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Chapter 0276 Intermission

Translator: Jay_Forestieri

Editor: Tseirp


It was only by chance that Ryo met a group of individuals who had just finished their audience with the King, just a few days before the mission’s departure.



Then came along a familiar voice and Sera embraced him, employing her usual sonic dive.


In the past, her fists or elbows would sometimes unintentionally press against his stomach during the sonic dive, but recently Ryo has gotten used to her timing.

He caught her perfectly well as she embraced him.


“Oh, Sera? How come you’re in the royal castle?”

Ryo asked the most obvious question.


“Well, to see you, obviously!”

“That’s not true.”


Sera and Ryo both called out the name of the individual who dropped that punchline at the same time.


Sera’s connotation, meant, “Why did you say that?”

While Ryo’s meant, “I knew it…”.



“You’ll also be accompanying the delegation to the Western Countries, right? We came to deliver an official letter from the ‘Western Forest’ to entrust to the delegation.”

“Oh, I see.”

Ryo nodded to Obaba-sama’s explanation.


Ryo had no idea about the situation of elves outside of the Central Nations, but it somehow seemed logical to him that there may be elves in the Western Countries as well.



“Yeah well, that’s hardly important.”

“What do you mean hardly important… that’s what we came all the way here for.”

Obaba-sama shook her head slightly at Sera’s remark.


“Anyway, Ryo, I haven’t been in the royal capital in a long time. And I’m dying for something yummy, so would you please show me around.”

Sera smiled as she urged him, looking really happy.

And Ryo loves Sera’s smile.

Of course, why would he refuse?


“Sure. A few decent restaurants have opened recently. The hamburger steaks have always been pretty good, so is the spaghetti, and even the curry is now competing with the ones served in Rune.”

“Spaghetti? Not pasta?”

“That’s right! Spaghetti.”


Sera and Ryo were having such a conversation as they walked down the hallway.



Leaving Obaba-sama and the rest of the group from the Western Forest behind.

Then she muttered.

“Could this be what Sera was really after when she joined this group to deliver the official letter…”




The Elven Autonomous Region in the Royal Capital.

Today, it is a building unparalleled in terms of elegance, but with a variety of alchemical artifices.


In the last royal capital disturbance, although they stood their ground to the bitter end, they had to rely on Sera alone in the end, so Obaba-sama explicitly ordered the strengthening of their defenses… and even now, it’s being strengthened daily.

As part of this effort, the area surrounding the Autonomous Region has expanded even further than before, with the purchase of some noble’s mansion that had fallen to ruin in the royal capital disturbance, and the construction of a new training facility.



“Welcome back, Obaba-sama. Hm? Where is Sera?”

“Hmm. She ran into Ryo at the royal castle…”

“Oh, I see.”


With just that little explanation from Obaba-sama, Carson, the chief of the Autonomous Region, got the gist and smiled.

That, she’s probably on a date around the royal capital.



Ryo used to visit the ‘Western Forest’ from the Rondo Forest quite regularly.

It was quite a distance, and he never told anyone how he managed it, but Obaba-sama knew.

Although she didn’t know how he pulled it off, only that he always came riding on a gryphon.

And always by jumping off the back of the gryphon.


Even the elves had never heard of a gryphon carrying someone on its back, but Obaba-sama happened to witness it through her telescope, so as inconceivable as it was, she had no choice but to believe it….


However, Obaba-sama never told anyone about it.

Not even Sera.

Because she understood that Ryo didn’t want it to be known.



One way or the other, all the elves throughout the Kingdom knew of Ryo.

And after watching his sword fight with Sera, they had come to respect him.


To be able to fight on equal footing against Sera, whom all the elves in the Kingdom probably couldn’t defeat even if they worked together….

A most extraordinary feat.



To Carson, the chief of the Autonomous Region, Ryo is also the Premier Duke of the Kingdom.

They sometimes meet in the royal castle, sometimes in meetings with the King, and meetings with the prime minister.

He’s without a doubt, recognized as one of the most important figures in the Kingdom.


From such a political angle, it’s gratifying that such a person is on good terms with Sera, who is now the most well-known of all the elves in the Kingdom.

After all, Carson’s role is to bridge the gap between the elves and the Kingdom.



“So, Carson. How did it go?”

“Right. The expansion of the training facility will be completed by next month. We are also working with Viscount Kenneth Hayward on the defense fortifications so that even if something like the royal capital disturbance occurs again, the Autonomous Region will not fall again.”

“Good. I’m counting on ya.”


Obaba-sama must have been satisfied with the report.

She nodded broadly and walked toward the building.


Carson muttered.

“And the goal is to erect a fortress in the royal capital…”


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