huh? Did I let her have too much freedom?), but Anna

“Isn’t it fine? Life is more fun if you can try things than if you can’t.”

She was laughing leisurely.

Still, as a mother, she was a little cautious.


“Nonna, I think it’s very nice, but it’s better not to show that style and face to other people. Also, let’s say ‘Your body is a weapon’ only in your heart.”



After Nonna replied lightly, she gave a high kick in the air with a “Ha!”, then rushed over to Anna and hugged her.

“Oh my. What a spoiled child.”



It was not long before the Asher family returned home.


Author’s note:

Please continue to enjoy Victoria 2!

Victoria 2 will revolve around their story after returning to Ashbury.


Translator’s note:

The end! Thank you for reading up to this point! Please browse and read my other translated works on this website if you enjoyed my translations!

As mentioned previously, I wasn’t planning to continue Victoria 2 … but please do leave a comment below if you wish to see it … I might? if the interest is there.


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  1. Dcrangerange

    Thanks for the work. I really enjoyed it. Interested in where it’s going next but I can understand if you want to drop it if it’s not interesting for you.

  2. Anonymous

    I really liked Victoria and would definitely like to read Victoria 2, so really hope you do decide to translate it.

  3. Tense as a Duck in a Storm

    It’s interesting and I like it, but it’s not in the “I will cry if I can’t read it” tier.

    I , obviously, enjoy this series a lot and will continue reading it if chapters are offered.

    Still, don’t force yourself if you don’t enjoy translating it.

    Have a nice one ♡
    Thanks for everything!

  4. Calvin

    Thanks for translating Victoria I. I enjoyed reading it.

    As for Victoria II, it’s more important that you enjoy it and want to translate it.

  5. Sewelin

    Hi, thanks for all your work. The story was greet, as is your translation. If you end up translating Victoria 2, I’d be very glad to read it 🙂

  6. Anonymous

    I’d be lying if I said I preferred Victoria over Water Magician. But I still hope that we can get the continuation of the story sometime in the future.

  7. lens

    i wish to see v 2
    but it depends to the story
    if v2 go to slice of life somehpw gonna be sad

  8. vampyrichamster

    Thank you for translating this book! I loved it and would definitely enjoy seeing Vol. 2, but I understand if you need to stop. I thought the translations were good and didn’t notice the discrepancy in style you were worried about. All the emotions and thoughts came through clearly. Thanks again and good luck whatever you choose to do!

  9. Exa

    I love the Victoria as well as all the other more SoL heavy series that you do. If possible, it’d be great if you could keep TLing it, though I understand if you rather do something else.

  10. Jonathan Hurd

    Thank you for the story. I have really enjoyed it. I am curious what part two would be about. I would assume there is probably a confrontation between Anna and her old boss who was like a big brother. I am also interested in what kind of new life Anna will have now that she has people she can trust and doesn’t have to hide so thoroughly anymore.

    In the end do what’s best for you but I will definitely keep an eye out if Volume two is translated.

  11. Anonymous

    Mirroring the others, I’d love to read the continuation. If you’re not having a good time translating it however, I won’t be holding it against you.

  12. Alex

    Thank you so much for translating the Resourceful Victoria. It was short, but sweet.

    If you feel like translating the sequel, I’d happily read it, but it’s much better to translate something you’re excited by.

  13. BK

    Thanks for translating, would definitely love to continue reading Victoria 2!

    Don’t feel pressured to translate it if it doesn’t excite you though, I think we’re all grateful to have been able to discover/read this series.

  14. dbm

    Thanks for translating this!

    I really like how the translations bring out Victoria’s voice. On the one hand, she’s a disciplined, badass agent, but on the other she’s a twentysomething woman with dreams, needs and desires that sometimes conflict. (“I want you to realize that without asking, Commander.”). Sometimes in these types of stories female agents can come across as cyborg-like with totally repressed emotions (e.g. the Angelina Jolie character in “Salt”) but Victoria never does.

  15. Chris

    I really liked the first arc of Victoria. That said, if you feel the 2nd arc isn’t well written I can understand dropping it. I’d be interested in the second arc, but not heart broken if it was dropped.

  16. Scipo0419

    Thank you for translating! I really enjoyed this series, so I’d happily read Victoria 2 if you chose to translate it, but only do so if you are interested and enjoying it. We’ll be fine!

  17. justAFleshWound

    Would love to se victoria 2 if you ever choose to translate it

  18. Ben

    I actually rather enjoyed it and would like to see what happens next if you ever do decide to translate it 🙂
    Thank you for translating everything so far!

  19. Drusantia

    Thanks for the translation, it was a good story. I’d read the continuation, if you’d translate it 🙂

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