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Chapter 0264 The Great Tidal Bore

Translator: Jay_Forestieri

Editor: Tseirp


As Ra, with such a pale complexion, was about to walk out of the guild, he saw a magician entering the guild…perhaps by divine providence or arrangement.


“Ah, Mr. Ra, long time no see.”


It was a C-rank water-attribute magician who had come to the guild cafeteria to have something to eat for the first time in a while before heading to the royal capital.



“Ryo…? Why are you here?”


The words that unintentionally escaped Ra’s mouth were purely just a question….


“D-Don’t get the wrong idea, I am not going from one restaurant to another sampling food because I’ve missed the tasty lineup Rune has to offer, or that the guild cafeteria serves the best lunch, then go back to have dinner at ‘Houshokutei’, stay one more night and just catch the carriage heading out tomorrow! ”

Ryo replied, flustered for some reason.


“Oh, okay, that’s not what I meant… You know what, never mind. Listen Ryo, I have an emergency quest and a designated commission for you!”




“The Great Tidal Bore, really, what shitty timing…”

Even Ryo was shocked after learning about the situation.


He had already learned from his conversation with ‘Room 10’ that all C-rank adventurers and above were out, but for the Great Tidal Bore to occur at this time…and to make matters worse, ogres.



Ryo and Ra arrived on the barricade and looked inside.



Ryo was excited.


Ryo didn’t witness the last Great Tidal Bore because he was in the library.

This time, for the first time in his life, he saw thousands of monsters squirming about.

It was a bit eerie, but a spectacular sight still.



“Damn, this might be a bit difficult…”

Ra muttered next to him.



Long-range attack with bows and arrows had already begun on the defensive wall.


To first of all reduce their numbers as much as possible with bows and arrows

Magic too, but since magic power is more finite than arrows, the main assault will be with bows and arrows.




“The ogres’ skin is too hard, the arrows aren’t getting through!”

A guild official reported so at the top of his lungs

“Ra, it looks like even the archers on the Knights Order side are having trouble penetrating their hide.”

Sue, the vice guildmaster who arrived earlier and was in command, reported that the Knights Order side was also having difficulties.


Then she noticed.


“Is that? Ryo?”

“Oh, Sue, hello. Listen, I wasn’t trying to score the daily set meal at the Rune Adventurers’ Guild cafeteria since I’m in Rune or anything like that, just so you know!”

“S-Sure…I think I know how he found you…”


Sue sneered as she said this.



And Ryo thought for a moment.


It should be okay to use some fancy magic.

Because those in Rune, including the knights who he served as their swordsmanship instructor, are like relatives, and since he is now, after all, the premier duke…there should be no need to worry about some strange noble setting eyes on him!


With that in mind, Ryo decided to make a suggestion of his own, especially since nothing was being said.


“Mr. Ra, should I whittle down the number of those ogres with magic?”

“C-Can you do that!?”

“Sure. I have just the right water-attribute magic for the task.”

“By all means, please do it!”



Ra was already at a point where he was pretty much grasping at straws.


He had heard for as long as he could remember that Ryo’s combat ability was very high and that he was very good with both magic and sword.

So, he brought him here intending to have him play an active role in melee battles after they had whittled down the monsters to a certain extent with bows and arrows.


However, the bows and arrows turned out to be ineffective….


He was in despair, and Ryo’s suggestion was a godsend.



But then he remembered.


What Ryo had done during the Kingdom Liberation War.



“<Floating Magic Circle>.”


Ryo chanted, and sixteen magic circles floated in the air around him.



At the sight of these magic circles, the adventurers’ stopped shooting arrows.

The knights on the opposite wall, who were also shooting arrows, also stopped.



Then he chanted.



“<Icicle Lance Shower ‘Fan’>”



At that moment, tens of thousands of ice lances were launched from Ryo and those magic circles.


From the sky, countless ice lances could be seen flying in an unfolded fan shape, with Ryo at the center.



They shimmered beautifully, reflecting the rays of the sun as they rained down incessantly…piercing the ogres.



And not a single volley, but a second, third, and even a fourth….



The arena below the defensive wall was riddled with countless icicles, so much so that there was no place to tread.


It was a sparkling white silver world.

Only not from snow, but ice….


“Silver Duke…”

“Ice fall…”


Only God knows who muttered that.




A world where everything was still.


Neither below the wall nor on the wall, no movement, not a word other than murmurs….




“Mr. Ra, one is still moving.”

The silence was broken by the same water-attribute magician who brought it on in the first place.


He pointed his finger at a single ogre, larger than the others, and the only survivor.


It was an unbelievable sight to see over five thousand ogres slaughtered by the magic of a single person, but it was also unbelievable to see an ogre that was unaffected by the same magic.



“The hell…is that?”

Ra didn’t know.


“That’s an Ogre King…”

Sue knew.



Ryo muttered, and all the ice lances that had pierced the ogres vanished.

Only the fallen ogres and the Ogre King, the only survivor, remained in the arena.



“The ogres around the king seemed to have shielded it with their bodies…”

Ryo’s murmur seemed to be louder than expected, and both Ra and Sue were stupefied.

“I didn’t think that ogres were capable of that…”

Sue muttered, and Ra nodded in agreement.



“Now then, what would you like to do with the remaining one, the king?”

Ryo asked Ra, the commander of the scene.

“I guess I’ll have to go down there.”

Ra said, and began to stretch and flex his body.


“Are you going to be alright?”

Sue looked extremely worried.


Ryo could relate to the feeling…since he, too, was a little worried.


But, of course, Ra is the guildmaster of Rune city, and a swordsman…..

“I’m a former B-rank adventurer, remember? I’ll be fine.”


Ra said emphatically with a smile on his face.


All the while, the Ogre King, standing in the center of the arena, didn’t even move a muscle but kept its eyes on them.

In response, Ra looked back at the King.


After glaring at each other for a moment, Ra leaped off the top of the wall and headed down the arena.

The king didn’t follow his figure…but kept looking up at the top of the wall.


Ryo thought that perhaps it was looking at him since he was the one who unleashed the ice lances all over the place…but decided not to worry about it.


On his own accord, he decided that his work was done….



“Hey King, I’m your opponent!”

Ra shouted as he confronted the king.


It was only then that the king looked at Ra.


Ra is a huge swordsman, nearly two meters in height.

The Ogre King, however, was nearly three meters tall.

It thrust its huge cudgel into the ground, looking very majestic.



After a few moments of staring at each other with their weapons at the ready…Ra struck and the sword fight began.






The sound of heavy objects clashing against each other echoed throughout the walls.


Ra’s sword…was more like a thick plate of iron, rather than a sword.

Or perhaps, a lump of iron….


The clash between such a sword and the ogre’s cudgel.


Ogres, even among the many monsters, excels in ‘strength’.

Although it wielded a cudgel, its power was tremendous.

It was almost impossible to take it head-on.






“This is amazing.”

Even Ryo was impressed.


Ra was striking back the cudgel with his sword.

He wasn’t inferior in power at all.

It would seem that Ra also possesses power that wasn’t inferior to that of a monster.



“Well that power is the only thing Ra’s got going for him.”

Sue muttered as she let out a sigh.


Power on both sides were even, speed…too, as for skills… were both sides even using any?



It looked like it was going to be a while before the match would be decided….



Two hours later.






…Nothing had changed.



Sue suddenly looked toward Ryo, who had made an ice chair beside her and was sitting on it, watching the sword fight.


He was holding something in his hand.

And sometimes he would put it in his mouth…he seemed to be eating it.


“What’s that, Ryo…”

“Oh, so sorry, I only bought one, it’s crepe.”


Ryo wondered if he should have bought another one…and given it as a bribe to Sue, the authoritative figure in that place.


What a blunder.


“Oh, okay, nah, it’s fine. Enjoy…”

Sue decided not to pay attention to it.


It meant that Ryo had somehow slipped away, went to a crepe shop in town, and bought it.

And he was watching the match while eating.

At times like that, there was a great saying that applied in any world.


As they say, ‘If you let it get to you, it’s your loss’.



Another two hours later.






…They were still at it.

It was still going on, but the tide was gradually turning.


Sue suddenly looked toward Ryo again, who had made an ice chair beside her and was sitting on it, watching the sword fight.

He had now made an ice desk and was reaching for something he had placed there.

And sometimes he would put it in his mouth…he seemed to be eating it.


“What’s that, Ryo…”

“Oh, would you like some, Sue? It’s Pizza Margherita. It’s quite delicious.”

“Oh, sure, I’ll have a slice…”


Saying this, Sue took a slice of the eight and ate it.


“Wow…this is good.”


She couldn’t help but let those words escape out of her mouth.

She had been here for hours, watching, without eating or drinking.

No wonder she was famished.


Hearing Sue’s expression and the unintentional words that leaked out, Ryo struck a fist bump pose in his mind.


He recovered from his blunder.



The moment Ryo finished the last slice of Margherita…the king’s cudgel was knocked away.

Without a word, Ra beheaded the king, finally bringing the sword fight to an end.


Which also marked the end of the Great Tidal Bore.


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