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Chapter 0263 The Crisis in Rune

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Editor: Tseirp


The guild carriage arrived in Rune city the next afternoon, with the four of them staying overnight in the carriage, changing horses in each town.


“Okay, we’ll be jumping on the road again. We’ll leave the guild carriage here, and then…”

“The Rune Adventurers’ Guild has a carriage ready for us from here on out.”

“The others are already in the destination village.”


Niels, Etho, and Amon were all in high spirits even after a day and night in the carriage.

Worthy of being B-rank adventurers…Ryo was genuinely impressed.



By the way, Ryo remained a C-rank adventurer.

Which wasn’t surprising, since he’s only completed a handful of requests in the past three years.



“What about you, Ryo?”

Niels asked as he got out of the carriage.

“I’m going home to pick up some books, grab a bite at the ‘Houshokutei’ for the first time in a while, and then head right back to the royal capital. I probably won’t be able to borrow a guild carriage, so I’ll just catch a regular transport carriage or something.”

“Well, unlike the royal capital, they only have three guild carriages here.”


Niels also nodded slightly, agreeing with Ryo’s idea.



“All right, first we’ll report our arrival to the guildmaster and talk about renting the carriage. So we’re off to the guild. Take care, Ryo.”

“Let’s meet in the royal capital another time.”

“How envious, getting to eat that tasty curry at Houshokutei.”

Niels dropped a weighty line like a leader, Etho promised to meet again in the capital, and Amon, who loves spicy food, praised the curry at Houshokutei and then went on their way.



Ryo did not even bother to show up at the Rune adventurers’ guild, but instead headed for the ‘Houshokutei’ at the east gate.



The next morning.

D-rank adventurers belonging to Rune were gathered in the lecture room of the Rune Adventurers’ Guild.


“…So, there are currently no adventurers above C-rank in Rune city, as they’re all out on the wyvern subjugation quest. You guys here in this room are the best force we have at the moment to support the city.”

Standing in front of them, speaking, was the guild master, Ra.


That’s right, Ra, the swordsman who was once the leader of the party ‘Switchback’ that belonged to Rune city.


‘Switchback’ became a B-rank party in the end and later disbanded.

He had served as a vice guildmaster and was currently the guildmaster of the Rune Adventurers’ Guild, the largest guild at the frontier.


The fact that he was a B-rank adventurer proves that he’s, after all, a figure admired by many active adventurers.

In the lecture room, the D-rank adventurers were looking at Ra with great enthusiasm.

His imposing physique was reminiscent of Hugh McGrath, the former guildmaster and now grandmaster of the royal capital.



“Nice speech, Ra.”

Sue, the vice guildmaster, complimented Ra when he returned to the guildmaster’s office.

Sue was the scout of the party ‘Switchback’.



Many guild officials thought that the reason the Rune Adventurers’ Guild was running so well and Ra not failing at his job…was because Sue was supporting him.


And Ra himself thought so.


And because of this, the feeling of him being indebted to Sue resonated even more strongly now than when they were in the same party.

How Sue felt about it, though, was anyone’s guess.




Three o’clock in the afternoon of the same day.

The bell at the Rune Square rang, announcing to the whole city that it was three o’clock.


Hearing this, Ra muttered to himself.

“The wyvern subjugation should be underway by now.”

“Don’t worry, southern adventurers are tough. Moreover, those ‘Room 10’ guys are there too.”

Sue replied to Ra’s muttering with a big nod.


In actual fact, none of the members of ‘Room 10’ was capable of using offensive magic, but the rest of the assembled parties were made up of quite a few magicians.

One of the established rules for defeating wyverns is to have as many magicians with offensive capabilities as possible.

Following this rule, they should have quite the lineup.



On this day, the problem didn’t befall the wyvern subjugation team, but Rune city itself.



“Guildmaster, we have a problem!”

A guild official came tumbling into his office and announced.


“The Great Tidal Bore has occurred!”


The Great Tidal Bore.

A large increase in the number of monsters that occurs once every few years inside the dungeon in the center of Rune city.

Of course, since it occurs regularly, a barricade was built around the dungeon entrance to make it easier to intercept the monsters when they pour out due to the Great Tidal Bore.


Three years have passed since the last Great Tidal Bore… an interval that is by no means impossible….



Ra muttered involuntarily.


The Great Tidal Bore is said to occur once every few years.

In past records, there were certainly records of a reoccurrence within three years of the last Great Tidal Bore.

However, since the Great Tidal Bore three years ago occurred ten years after the previous one, it’s understandable why he would feel it came too soon compared to that.



As soon as he said that, a follow-up report arrived.


“The captain of the county knights, Neville Black, who was near the dungeon, took command and succeeded in containing the monsters within the barricade. Now he’s preparing to intercept them.”

“Good. I’m heading there now. Notify the rest of the adventurers…”


Ra’s voice trailed off as he was about to complete his sentence.


Yup, all C-rank adventurers and above were out on the wyvern subjugation mission, and only D-rankers and below were currently in the city.


But even so, he had no choice but to give the order.


“Summon the remaining adventurers. Tell them to gather at the dungeon barricade. And bring every bow, arrow, and weapon they can find along to the barricade!”

By the time Ra was done giving the instructions, vice guildmaster Sue was already out of the office.

She had already left for the dungeon barrier to organize and command the defense on the adventurers’ side.



Then, more reports came in.

“The core monster for this time is ogre!”



Only one type of monster appears during the Great Tidal Bore.

The last time was a goblin…which posed quite a challenge due to their ridiculous number.



But still, goblins…individually, aren’t strong.

But this time, ogres… every one of them is vicious.



Their huge two-and-a-half-meter physique is not easily pierced by arrows.

A mere graze of the club they wield would render a human incapable of combat.


Yet only D-rank adventurers and below were available to confront waves upon waves of such monsters.

“I guess our only offensive option is the Knights Order …”


As he exited his office, Ra’s face turned deathly pale.



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