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Chapter 0284 Rafflesia Mimics

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After confirming that there were no other Rafflesia Mimics, Ryo nodded lightly to himself and looked at Zeke.

Priest Zeke seemed to have resisted the paralysis effect.

“Amazing Zeke…”

Muttering that involuntarily, Ryo took out a homemade antidote potion from his usual bag.

Zeke accepted it silently and drank the potion by himself with sluggish movements.


After confirming that, Ryo made the five people who had collapsed on the ground drink antidote potions one by one.

Although they had all collapsed, they were all in different conditions.

Amon and Harold were the least affected.

Amon appeared to have noticed something. Ryo didn’t know why he felt that way, but somehow.

As a member of the royal family, it felt like Harold had been trained to become more resistant to poison… although Ryo couldn’t tell at first glance if it was through inhumane practices…


Still, it was possible.

Since ancient times, one of the things that privileged people fear most was poison.


The next to have milder symptoms was Niels. And then Gowan and Etho.

Those three couldn’t seem to move a finger.


Such fearsome paralyzing poison!



After drinking the antidote potion, everyone recovered as usual in five minutes.

However, their complexions were bad.



“Eh? Did my antidote potion taste bad?”

Ryo was worried about their pale complexions.

It was a potion to remove poison, so he would prefer if they tried to put up with the bad taste…


“No, Ryo, you saved us.”

Niels opened his mouth first.


Still, his voice was a little wobbly.

After recovering from a paralyzing poison, it seems it would take time before a person can speak normally.

The body recovers fairly quickly, but the muscles around the mouth may require delicate control.


“But… what was that? Suddenly, my whole body was paralyzed.”

“Yeah, I was surprised. Even if it is paralysis, this kind that instantly paralyzes the whole body …”

“It’s because of that plant that Ryo-san froze, right?”

Niels remembered with a bitter face, Etho traced his painful memories, and Amon looked at the frozen Rafflesias with a refreshed expression without even a trace of bitterness.


“Thank you very much, Ryo…”

“You have my thanks.”

“Thank you for coming.”

Harold, Gowan, and Zeke of Room 11 also properly thanked Ryo.


They seemed to be pretty solid in that aspect.

Niels and the others might have said something.

Words from someone you admire have an overwhelming impact.



Niels was terrified, while Amon was thrilled to see something for the first time and approached the frozen Rafflesia Mimics.

“There wasn’t a monster like this before…”

“Perhaps we just didn’t see it?”

Niels and Amon are exchanging opinions.


“I’ve met this monster before on a trip with Abel, but I think it can reflect like a mirror and blend in with the scenery around it.”

Ryo explained briefly.


“It’s the first time I’ve heard of a plant-type monster that can’t be seen.”

“Maybe it’s not found in the Central Nations.”

“Eh? But, Ryo and Abel seen them before…”

Niels and Etho gave their impressions, and Amon asked back about the information Ryo just gave.


“Ah… I met Abel on the other side of the Devil’s Mountain. You can’t really call that part of the Central Nations.”

Ryo’s words were met with astonished gazes from the other six people.



“Beyond the Devil’s Mountain… I’m shocked you both survived from such a place…”

“Or rather, it just shows how great His Majesty Abel is.”

“I would think there would be tremendous monsters on the other side of the Devil’s Mountain!”

Etho muttered, Niels respected the person he admired even more, and Amon spat out words as if he was stepping on the road to becoming a battle junkie.


Of course, the three people of Room 11 were silent.

The three of them were trembling just a little… they kept that a secret, as usual.

It wasn’t as though the three people of Room 11 were weaker than or inferior to the others.


The three people of Room 10 were just weird.

Especially when it came to Ryo.

This and that couldn’t be helped…

Time will fix everything… or at least it should.


“Even so, to think that there is such a terrifying monster just off the road… the Pitch-Black Forest is terrifying, isn’t it?”

While Ryo nodded, he expressed his impressions with a triumphant look.


“…This plant-type monster doesn’t move, does it?”

Amon murmured while looking at the feet of the frozen Rafflesia Mimics.

“Ah… that’s true, these guys aren’t connected to the ground.”

Niels looked at the Rafflesia Mimic’s feet and answered.

“I’ve heard that there are quite a few plant-type monsters that can move, albeit slowly, so maybe this is the case too?”

Etho nodded a few times and commented.


“The Treants looked cute but these…”

Ryo said while knocking on the ice coffin.

“Well, I think it’s strange to judge based on cuteness.”

Niels’ mutter was too soft to reach Ryo.


“If this monster doesn’t spit out paralyzing poison, it might look cute.”

Amon tilted his head and said.


Amon’s sense may be a little unique.



“Well, they moved to a place like this, which is pretty close to the road, didn’t they? Maybe something disturbing is happening in the depths of the forest.”

“Ryo…you’re saying something serious, but you’re smiling.”

“No, I wouldn’t!”


Ryo pretended to be serious, and Niels points out his mismatched expression, which surprised Ryo.


“I-I purposely smiled to ease the tension in this place.”

“… I’m amazed you can say something so blatant that no one will believe.”

Niels ignored Ryo’s resistance.

“Kuh… Recently, I’ve been seeing Niels as Abel.”

“Long live His Majesty Abel!”

Admiration makes a person grow… maybe.



Such a conversation between the two of them was a common sight in ‘Room 10’ from long ago.

Eto and Amon smiled wryly.


The three people of Room 11 stopped trembling, but their complexions were getting worse…

Maybe it was all because of Ryo.

Instead of relaxing the mood, he made their complexions worse…


Smiling can be such a difficult expression.



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