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Chapter 0279 Mock Battle

Translator: Jay_Forestieri

Editor: Tseirp


The Kingdom delegation reached the Imperial border without any problems.

And they crossed the border without any problems.

There wasn’t even a formal inspection.

The reason for this soon became clear.



“They’ve got the entire delegation surrounded by Imperial troops…”

“It’s a little scary…”

“If they suddenly attacked us, we wouldn’t stand a chance…”

“This is quite the exaggerated VIP treatment!”


Amon stated the facts, Etho expressed his honest feelings, Niels vented his fears, and Ryo revealed his joy.

That’s the way it is with these four.



In this state, they were ‘escorted’ to the city of Gilsbach, the meeting place of the delegations of each country.

“We clearly look like prisoners being guarded rather than escorted…”

Ryo was about to say something in reply to Niels’ words, when he suddenly noticed the stiff expression on the face of priest Zeke, who was walking behind him.


“Zeke, are you nervous?”



He probably didn’t expect to be approached by Ryo.

Priest Zeke reacted a little startled.


“Don’t worry, if they dare attack us, I’ll take them all down.”

“Uh Ryo, that doesn’t sound like you’re joking, so quit it.”


Ryo said in a bid to reassure Zeke, and Niels intercepted him.


“So you wouldn’t mind even if Zeke were to become a victim, Niels… seniors who don’t care for their juniors are worse than scum, you know?”

“No, I didn’t say that.”

“If this were Abel, he would protect his juniors even if it meant putting himself in harm’s way.”

“Long live King Abel!”

Niels reacted almost by conditioned reflex.


Seeing their ad-lib two-man comedy, Zeke bowed his head lightly.


“I’m sorry, I don’t have very good memories of the Imperial army.”

“Well, Zeke migrated from the Empire after all.”

Etho added to what Zeke said.


“I get it.”

Ryo nodded his head and said.


“It’s because of the name of the country, Debuhi, right? With a name like that, you’re practically asking to be bullied. Classy names are still better. Yeah, something like, Grand-Cross-Shooting-Star-Python-Magnum-Galactica Empire, sounds better.”

“Wow, I already knew you had zero flair for naming, Ryo.”

“! ”


Ryo glared at Niels for calling him out so brutally with a look of despair on his face.

Everyone around him, including Zeke himself, was laughing hysterically.



The inn they arrived at in the evening was one with a very large, or rather expansive, garden in the backyard.

Amon was looking at the garden and seemed to want to say something.

Niels and Etho had noticed this, but they dared not say anything.



After hesitating for a while, Amon approached Ryo and said.


“Mr. Ryo, I’d like to ask you a favor.”



It is not often that Amon requests something from Ryo.

Moreover, from the looks of it, he’s been brooding over it for a while.


No way, was he about to accuse their leader, Niels, of bullying….


“Hey, Ryo, you thought something weird just now, didn’t you?”

“I-It’s just your imagination. Okay, Amon, you clearly have something to say, so I’m all ears.”

Ryo urged Amon to speak to cover up Niels’ bullseye prodding.


“Thank you. Actually, I’d like to request a mock battle.”


Ryo was absolutely stunned by Amon’s request.


Niels and Etho nodded their heads with an expression of ‘I knew it’.


The three from ‘Room 11’ looked even more surprised than Ryo.

Needless to say, in their minds, they were reliving the ‘duel’ with Ryo at the royal castle.

And quite frankly, none of the three wanted to experience it again….



“Amon…what’s the matter? Did Niels put you up to this? Rile you up or something like that, I wouldn’t put it past him! But he should also know better that I wouldn’t put up with such bullying, so don’t you worry, okay? Better yet, shall I freeze him for you?”

“Hey, come on, stop it.”


Niels yelled after hearing Ryo’s disturbing words.

Amon chuckled.


“No, this has nothing to do with Niels. I genuinely wanted to spar with Mr. Ryo…. Or, you would not like to?”


Hearing him say all that, Ryo had no choice but to go along.

Amon genuinely wanted to have a mock battle with him.

Of course, he had no issues with a mock battle… he and Sera do it all the time.




“I’m all for mock battles, but um, well… I don’t have a practice weapon…”

That’s right, they weren’t at a training ground or drill hall.

There were no swords with blunt edges, and it went without saying, the adventurers on the escort quest wouldn’t have brought such a thing….


“Actually… I sneakily stashed mine in the carriage.”

Amon said with a wry smile.

He seemed to have planned for the mock battle even before they left.


“I-I see…”

Ryo was amazed at how well-prepared he was.


But it shouldn’t be a problem if Amon had his. Since he’s all ready, he’ll have to reciprocate.

“Well then, I guess I’ll use a bladeless ice sword.”


Ryo is a water-attribute magician after all.



In the meantime, Etho got permission from the innkeeper that it was okay to have the mock battle in the garden.

At that time.

He was told, “Magic is not allowed…”. Which made sense.

Therefore, the mock battle between Ryo and Amon was restricted to only a sword fight.


“Whenever you’re ready.”

“Then, here I come!”



Amon said firmly, then closed the gap at once followed by a thrust.

Double thrusts, triple thrusts, quadruple thrusts, quintuple thrusts…the thrusts were endless.


(He’s fast!)


Ryo was honestly impressed.

He had received many swords blows beyond the typical limit of humans in the past, but the speed of these thrusts was one of the fastest among them.


The speed of the continuous thrusts depends entirely on that of the ‘pull’.

If one’s thrusts were as fast as their pull, they could effectively prevent their opponent from invading their space.


Amon’s endless thrusts were quite fast.

However… because of it….


(It’s too fast)


Ryo noticed.


Due to the structure of the human body, whether it is a sword thrust or a fist punch, it’s impossible to impart power into the thrust except at the moment of impact as you increase the speed and count of the thrusts.


The jab in boxing is a good example, when just starting, the fist is only lightly clenched.

Naturally, power isn’t distributed to the entire arm either.

Then, at the moment of the hit, the fist is clenched… in other words, it is full of power.

Otherwise, it’s not possible to reach the desired speed.


Naturally, the same applies to a series of thrusts.


In other words….

(The moment the arm and sword are fully extended by the thrusts, it is full of power, but at other times…)



Ryo stretched his arm and took one of Amon’s thrusts with the ‘flat’ side of his sword.



That was totally unexpected for Amon, and at a timing he had yet to achieve full power.

Amon’s sword was greatly repelled backward.


Ryo received it with the flat of his sword, and at the same time, he took a large step forward with his right foot while taking his left hand off the hilt altogether, and with his right hand alone, he swung his sword widely to the side.

It was close to the stance one would have after performing a quick draw.


He thought he had Amon then, but… he struck air.



Amon, whose sword was repelled backward, leaped further backward with only one foot.

The distance he jumped was very little because it was completely unexpected, but that little distance saved him from Ryo’s side sweep.



Amon was surprised when his special endless thrusts move was broken.

Niels and Etho nodded their heads as they watched the two attack and defend.

The three ‘Room 11’ members were speechless at the level of the competition, which was way beyond their imagination, alongside the adventurers, who had somehow gathered to watch the mock battle.


And Ryo grinning wickedly.


But in Ryo’s mind….

(Dodging that… Amon, may very well be a genius swordsman…)

He was quite surprised.



“Excuse me~, dinner is ready~”

The force behind that voice was overwhelming.



“‘Yes, Mr. Ryo.”

Ryo and Amon nodded to each other and put their swords away.



Thus, the mock battle ended abruptly.



In the end, they only crossed swords once, but… with the food ready, there’s no helping it.

Yup, no helping it at all.


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